Episode # 97 – Dhruva – An epitome of “Selfless devotion” towards Bhagawan!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important juncture where Dhruva’s impeccable and persistent “Tapas” and chanting of his Mantra bestowed by Sage Narada, is bearing fruit. Six months after little Dhruva takes up this severe penance, Bhagawan’s heart melts! He decides that he has seen enough of Dhruva’s austerity. Thus, Bhagawan quickly hops on to his “Garuda Vaahana” and rushes to see little Dhruva and bring him out of his deep penance mode. As Bhagawan appears in front of the little child, he doesn’t even realize what was happening around him. After waiting for a few minutes for Dhruva to open his eyes, Bhagawan decides that waiting like this is not going to work! Dhruva has imbibed Bhagawan’s divine form into his mind and heart and is unable to come out of that state, even though Bhagawan is right in front of him in the physical form! Hence, Bhagawan unleashes his grace on little Dhruva, destroys the mental form and finally makes Dhruva open his eyes on his own! Upon opening his eyes, Dhruva couldn’t believe what he’s seeing in front of him! He doesn’t understand what to do as he sees Bhagawan in His most beautiful, ever-compassionate and loving form in front of him! The mission is accomplished! Dhruva had initially started off the pursuit with the sole aim of obtaining the divine “Darshan” of Bhagawan and with his steadfast approach and persistence, he has achieved it within just six months!

Upon seeing Bhagawan in front of him, Dhruva didn’t understand what to do or what to talk to Him! Little and tender as he is, Dhruva starts to cry profusely! Upon seeing the little child sobbing pitifully, Bhagawan comforts him and asks him pleasingly for the reason of his cry. Dhruva explains the reason that he is an illiterate and doesn’t know any of the procedures in welcoming and worshipping Bhagawan as do the great sages and other scholarly people and that, he feels so embarrassed that Bhagawna is standing right in front of him and yet, he feels that he’s not doing justice to Bhagawan in any way! Upon hearing this explanation from the child, Bhagawan’s heart melts even further! He blesses Dhruva with all the necessary knowledge and scholarliness and once again asks him thus, “Oh Dhruva! From today onwards, you wouldn’t feel that lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding would be a hinderance in worshipping Me! Now that I’ve come in front of you, please feel free to ask me whatever you want to! If you would want to ask me for a boon, I shall grant it to you then and there!”

Upon which, Dhruva replies to Bhagawan thus and this is very important for all of us to understand deeply. Dhruva says thus, “Oh Bhagawan! I had a wish that I should get your divine Darshan, when I started this whole exercise. Now that you’ve come in front of me and gave me your divine Darshan, my wish has got fulfilled! Apart from this, I never wanted to ask you anything. When you’re giving me the assurance that you’re with me every moment, what more this little Dhruva is going to want from you? Hence Bhagawan! I don’t require anything else as a ‘boon’ from you! I’m very happy and contented with what I’ve got!”

This is where we need to grow up and mature a bit more – For instance, whenever we go to a temple and worship Bhagawan in front of His “Vigraha” (Divine form), how do we pray? Normally we offer a prayer by saying that, “Oh! I want this.. I want that… I want some comfort.. I want this luxury… I want to buy a house..”, etc. The list goes on endlessly as different people have different demands in life! However, let us think for a moment here – Are we going to Bhagawan with an open heart and a prayer, saying “Oh Bhagawan! I’ve come to offer my prayers just to see you and for nothing else! I’ve come exclusively for you!” I’m sure many of us are getting to that state, but for others, we need to work towards this from now! Bhagawan expects only this from us – Selfless love and devotion! The moment we go and stand in front of Bhagawan with a long list of “do’s and don’t’s”, are we going for any sort of a business deal with Him? Because, only if it is a business deal, we would go with loads of expectations and wants from the other party. If the deal is just worship of Bhagawan, the attitude should always be selfless! If we go with the big list, Bhagawan Himself feels unhappy thus:”Oh No! You too have come with a long list of things for yourself! You’ve not come for me? I was under the impression that atleast you out of thousands of people who come to me would be selfless in your approach!”

Thus, the point here is that, whenever we worship Bhagawan, we should worship Him with a totally selfless attitude! Maybe the only thing that we can ask him is to bestow us with pure “Bhakti” (Devotion), with which we can intensify our selfless worship towards Him! This is exactly what Dhruva is doing here – Even though Bhagawan forces him to ask for a boon, he doesn’t want to do so, because his devotion is pure and selfless! This is the kind of devotion we should develop within ourselves after reading through Dhruva’s important reply! So for today, let us try and start working on this important point. From now on, whenever we go to a temple, let us try and pray for the sake of Bhagawan and not for the sake of us! Once Bhagawan bestows His divine vision on us, He’s automatically going to satisfy all our daily needs, isn’t it? We don’t even need to ask Him all of these! Hence, let us try and understand this important point and let us consciously strive for attaining the state of “Selfless devotion” towards Bhagawan! We shall wait for the next episode to take this point forward for further discussion and then move on from there! Stay tuned! 😊




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