Episode # 96 – Dhruva’s impeccable spiritual persistence makes Bhagawan rush towards him!!!”

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a significant aspect that is repeatedly been talked about at many junctures in our Sanaathana Dharma literature – Why should we always chant our Mantra continuously? To drive this point home, the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana invokes the episode of Dhruva and his “Charithra” to emphasize and re-emphasize the importance of such a spiritual practice. We had witnessed yesterday as to how Dhruva was steadfast on undertaking intense penance although many great sages tried stopping him from his pursuit. Amidst all of the sages, it was only Sage Naarada who supported little Dhruva’s cause and instilled the great Mantra of Bhagawan into Dhruva’s heart. According to the advice of Sage Naarada, little Dhruva commences his penance by repeatedly chanting the sacred Mantra. As the Mantra gets chanted, the vibrations that are emitted from Dhruva becomes more and more powerful that even Mother Earth couldn’t bare it after a point of time. As Dhruva was changing his standing position from the left leg to the right leg, Mother Earth started to equally sway left and right, unable to withstand the pressure that his legs were creating! The penance continues for six long months without a break, wherein Dhruva also undertakes immense austerities in terms of food intake too! At one stage he goes into such a state of divine bliss that he forgot hunger, breathing, etc.

As the fifth month of this intense penance is in progress, the Devas (Celestial Beings) start getting a bit jittery! Normally it is a known fact that the Devas, headed by Indra have their own fear of insecurity! Everytime someone tries to undertake a deep penance of any sorts and invokes Bhagawan’s divine presence, they feel scared that what if Bhagawan’s attention and time goes more into this person and what if their significance goes down! Out of all the Devas, Indra is the person who has the maximum amount of insecurity! 😊 Indra thinks within himself thus, “Oh no! This Dhruva is deepening his penance day by day! What if Bhagawan appears in front of him and appoints him as the leader of the Devas? Will there be a ‘job loss’ for me? 😊 What if Dhruva overtakes and overrides me in future?” Thinking thus, Indra straightaway runs to Bhagawan and confesses thus, “Oh Bhagawan! This Dhruva is undertaking deep penance at the moment! What if tomorrow I lose my leadership position to him? What would happen to me after that? Please try and stop him for my sake!” As Indra says thus, Bhagawan doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry! He replies back to Indra thus, “Oh Devendra! Why do you always doubt on people like this? Do you think people are going to challenge you and your leadership position every time? Please have some mercy on me! Why shouldn’t people strive to come to me too, rather than always coming to you? This Dhruva is my ardent devotee! He’s not striving for anything else except my presence. Hence, don’t worry! There is no threat for your leadership position!”

As the sixth month comes to an end, Bhagawan Vishnu is moved by Dhruva’s exceptional “Saadhana” (Spiritual practice). His heart melts for Dhruva and finally decides to appear in front of Dhruva! Accordingly, Bhagawan hops on to his “Garuda” vehicle and directly flies down to the place where Dhruva is meditating. Bhagawan comes in front of Dhruva in the most appealing and beautiful form – With a sweet smiling face, eyes full of mercy and divine compassion, etc. As Bhagawan comes and stands before Dhruva, He just keeps gazing at Dhruva’s impeccable spiritual practice! Even though Bhagawan Himself has come to see him, Dhruva is totally unaware! He’s now deeply engrossed into the meditation that he doesn’t realize Bhagawan’s presence near him in the physical form! Dhruva has imbibed the divine physical form of Bhagawan into his mind and heart as he meditates, and he’s thus seeing Him within him!”

Seeing thus for few minutes, Bhagawan comes to a conclusion thus: “Oh! This Dhruva is never going to open his eyes and see me if this same statuesque continues! In order to make him look at me, I should first destroy the mental image that he has imbibed!” Concluding thus, Bhagawan shatters Dhruva’s mental image of Bhagawan and immediately Dhruva opens his eyes! To his utter amazement, he saw the exact physical form of Bhagawan in front of him! Finally, Dhruva has succeeded in his pursuit! He has melted Bhagawan’s heart! He has made Bhagawan appear in front of him in the divine physical form! What a great achievement! Upon gazing at Bhagawan for a few seconds, Dhruva couldn’t believe himself for a moment! He thinks within himself thus: “Oh my goodness! Is it real or am I imagining too much? Has Bhagawan really come in front of me?” Not knowing how to react at that moment, little Dhruva starts to cry!

Moved by Dhruva’s innocent gesture, Bhagawan wipes Dhruva’s eyes and asks him the reason why he is crying. Dhruva replies to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan! At this small age, I should have gone to the ‘Gurukula’ and learnt some spiritual lessons and procedures through which you should be worshipped! However, here I am, like an illiterate! I have zero knowledge on how to worship you in a formal and a procedural way! That’s why I feel dejected! You’ve taken all the pain to come and appear in front of me, but I’m unable to do any kind of reciprocal in the form of performing the formal worship! How shameful!”

Hearing thus, Bhagawan’s heart melted even further! Such is the innocent and pure devotion of Dhruva and this moves Bhagawan into tears of joy! Bhagawan thus takes his “Shankam” from his left hand and slowly caresses Dhruva on his cheeks and this gives him the entire spiritual knowledge and wisdom! Pleased with Dhruva’s unconditional surrender and love, Bhagawan asks him thus, “Oh Dhruva! From today, you’ll possess all the necessary spiritual knowledge that should have been learnt by you! As I’ve come all the way to see you, why don’t you ask me for a boon? I shall be pleased to grant you anything you want! Please feel free to open up to me and ask me!”

Listening to Bhagawan’s words of divine compassion, Dhruva is going to ask Bhagawan something very important, which all of us should know and understand very deeply! He’s going to ask something to Bhagawan, which in a way, is going to be a great learning for all of us! What is Dhruva going to ask? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 😊 Stay tuned!










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