Episode # 92 – The vicious cycle of birth and death – How do we overcome?


In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important message given by Sage Kapilaachaarya, which Sage Sukhaachaarya beautifully explains to King Parikshit. As we move on, readers should not get confused as to who is talking to whom. In fact, the entire text of Shrimad Bhagawatha Puraana encompasses through several characters talking with each other, and all of this is summarized by Sage Sukhaachaarya to King Parikshit. It should be remembered from our earlier episodes that this entire text is presented to King Parikshit by Sage Sukhaachaarya, who is trying to make King Parikshit understand the essence of our entire Sanaathana Dharma text. Hence the point here is that, readers should be very attentive in understanding who is talking to whom and in what context, to have the continuity of reading.

In this way thus, Sage Kapilaachaarya explains an important aspect of human birth as to why a baby is born upside down from the mother’s woumb! We’ve witnessed scientifically what happens exactly during this process and in the spiritual context too! As Sage Kapilaachaarya explains this to his mother, he correlates this event to the “Karma” theory! He explains that this entire life of a human being is fully dedicated to wash away our Karma and thus attain Moksha at the end of it. From this context, it can be visibly understood by the reader that the life of a human being doesn’t start at the time when he / she takes birth in this world. Rather, it starts even during the ten-month-period when the baby grows inside the mother’s womb. Yesterday we’ve witnessed Sage Kapilaachaarya’s declaration that the entire essence of human life is to transform ourselves from an “upside down” position to an “upright” position. In other words, we’re born in this world to wash out all our previously accumulated Karma and thus pave our way to attain Bhagawan’s feet.

In this context, we had witnessed in the middle of yesterday’s episode that in the present day, a surgical methodology called “Cesarean” is often employed to bring out the baby from the mother’s womb. Of course, if it is a medically complicated surgery, this methodology can genuinely be used and there’s no doubt about it. However, if this methodology is used otherwise, I feel it’s a great disservice to the entire humanity. The reason behind this blatant statement of mine is two-fold. Firstly, it is sad to come across in the news that few hospitals try and make money by employing such procedures, just by convincing the woman. If it’s a clear-cut case of a normal delivery, why do we “force” unwanted medical procedures, which might have cascading damages to the child’s growth and life?

Secondly, few people have this mindset that the child should be born on an “auspicious occasion” and hence, they try to prepone or postpone the actual date of delivery, which for me is utter nonsense! If it’s a clear case of  a normal delivery, it should be left to nature for doing its job, rather than we forcing something that should be according to our “convenience”. It should be understood that whatever should happen in this world, would keep happening at any cost! We don’t have the right to change the course of nature at any point in time! Hence even in this case, it should clearly be understood that just by choosing an “auspicious time” of birth for a child, the fate can never be altered. All of us have to undergo both happy moments and sufferings in our life and this remains a constant. Hence, my point here is that, rather than “forcing” the delivery process to happen, if it can happen as per the laws of nature, it would be better for the next generation and also, to avoid unwanted medical complications for the newly born child! As ardent followers of Dharma, we should give this a thought!

Now moving on further, Sage Kapilaachaarya continues with he discussion on the cycle of birth and death of an Atman thus:

“Soham vrajaami sharanam akutho bhayam me!

Ye ne drisheegadrisha sa ta anu roopa taa!!

Atyantam khatu theekshna lavanaihi maatru bhoojanaihi!

Athi thaapaabhi viratyartham vardhamaana athi vedanaha!!”

Here, Sage Kapilaachaarya expands his explanation further by talking about the vicious birth and death cycle. In the last episode itself I had mentioned a small note on this aspect, and now let us expand it further. As we might know according to the “Karma” theory, we keep falling into this vicious trap called “birth and death”, owing to our actions and deeds. Our “Atman” (Soul) is full of “Avidhya” (Ignorance or Darkness) and this is the main reason why we end up doing misdeeds after misdeeds in each and every birth that we take. In simpler terms, every time we take birth as a human being, we end up accumulating loads of “Karma” at the end of it. Based upon the “Karma” that we had performed in this birth, we take the next birth with a vow that we would wash all of them off! However, due to our ignorance and “Avidhya”, instead of washing away our previous birth’s Karma, we end up accumulating even more of it in this current birth! For washing these away, we’re mandated to take another human birth in this world! However, when we again take birth, we once again keep accumulating further and further Karma, in the pretext of washing away the previously accumulated ones! This cycle keeps happening every time and there seems to be no end for this at all!

However, is this the end of the story? Should we keep on taking birth after birth and keep accumulating more and more Karma? The answer is a surprising “No”! There is one way through which we can liberate ourselves from this vicious cycle. What is that? It is only through surrendering our self to the lotus feet of Bhagawan and exhibiting ardent devotion towards Him (Bhakti). Thus, Sage Kapilaachaarya explains this point to his mother and brings out the significance behind why we should exhibit “Bhakti” or innocent devotion towards Bhagawan.

Readers might remember that this same concept was explained in the Ramayana by Valmiki Maharishi, but in an indirect manner. We’ve discussed this point during our Ramayana project at the context wherein Bhagawan Rama kills the demoness called Thaataka. We shall recall that instance once again and try to link that context with this explanation of Sage Kapilaachaarya, in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊








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  1. Sir, I wanted to read all your episodes. If there is any page where you have all the links can be seen, that would be great. Thank you.


    1. Thanks for your request. You can get all episodes via my Facebook page – “The Indian Dharma”. If you’re unable to access there, please let me know your email ID. I shall send you my backup files.


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