Episode # 91 – Why does a child take birth “upside down”? – Sage Kapilaachaarya’s mind-blogging explanation!!!

Little Krishna

We’re at the midst of a very important and an interesting discussion on how a human being takes birth in this world and how does the human being take shape inside the woumb of a mother. Sage Kapilaachaarya gives a heart-melting narrative on this accord and we’ve witnessed few glimpses of it in the last episode. We’ve seen how the child is facing so much of uncertainty and suffering as it grows up inside its mother’s woumb. At one stage, the child is unable to bare all of these and cries to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Look at my suffering as I’m inside this woumb! Will I start feeling better if I come out into the world or will I start feeling even worse when I come out?” Bhagawan gives a beautiful reply to this child thus, “Oh little one! Please understand that whatever you face inside your mother’s womb is just a minuscule of suffering as compared to what you would face when you’re born outside! Consider your mother’s womb as the safest place for you to dwell inside! Once you’re outside, you’re going to face thousand times more of sufferings and pain!” As the child starts sobbing thus, Bhagawan consoles the child: “Oh little one! But don’t worry! If you’ve to get liberated from this birth-death cycle, you’ve to burn all your “Karma”. For burning your “Karma”, you’ve to be born on this earth and there is no other option! Hence, take it in the positive sense and use your birth as an opportunity to reach me once and forever!”

Consoled by the reply given by Bhagawan, the child waits till it takes birth into this world. We’re now progressing into the ninth month of pregnancy. The mother and other family members around are eagerly waiting for the “good news”! At this stage, when the mother goes to the doctor for the regular check-up, the doctor gives her two possible scenarios through which the child birth can happen – One is the “normal delivery”, wherein no much medical procedures are required and the second is the most complex one, called the “Cesarean”, wherein some surgical procedures need to be employed to “bring out” the child from the mother’s womb! In fact, in the present day, we’re often seeing people go for this “Cesarean” methodology of delivering a baby for various reasons. If not for a genuine medical reason, some people have started using this medical technique to make the child take birth on an “auspicious” day and at an “auspicious” time! To be frank, I have serious doubts on all these! Of course, this has its own advantages and disadvantages, and this can be reserved for a detailed discussion during a different context and in a different episode.

As these discussions between the doctor and the mother take place, the child keeps listening to all of these with keen interest! The moment when the child hears the words “surgery”, knife”, etc. it starts to shudder in fear! The child again starts worrying thus, “Oh goodness! Just now I was taking solace in Bhagawan’s assurance, but this looks even more scary than what I thought! Till now I was under the impression that getting out from the mother’s womb isn’t that difficult, but listening to all of these, it seems that this is the scariest part of the whole story! What if the doctor doesn’t perform the surgery precisely and what if the knife falls on my head instead of somewhere else? Does this doctor possess the required expertise to perform such a complex operation? What are the implications of all these surgical procedures during the rest of my life in the world?” Innumerable questions like these arise in the child’s little mind as it slowly progresses towards the final stages of its stay inside the mother’s womb!

Finally when the time comes for the baby to get out of the womb, the mother starts to get the labor pain and is rushed to the hospital. Within the womb, the child is equally tensed as to how is it going to come out. As the doctor commences the operation, all of us are a touch nervous! It might be a known fact to many of us that when the baby is taken out of the mother’s womb, the head portion of the baby should come first and then the rest of the baby’s body. Whereas, if the legs come out first, it means that the baby is upside down and can be in for a major complication and must go for further medical procedures to resurrect the position of the baby. If this is not done on a timely basis, the baby’s life is in threat!

As Sage Sukhaachaarya explains this aspect of the human birth, he answers an important question here – Why is the head portion of the baby coming first, rather than the legs? Sage Sukhaachaarya gives the answer here that the baby is going to be born upside down! For the rest of the lifespan on this earth, all we do is to try and stand straight, from this upside-down position! In other words, all we do during our 80-90 years of our lifespan is to lift ourselves up straight, from how we were born upside down on this earth! This simply means that this human birth starts with all our previously accumulated “Karma” (Good and bad deeds), which makes us upside down. As we progress in our life forward, we try to “straighten” ourselves by correcting and mending our ways, so as to wash all the “Karma” that we had accumulated! Once we’re able to wash out the entire set, we would be able to attain Moksha! If, however we fail in this attempt, we would again take birth like how Sage Kapilaachaarya described, and we would have to start from “Ground zero” all over again!

So, for today, let us ponder over this important point and let us take a resolve that we would take meticulous steps in the positive direction to wash off all our deeds. It should be remembered that only if we are successful in this washing process, we would be able to liberate ourselves from the vicious cycle of birth and death! Let us do the needful hence! We shall wait for the next episode to continue this discussion forward! Stay tuned! 😊










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