Episode # 83 – “Face is the index of our mind!” – Sage Kapilaachaarya beautifully explains!!!

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In the previous episode, we had witnessed two important characteristics of a person who has gained an absolute control over his / her mind. In fact, we’ve witnessed four out of the ten charactersitics over the past two episodes that Sage Kapilaachaarya is listing out and today let us continue with the fifth and sixth ones. For our reference, we shall re-visit the important slokas that convey this message. Sage Kaplaachaarya says thus:

“Tithikshavaha kaarunikaaha sugruthaha sarva dehinaam!

Ajaatha shatravaha shaantaaha saadhavaha sadhu bhooshanaaha!!

Mayiananyena bhaavena bhaktim kurvanti ye dhrudaam!

Math krutetyakta karmaanaam tyakthah svajana baandhavaaha!!

Madaashrayaaha kathaa mrshtaaha shrunvanthee kathanyanvi cha!!”

So far we’ve witnessed brief explanations of the characteristics “Tithikshavaha”, “Kaarunikaaha”, “Sugruthaha sarva dehinaam” and “Ajaatha shatravaha”. Today we shall move on to the next one in Sage Kapilaachaarya’s list:

“Shaantaaha” – A person who is able to keep himself / herself calm and composed at all times. We would have heard this proverb in the present day that is quite famous – “Empty vessels make more noise”! This is exactly what Sage Kapilaachaarya summarized in just one single phrase – “Shaantaaha”, thousands of years ago! Here we can see that those who have gained an absolute control over their mind, would never over-react for any kind of situation in life. For instance, if there is something good happening, this person wouldn’t jump up and down with joy. At the same time, if there is something sad that takes place, this person doesn’t get heart-broken. Whatever might be the situation, this person would be able to take it with a perfect balanced frame of mind. This characteristic is extremely important for all of us in the present day, given our intense personal and professional commitments every passing day. Some of us might be in high corporate leadership positions, and if we’ve to get nervous and tensed up even for small setbacks that we witness in our everyday routine, we would not be able to make right decisions at the right time, which would in-turn affect the morale of the entire organization or the team that we are leading. Hence, a “balanced frame of mind” is extremely important in whatever we do in life – Not only for our professional side, but also for our personal front as well.

To achieve this state, one should be able to use his / her power of discrimination to judge and analyze the situation in the right manner. How will we be able to discriminate in a proper manner? It is only possible if we have the control over our mind. Many a times we might see people around us who are extremely emotional in nature – They either jump up and down with happiness, or in the other extreme, isolate themselves to a corner or keep weeping even for small failures or setbacks. This would in fact be detrimental for our personal, professional and spiritual growth. Moreover, in the present day we witness many people complaining of mental depression, high / low blood pressure levels, etc. and they keep taking medications even at a younger age! Why does all this happen? It is only because we’ve somehow lost that “balanced frame of mind” due to many reasons, best known only to us! Hence the point here is that, if we’ve to achieve this balance, we’ve to work towards bringing our mind under our control. If we’re not controlling our mind properly, our mind would start wandering here and there and eventually we would start giving into any and every sort of emotion that comes through.

As we work towards controlling our mind thus, our face automatically would become calm and would start radiating with “Thejus”. The moment people see our face, they would be able to discover automatically that we’re calm in nature! As we often keep saying, “Face is the index of the mind” – If we’re full of tension, nervousness, jealousy, etc. our facial expressions would reflect all of these negative characteristics very easily. Thus, the moment people see our face with all of these expressions, they would immediately be able to come to a conclusion that we are crooked in nature. Rather, if we’re able to maintain our calm and composed nature, it would add more and more charm to our face, which would attract many people to come towards us with joy and happiness.

“Saadhavaha” – This is again the extension of the previous point – A person who has complete control over his / her mind would be a “Saadhu”. This signifies the amount of “Bhakti” or “Devotion” this person has towards the Spiritual Master (Guru) and Bhagawan Himself! As the level of “Bhakti” increases further and further in a person, the level of “Sathva Guna” also increases gradually. We’ve already witnessed previously how do we build this “Satva Guna” within us. There are of course many ways, but one important way is through the food that we consume every day. If we’re able to consume a balanced diet, which is not too high on sweet, spice, sour, etc. we automatically gain the “Sathva Guna”, which would result in attaining our mental balance, which would again in-turn contribute to wresting control over our mind.

So for today, let us ponder over these two important points and we shall wait for the next episode to witness the next series of characteristics that Sage Kapilaachaarya is going to talk about! Stay tuned! 🙂

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