Episode # 81 – Outcomes of bringing our mind under control – Sage Kapilaachaarya’s 10-pointer!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a detailed accord on “Detachment” of the mind and how do we practice detachment in the present day scenario, given our strong personal and professional commitments. We witnessed how a detached mind is required to become a good leader and while taking critical decisions in life, on the personal front as well. The broader point here is that, as our mind becomes detached more and more, our ego starts coming down. The moment our ego is won over, our mind would start becoming calm and would not be disturbed easily by any adverse happenings or situations that we go through. This is one point that all of us should remember.

Of course, it is not enough if we just remember all of these important points. We’ve to take conscious efforts to put all of these into practice. As we keep reading through these points, it might seem very interesting and motivating for us at that particular moment. Also as we read through, we might have a notion that these are very easy to follow too. However as we commence the implementation part, there would be innumerable number of challenges that we might have to face. Controlling the mind is never easy, and the mind is compared to that of a mad monkey! If we’ve to control such an extremely crazy entity, we should have an equally extreme level of self-determination within ourselves. To be very frank and blunt, taking up such a “Saadhana” (Implementation) would lead us to lot of mental confusions, unrest, internal agitations, etc. However, all said and done, we should not give it up! Just because we go through all these feelings, if we’ve to give up our “Saadhana”, we should remember that we would again transcend back to “Ground zero” from where we started! Although we might fail in our initial attempts, we shouldn’t lose our hope. We should keep trying and trying till we are on the path. It is like a two-year-old baby trying to walk for the first time – Just like how the baby gets up to walk, every time after it falls on the floor, we should also try and get up everytime when our attempts to control our mind goes into a failure mode. It is always good that we start meditating with a fixed time-frame, or with a constant chanting of a “Manthra”. As per Sadguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), chanting a Mantra repetitively with full concentration yields extremely significant benefits, even if it is for a short duration of time. Hence, more than listening and reading all of this, let us slowly start putting things to practice!

Having said thus, we shall now move on with what Sage Kapilaachaarya is advising his mother Devahooti. Of course, we’re repeatedly digressing into lot of current-day issues that we face, but these points are worth understanding if we’ve to make genuine spiritual progress. This is exactly what Sage Kapilaachaarya too says to his mother – If we can control our mind and put these points into action, automatically our life would take a turn towards “Dharma” and in turn we can reach Bhagawan. Now Sage Kapilaachaarya lists out few important benefits that we can reap if our mind is brought under control. Sage Kapilaachaarya says thus:

“Tadaa purusha aatmaanam kevalam prakrteh param!

Nirantaram svayam jyotihi animaanam akhanditham!!

Gnyaana vairagya yuktena bhakti yuktena cha aatmanaa!!”

Here, Sage Kapilaachaarya lists down the characteristics that we would obtain as we bring our mind under control. These would be the important characteristics that great spiritual masters would be embodiments of. Let us look at them one by one. Of course, as I list them down, each one of us can make a self-analysis as to how many of these characteristics are imbibed within us. Sage Kapilaachaarya continues thus:

“Tithikshavaha kaarunikaaha sugruthaha sarva dehinaam!

Ajaatha shatravaha shaantaaha saadhavaha sadhu bhooshanaaha!!

Mayiananyena bhaavena bhaktim kurvanti ye dhrudaam!

Math krutetyakta karmaanaam tyakthah svajana baandhavaaha!!

Madaashrayaaha kathaa mrshtaaha shrunvanthee kathanyanvi cha!!”

Sage Kapilaachaarya thus lists out ten such important characteristics thus. Let us witness them one by one.

“Tithikshavaha” – A person who is an embodiment of “patience”. Of course, we can test our level of patience in various walks of our day-to-day life – If we’re able to exert tremendous amount of patience in whatever situations we come across in our daily lives, we can regard ourselves “up-to-the-mark”!

“Kaarunikaaha” – A person who is an embodiment of “compassion” and “love” towards other living beings around. This is another important achievement, if we bring our mind under control. If we’re able to control our anger and venting, automatically we would start entering into the zone of compassion. The moment we start looking at the positive aspects in a person, we would definitely start having a positive notion towards him / her and thus, our compassion would grow. Similarly, if we see people suffering, are we able to immediately go to them and extend a helping hand to them? If “yes”, we can rate ourselves high on compassion. This doesn’t apply only towards human beings. Compassion should be exhibited to all other living beings as well – Right from insects to giant elephants. If we see any living being undergoing pain, we should immediately be able to run towards them and try to alleviate them from the pain! This is real compassion!

For today, let us stop with this and let us ponder over the points that we’ve discussed. We shall continue this discussion in the next episode and witness more benefits of controlling our mind. Stay tuned! 🙂





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