Episode # 54 – Incarnation of “Bhagawan Varaaha” – One of Bhagawan Vishnu’s first incarnations in this world!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important part of Sage Sukhaachaarya’s reply to King Parikshit on how this world is created by Bhagawan. We had witnessed that Bhagawan creates 24 items (all non-living) plus one more item called as the “Aatman” that runs all of the above 24 items. All these are the “Jeevaatmas” that exist in this world on and on forever. Thus, as Bhagawan does this, He creates the “first Aatman” who was none other than Bhagawan Bramha Himself. It is only from Bhagawan Bramha that all the other “Aatmans are to be created. Bhagawan Vishnu thus delegates the job of “creation” of further “Jeevaatmas” to Bhagawan Bramha, who then takes it upon Himself to do the needful. The creations that Bhagawan Vishnu had made thus, are referred to as “Samashti Srishti” and those creations that Bhagawan Bramha makes, after He officially takes over the batton from Bhagawan Vishnu is called “Vyashti Srishti”.

It is at this point in the third “Skanda” that we are in at the moment. Now as Bhagawan Vishnu delegates the responsibility of further creation of this world to Brahma, the first creation of Bramha that Sage Sukhaachaarya talks about in the Bhaagawatha Puraana is a person by name “Svaayambhuva Manu”. It is only from this stage, is the story of Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana starts flowing like a continuous river! From this point onwards, it is all going to be a vast but interesting storyline! Now let us dive deep into this storyline and let us witness what happened further.

As we’ve witnessed till now, Bhagawan Bramha commences his job of “creating” this world with “n” number of Jeevaatmas, one of the “Jeevaatmas” to be born in this world was Svaayambhuva Manu. Bhagawan Bramha tells to Manu thus, “Oh Manu! I’ve created an ideal Aatman in the form of you! You are bestowed with as many divine powers as I have and hence, why don’t you take over the job of creating the rest of the Aatmans in this world?” According to Bhagawan Bramha’s request, Manu takes over the job of creation from Bhagawan Bramha. As Manu starts creating more and more “Aatmans” and living beings, the world starts to get populated with more and more people. As Bhagawan Bramha had created Svaayambhuva Manu, He had also created few “Raakshasas” (Demons) in parallel. Out of these Raakshasas, two of them were very prominent – Hiranyaaksha and Hiranya Kashibu! Many of us might be knowing the background story of these two people – They were originally the “gatekeepers” of Bhagawan Vishnu in Vaikunta. Their original names were “Jaya” and “Vijaya”. Once when Sages Sanaka and Sanatkumaara wanted to visit Bhagawan Vishnu for some reason, they were denied permission to enter inside Bhagawan Vishnu’s abode. Upon denial of entry, Sage Sanaka and Sage Sanatkumaara cursed Jaya and Vijaya that they would be born in the world as human beings, experience all the sufferings in the world for a definitive time period and then come back to Vaikunta. Accordingly, these two people were born in this world as Raakshasas at different time periods. Hiranyaaksha was born first with the intention of acting against Bhagawan Vishnu. Thus, he captured and abducted Goddess Bhoomaadevi (Wife of Bhagawan Vishnu), wrapped her up in a cloth, and hid her amidst the huge ocean!

At this point, as Svaayambhuva Manu continues to create more and more people, he’s unable to find the world at one stage! Now where will he keep all of these creations? Where will the people live, if the world is not there? The world has suddenly disappeared because, Goddess Bhoomaadevi (Mother Earth) was captured by the Raakshasa, Hiranyaaksha and is kept hidden somewhere! Sensing the grave situation, he runs to Bhagawan Bramha and explains thus, “Oh Bramha! You had asked me to take over the job of creation! I had also done so according to your instruction! I’ve started creating too! But now, the world has mysteriously disappeared somewhere! Someone is playing spoilsport here! If the world ceases to exist, where will I place all the creations that are upcoming?”

Hearing thus from Svaayambhuva Manu, Bhagawan Bramha thinks for a while. As Bhagawan Bramha thinks, he compresses his head and nose and from this compressed nose portion, comes a small pig! As the piglet comes and falls down from Bhagawan Bramha’s nose, it starts growing quickly to a gigantic size of that of an elephant! As Svaayambhuva Manu exclaims how can a pig be in a size of an elephant, it starts growing again into the size of 10 elephants put together! As Manu exclaims again with surprise, the pig grows into a mammoth size of the entire seven worlds put together! Now this huge pig was none other than Bhagawan Vishnu Himself. Since Bhagawan Vishnu took the form of a pig and was born on the earth, He is referred to as “Bhagawan Varaaha”! Thus, Bhagawan Varaaha takes a deep dive into the ocean, in search of Goddess Bhoomaadevi, with all his fury. He searches and searches, fights with Hiranyaaksha mid-way, defeats and kills him with his prowess. As Bhagawan Varaaha kills Hiranyaaksha, He dives into the ocean, searches for Goddess Bhoomaadevi and finally finds her, hidden amidst the ocean. Bhagawan Varaaha thus lifts her up from the waters with His two huge teeth and brings her back to Vaikunta! He makes Goddess Bhoomaadevi on his lap and thus, we worship Him today as “Bhagawan Lakshmi Varaaha”!

Thus, we can witness from this episode that one of the first incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu in this world was of Bhagawan Varaaha, with the purpose of retrieving Goddess Bhoomaadevi from the clutches of the Raakshasa Hiranyaaksha. The broader purpose was to retrieve the world and make it free from the clutches of the Raakshasas, so that Svaayambhuva Manu can go ahead with his job of creation of people in this world. So for today, let us enjoy this important incarnation of Bhagawan Varaaha and let us pray together to seek His blessings! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next set of events that unfolded! Stay tuned! 😊







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