Episode # 53 – Bhagawan Vishnu delegates the job of “CREATION” to Bramha!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Sukhaachaarya’s extended reply to King Parikshit on how Bhagawan has created this world, step-by-step. As we’ve seen, Bhagawan first created the “Tathva”, and from there, He created 23 different constituents that comprises the world today. Then, to control all these 23 different constituents, Bhagawan created the 24’th constituent called the “Mind” or the “Manas”. This is why we see that our mind controls all of our behaviours, attitudes, activities, etc.

However, all of these 24 items would be considered “dead” and “useless”, if one more constituent is not there! Here comes the 25’th constituent, which is nothing but the “Aatman” or the “Soul”. As we know by now, the “Aatman” is the basic fundamental ingredient for all life to prosper in this world. Every living being has an “Aatman” dwelling inside – Including plants as well. Although we do not realize this, we should understand that even plants, shrubs and trees have an “Aatman” within them. Of course, all of us know that animals (including human beings) are born with this “Aatman” and when we die, our “Aatman” either gets transferred to another physical body (depending on our “Karma”) or reaches Bhagawan (“Moksha”). Thus from this point, we realize that the “Aatman” is an item that can never be destroyed and it just sticks to us wherever and in whatever form we are in this world. It is not only us here – There are crores and crores of “Aatmans” that are to be created in this world. As Bhagawan thinks of giving these “Aatmans” some life to live, he creates the seven “Lokas” or “Worlds”. Many of us might be knowing the seven lokas here – “Bhooloka (Where we are right now), Bhuvar Lokha, Suvar Lokha, Maha Lokha, Jana Lokha, Tapo Lokha and Sathya Lokha.

It is thus only within these seven “lokhas” that these “Aatmans” need to be implanted! It is to be remembered that so far whatever Bhagawan has created, are all non-living beings. Anything in this world without an “Aatman” within, is considered to be a non-living being. For instance, a table, chair, wall, etc. are non-living because of this same reason. Similarly, a dead body’s condition is very similar too!

Now the question is how is Bhagawan going to do this? Bhagawan first creates the most important “Aatman” from His lotus-like lips. This “First Aatman” is going to be responsible for the creation of thousands and millions of “Aatmans” in this world. This “First Aatman” is none other than Bramha Himself, who is four-faced and sitting on a beautiful lotus. Each of the four faces of Bhagawan Bramha indicates four different Vedas – Rig, Yajur, Saama and Atharvana.

Thus, Bhagawan Vishnu creates the “First Aatman” called Bramha, and teaches him all the four Vedas. At the end of the teaching, Bhagawan says to Bramha thus, “Oh Bramha Deva! From today, you would take the responsibility of creating all the Aatmans in all the seven worlds! I’ve done enough by creating 25 different items!” As Bhagawan Vishnu says thus, Bramha takes up the huge responsibility of “creation”! He then starts creating “Aatmans” by 10 different types of “Shrishtis” or “categories” of living organisms on this world – Based on the ways in which they move, talk, producing sounds, reproduce, etc. In this way, Bhagawan Bramha creates even the Devas (Celestial Beings), Raakshasas, Dhaanavas, Yakshas, Kinnaras, Gandharvas, Yama Dharma Raja, etc. etc. etc. – The list goes on, on and on! Thus, whatever, whoever need to be created in this world, Brahma makes it a point to create all of them in the world.

Thus, here we can witness two types of creations – One was from Bhagawan Vishnu, wherein He created the world with all the non-living items and finally culminated by creating Bhagawan Bramha! From this point, the second type of creation starts, wherein Bhagawan Brahma takes over from his “Creator”, Vishnu. Now Bhagawan Bramha creates all the “Aatmans” inclusive of all sorts of living beings in the world, and also in the celestial space. The creations that Bhagawan Vishnu had made are referred to as “Samashti Srishti” and those creations that Bhagawan Bramha makes, after He officially takes over the batton from Bhagawan Vishnu is called “Vyashti Srishti”.

It is at this point in the third “Skanda” that we are in at the moment. Now as Bhagawan Vishnu delegates the responsibility of further creation of this world to Brahma, the first creation of Bramha that Sage Sukhaachaarya talks about in the Bhaagawatha Puraana is a person by name “Svaayambhuva Manu”. It is only from this stage, is the story of Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana starts flowing like a continuous river! From this point onwards, it is all going to be a vast but interesting storyline! We shall wait till the next episode to commence witnessing the interesting accord of this Svaayambhuva Manu – Who is this person? Why is he so important? What can we learn from his story? Let’s answer all these questions in the upcoming episode! Stay tuned! 😊







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