Episode # 387 – “We should never compromise on our Dharma” – Vidura Neeti’s important message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an emotional accord on an innocent child in Ekalaiva and how he was demeaned and destroyed by the hypocrisy of Guru Dhronaachaarya, by playing the “caste card”. Guru Dhronaachaarya denied to accept little Ekalaiva as his student because of the sheer reason that Ekalaiva wasn’t a Kshatrya. This same Dhronaachaarya who was a Brahmana by birth, entered into the battlefield for whatsoever reason to fight for Duryodhana and Co. How can this happen? On one hand, Dhronaachaarya denied Ekalaiva to gain expertise in artillery just because this little child wasn’t a Kshatrya. On the other hand, this same Dhronaachaarya is going to fight a battle, even though he wasn’t a Kshatrya. Isn’t this hypocrisy at its best? This hypocrisy and double standards followed by Guru Dhronaachaarya denied the world to have one of the greatest experts in the art of using the bow and arrow in Ekalaiva!

In similar lines, almost all of them including King Dhirdiraashtra himself had deviated from their Varnaashrama Dharma and have paid the price for it. It is only here that Vidura is warning King Dhirdiraashtra of this major blunder and cautions him that he and his son Duryodhana had resorted to illegal games of gambling, insulting women, etc. (which are not part of the Kshatrya Dharma) and that, they’re going to repent heavily for what they’ve done!

If such is the case in the Dwaapara Yuga itself, there is literally no point in talking about it in the present Kali Yuga. In the present scenario, who on earth is not running behind money? It can be witnessed that all the four Varnas of people are commercially exploiting whatever situation they are in, at any given day! For instance, when we spoke of the roles and responsibilities of the Brahmanas, we mentioned that the Brahmanas’ main focus is on performing spiritual practices, without touching money by their hands! But do we do that today in the present day? First and foremost, how many of us Brahmins are dedicating our lives today for the upliftment and propagation of the Vedas? Forget that… How many of us Brahmins even perform our “Nitya-Anushtaana” (Performing the Sandhyavandanam thrice a day) every day? Even if some Brahmins involve themselves in spiritual practices, how many of them do it selflessly by not going behind money? These are tough questions for us to answer in today’s scenario and I’m sure, many of our readers would agree to this! However, if asked forcefully, we would try and justify our stance by saying thus, “Oh! What about the cost of living in today’s scenario? Who will take care of us if we don’t have money in hand? In ancient times, the other three Varnas of people were meticulously taking care of all the needs of the Brahmanas. But is it happening today? No! If that is the case, there is no option left, other than we taking care of ourselves!”

This is an absolutely valid argument and I totally agree to it! We are of course living at a time wherein our entire “Sanaathana Dharma” is being challenged by listless anti-Hindu forces for fulfilling their own personal agenda. At this time, it is of course not feasible for us to depend on others for our daily bread and butter. Having said that however, can we simply sit back and say that we would sacrifice all our fundamental duties of our Varnaashrama Dharma, just because things aren’t going the way it should? We shouldn’t do such things! If we resort to sacrifice our duties, it simply means that we’re degrading our own Sanaathana Dharma and we’re only adding fuel to those anti-Hindu forces which are trying their best to demean our great religion.

Thus, the message from today’s episode is that, irrespective of whatever profession we are into, in the today’s world, we should atleast make sure that we make a conscious effort to learn the Vedas, chant them atleast for 15-20 minutes everyday at home and most importantly, perform our Sandhyavandanam thrice a day without fail. These are small things that we can do every day morning before we go to work. If we are able to find time to do these things, it would definitely go a long way in future in safeguarding and uplifting our Sanaathana Dharma. Of course, I’m not asking all of us to shun our professions from today itself and focus only on spiritual practices. If we’re able to do that, it’s of course nothing better than that! 😊 However, by not compromising on our regular work schedules, if we’re able to devote some time to perform atleast few of the fundamental spiritual practices that we’re supposed to do every day, it would be of great effect.

So for today, let us ponder over this important point and we shall take this discussion forward in the next episode too, as we move on to the next point of Vidura. Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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