Episode # 382 – “Kshatryas” – The Warriors and able Administrators!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of yet another important point being stressed upon by Vidura for one last time, wherein he takes us through the important and the fundamental duties of all people coming under the four major communities – Brahmanas, Kshatryas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. It is to be noted by the readers at this point that the Vedas never projects one community higher than the other. All four “Varnas” (Communities) have their equal tasks and roles to perform in the society. It is only in the past 200-300 years have these “differences” been projected in such a huge manner. However, if we look at the Vedas, all communities are given equal importance and are treated equally. There is no place in the Vedas for such a bad demarcation that one community is inferior to the other. Also, as per Bhagawan, all living beings are equal under his eyes. There is no question of who is higher and who is lower! But yes, we might vary in levels of “Bhakti” and our level of spiritual progress that we make, but never on basis of caste, community and creed.

Thus, Vidura lists down the important roles of all the four “Varnas” of people and he commences with that of the Brahmanas, which we have seen yesterday. In today’s episode, we shall witness the next “Varna”, which is the Kashatryas. What are their important roles and duties? As it might be known to many of our readers, the Kshatryas can also be termed as “warriors” and their primary duty is to protect the Brahmanas and the other two “Varnas” of people. Their main job is to defend the country or kingdom and ensure the safety of the people. Vidura explains here that the Kshatryas should also be well-versed and scholarly in the Vedas and other spiritual practices. With that, they should also be able to exhibit their physical strength and should be skilled in employing various weapons of warfare such as artillery, sword, etc. With this expertise of physical valor, they should be able to prepare themselves to defend their country successfully against whichever enemy who invades their territory. Thus, the main duties of the Kshathryas are two fold – One is to protect the Brahmanas who are the people responsible for invoking Bhagawan in whatever they do through their spiritual practices and by chanting of the Vedas, and the second is to defend the country with their smartness and physical strength in warfare. If a person belonging to the Kshatrya Varna is able to perform these two duties to utmost perfection, Vidura says that he is sure to reach “Moksa”.

If we look at the tradition, Kshatryas are are those people who are kings, administrators and also those who are warriors. We can witness it from the Ramayana itself, wherein Bhagawan Rama himself was a Kshatrya prince. If we’ve to point out one perfect epitome of how should a Kshatrya lead his life, it can only be Bhagawan Rama! It is thus important for a Kshatrya to be an able administrator and an efficient manager of his kingdom. This is where, Vidura pokes at King Dhirdiraashtra indirectly by reminding him of the “Raaja Dharma”, which is essentially the “Vedas” for the Kshatrya. All what Vidura is explaining so far till now, culminates at this point – As a Kshatrya, King Dhirdiraashtra is deviating from his Raaja Dharma and this is where, Vidura reminds him that if he needs to attain the “Moksha”, he needs to re-track himself back to the path of the “Raaja Dharma”, formulated by Bhagawan. This is where Vidura says that King Dhirdiraashtra is falling apart completely, along with his son Duryodhana. It is thus the duty of the father to explain and make his son understand all these important points and King Dhirdiraashtra is a complete failure here too! This is what irks Vidura the most because, all what Vidura is advising as a “third party”, King Dhirdiraashtra being a Kshatrya himself should be doing it, which he’s not doing!

So for today, let us ponder over this important point and we shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to witness the duties of the next two categories of people – The Vaishyas and Shudras. With this, we shall also witness an extended discussion as to how the entire Kaurava clan met disaster, based on this important point. We shall witness how an entire clan was destroyed mainly because of not following these principles! Stay tuned! 😊

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