Episode # 379 – “Forget the opportunistic Duryodhana and move on with your life!” Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another extension of Vidura’s important concluding point wherein we mentioned the role of our ego in flaring up unwanted issues that plague our day-to-day peace of mind and happiness. If we’ve to “let go” of our ego, we can move on with our misunderstandings and miscommunications that might happen within our family for various reasons. If we’re going to plug on to the issues and are going to flare them up with our ego, there is going to be no end to this and ultimately is going to result in unwanted fights, separation of family members, etc. It is so painful to witness in today’s world that families get split up even for petty issues! This is because of the sheer “intolerance” that we’ve developed over time. Our culture has slowly started to become individualistic – A big transformation from our India’s collectivistic culture. Gone are those days, wherein we were joint families! The concept of having nuclear families nowadays is also a major cause for this growing intolerance amongst many of us, especially youngsters of today. Growing up in nuclear families makes us devoid of moving with many people and thus the concept of “adjustment” and “tolerance” goes for a toss! This is one reason why we witness numerous fights and quarrels within close family members.

Thus the point that I’m trying to make here is that, all families should be united and affectionate and there should be no space for misunderstandings and quarrels within the family. Of course, there might be some odd misunderstandings and communication gaps here and there, but we should move on with them, rather than making these things as huge issues, thus leading to some bitter arguments, fights, etc. If we’re able to get this fundamental point right in our family, all other things like money, name, fame, luxury would start following us, rather than we following them! If we’re happy with what we have and if we can develop that sense of contention within us, peace of mind would automatically start reigning within us and our family!

Now moving on with the next point, Vidura once more reminds King Dhirdiraashtra that his son Duryodhana is nothing but an opportunistic and a crooked person! He makes this reminder to King Dhirdriaashtra innumerable times and I guess this might be the thousandth time that he’s making this statement. This time, Vidura makes this statement in the context of “sins” (Paapa) and good deeds (Punya) and how Duryodhana’s sins are driving him towards brink.

Vidura says thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! You might think today that you’re doing a great service to your son Duryodhana by supporting him in all “Adharma” that he’s doing. But think for a moment – At the time of your death, will Duryodhana come and protect you? Will he even be able to come along with you wherever you go after death? You’ve done so much for your son, isn’t it? What is he going to do as reciprocal for your excessive and obsessive love and affection towards him? Let me tell you this – Duryodhana’s opportunism is such that, he would only try and grab as much wealth and money as possible from your treasury and would ultimately leave you aloof! Let me remind you King Dhirdiraashtra! Duryodhana is not a good person by nature. He is a perfect example of an opportunist, who would use you to his benefit and at the end, throw you away like a garbage after his job is done! Please realize this!”

Vidura continues thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Please also realize that during the course of your life journey, you need to take care of yourself! Just like how you take care of your physical body every day, you need to make sure that you take care of your mind, inner conscience and heart! You should try and follow your heart, which is always tuned towards “Dharma” by default! The problem with you is that, you’re getting carried away by worldly things and you’re turning deaf ears to what your inner conscience is telling you to do! Please awaken from this slumber, before things get totally out of hand! Please take care of your good and bad deeds as Bhagawan Krishna is closely watching you. Please realize that Bhagawan has given you an opportunity to mend yourself. Forget about Duryodhana and move on in your life! Enough of your love and affection towards your opportunistic son. Please act soon!”

Saying thus, Vidura emphasizes the fact that Duryodhana is going to finally dump King Dhirdiraashtra for his opportunistic agenda and urges him to move on. So for today, let us try and understand this important point that Vidura is making. We shall take this point into a much deeper context in the present day in tomorrow’s episode! Stay tuned! 😊






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