Episode # 353 – “Earning money illegally leads us into a terrible vicious cycle!” – Vidura explains!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed one of Vidura’s important assertions as he gives the final touches and concluding remarks to the long advice that he has given to King Dhirdiraashtra. Here he emphasizes that a person who touches the wealth or luxuries that has come to him through illegal means, is doing one of the greatest sins in his life! In other words, Vidura is strongly advising King Dhirdiraashtra not to go behind the portion of Hastinapura kingdom that does not rightfully belong neither to him nor to his son Duryodhana. By explaining this point, Vidura again slams King Dhirdiraashtra for his unwanted desire that is leading him to the brink. Vidura says thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! You’re not realizing that you’re going to make your son Duryodhana rule a kingdom that rightfully does not belong to him in any way. It is you who had made the agreement after your brother Paandu’s demise that the Paandava brothers have a rightful share in the Hastinapura kingdom. Now because of your and Duryodhana’s selfishness and arrogance, you’re going back on your promise that you’ve made! The moment you had agreed for the partition of the kingdom between the two camps, that apportioned property does not belong to you anymore! However, with your lust, greed and arrogance, you’re still enjoying the wealth and luxury of that portion which does not belong to you rightfully! This, King Dhirdiraashtra, is one of the greatest sin that you and your crooked son Duryodhana is committing and you’ll have to pay a huge price for this!”

How relevant is this point in the modern day? In today’s “Kali Yuga”, the world is becoming extremely competitive in all aspects and domains. Every profession in this world is not deprived of competition. At times, the competition becomes so fiery and intense, that people go to any extent to win over the other person. Of course I’m not saying that competition is bad and shouldn’t be there. But what is alarming is that, this competition is leading many people to take extreme steps against the opponents. For instance in today’s world, competition has literally transformed into something called “rivalry”, wherein people go to the extent of even killing the opponents, so as to win over their share. This is what is extremely dangerous! We can see this live in today’s political environment – How many cases are we witnessing today wherein people who are attached to one political party being brutally assaulted by people who belong to another political party! At times, it even goes to the extent of murdering people, setting their houses on fire, ransacking their property, torturing their other family members, etc. The list goes on and on as to what extent people can stoop down to! Ultimately, all this is done for what? The answer is to win over the other person, abduct his / her property, obtain power, position and using it, make enormous amount of money!

Thus, this is the pathetic state that we human beings are moving into in today’s world! Professional rivalry is ruling tall in almost all domains today. Apart from this, there is also something called “lobbying” that happens between corporate organizations and politicians. For instance, if a company wants to set up a huge manufacturing plant at a particular location outside a city, there should be many approvals, “go-aheads”, permissions, etc. that has to be obtained by the company from the state and central governments of the country. Several departments of the government are involved in this, for instance, pollution control boards, water boards, electricity boards, environmental boards, etc. To get all these approvals within a short notice and within a very quick span of time, corporates start lobbying with the government officials by bribing them with truckloads of money. In this way, even if there are genuine concerns or opposition to this manufacturing unit from local people, all of them are subdued with money power! This is where the problem starts!

Thus, by doing so, many people might be able to earn enormous amounts of money and luxuries. However, can we come to a conclusion that all of these people live happily with a good night’s sleep? They can never do this! Every now and then, they might have this fear within themselves as to what if they get caught with Income Tax officials for possessing exorbitant amounts of cash in hand! What if the CBI comes and raids all their luxurious premises? What if the police comes and knocks at their doors at an odd time of the night? What if some thieves come and abduct all their wealth? Thus, as fear starts creeping in, we tend to lose our sleep and peace of mind. This would again lead to various physical-related problems as well and this is a terrible vicious cycle.

This is what Vidura initially explained when he spoke about different categories of people who are sleep-deprived. I’m sure, our readers would remember the discussion that we have had during the initial days of “Vidura Neeti”, wherein we described that those people who are having excessive greed, jealousy and arrogance in them, would never be able to sleep well. Thus, the message from today’s episode is that, if we start going behind wealth and property that is acquired through an illegal way, we would land up into a huge trap of a terrible vicious cycle. Initially it might give us some enjoyment, but as we move on in life, it becomes a huge headache, which might lead us to fear, lack of sleep, loss of happiness and peace of mind, physical problems like depression, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. and finally would end up in the hospital bed! This is what Vidura is exactly trying to convey by explaining that such a heinous act would result in doing a great sin, not only to ourselves, but also to the whole world! We as human beings should conduct ourselves in such a way that we are of some benefit to this world! Never should the world criticize us that we’re a disgrace to the human society!

Hence for today, let us ponder over this important point, and let us develop that awareness and consciousness while we acquire wealth. We should be extremely careful not to fall into the trap of acquiring something through illegal means. We shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to witness Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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