Episode # 347 – “Everybody has a place in this world to live peacefully” – Vidura’s emotional appeal to King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the extension on the discussion that for every aspect of life, we cannot achieve what we want to, without the right approach. If we take the wrong approach, it is going to definitely lead us to disaster. This is what Vidura is advising King Dhirdiraashtra, with regards to the attitude and approach towards solving the burning issue between the two rival camps, the Paandavas and the Kauravas. Given Duryodhana’s crooked mindset and attitude, Vidura warns King Dhirdiraashtra that if he gives Duryodhana a free hand in the matters of the kingdom, it means that he is indirectly inviting a great disaster, both to himself as well as for the kingdom as a whole. Because of the greed that Duryodhana has, which almost never-ending in any ways and means, he is eventually going to harass the people and loot away all their wealth and ultimately leave everyone in the lurch!

Thus Vidura advises King Dhirdiraashtra again by explaining him the reality of life. He beautifully and emotionally says to King Dhirdiraashtra that there is a place for all kinds of people in this world – Both rich and poor. A person with crores of rupees as income every month, lives a certain way of life, however a person who earns less than 100 rupees a month also leads a certain way of life. Ultimately there is space for everyone in this world and there is no point in distinguishing people in this way and harassing those who do not have wealth and comforts. Vidura puts this point into perspective beautifully thus:

“Sahasrenobhi jeevanti jeevanti shatinastathaa!”

Through the above sloka, Vidura emotionally advises King Dhirdiraashtra thus: “Oh King! Look at the beauty of this world – Everyone who takes birth in this world are for a specific purpose and all of us have our definitive place in this world! Irrespective of whether you are rich or poor or whatever, you’re still going to lead a life here. In that case, why do you want to create a rift between people unnecessarily? If it is especially within your own family members, why do you want to do it? Afterall these Paandavas are none other than your brother’s sons, which also means that they are your sons too, especially after your brother’s death. So why do you want to create a rift between your own children like this in such a hostile manner? If for instance, you have thousand rupees, why don’t you give half of it to the Paandavas so that they also lead a happy and a peaceful life? Why do you have this selfish attitude that all thousand should be with you alone? The more you give, the more you get! Why don’t you change your attitude in a way that you accept the Paandavas and give them what is required to be given? Why don’t you call up Duryodhana and try to make him understand all what I’ve said to you so far? Isn’t it the duty of the father to teach all the principles of “Dharma” to the son, especially at a point wherein he is deviating from the path of it?”

Vidura continues again thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Don’t you realize that if there is this small relenting mindset from either your or Duryodhana’s side, the entire cloud of war would be solved within minutes? All it requires is just that “give-and-take” attitude from both you and your son. So what if the Paandavas rule the kingdom? Anyways, they are righteous in nature and they can efficiently administer the kingdom without any blemish. They are perfectly capable of doing so, and I’m sure you also know it very well! The only thing that is stopping you from realizing your folly is your excessive attachment towards Duryodhana! Please come out of it atleast now. Even now if you get your acts together, you can prevent the war and bloodshed from happening and this is entirely in your hands now! You’ve to take the initiative and support the cause. You cannot sit lazily thus, and let the brothers fight amongst each other!”

Saying thus, Vidura plays the emotional card in trying to make King Dhirdiraashtra understand the point here. These are the final few words of advice that Vidura is giving, and these points thus assume lots of significance. Every word that Vidura is trying to advise King Dhirdiraashtra is extremely important to all of us as well in every way of our life. Hence, let us take them upon ourselves to understand and make a conscious effort to improve ourselves slowly and steadily and day after day. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of Vidura’s final few points, as we come to the end of the Vidura Neeti. Stay tuned! 😊

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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