Episode # 337 – Commencing the final “Adhyaaya” of Vidura Neeti – Vidura’s concluding remarks!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the concluding remark of Vidura to King Dhirdiraashtra as part of the penultimate “Adhyaaya” getting over. We had witnessed Vidura emphasizing the point that if we look at others suffering the same way that we might have suffered in the past, we should never sit and laugh over their suffering. Rather, we should take the initiative to go forward and render corrective advice to them, so as to bring them out of the problem that they’re facing. This is one of our primary duties as ardent followers of our “Sanaathana Dharma” and at any cost, we should stick to it.

As a corollary to the above point, we also witnessed that it is our duty to listen to the words of elders and experienced people. This should be a two-way traffic here – If the situation demands, we should always take a step forward to advice people, and on the contrary, if there is a situation wherein we are in a problem, we should be ready to listen to the words of advice from those experienced people. Thus it should happen both ways. I’m not saying that we should only keep advising others! We should also have the courtesy to listen to others as well.

This is where King Dhiridraashtra is losing out heavily, along with his son. In fact, King Dhirdiraashtra is a step better, because he’s atleast having the patience to listen to whatever Vidura has to say to him, irrespective of whether he likes it or not. Of course, as mentioned in the earlier episodes of the Vidura Neeti, Vidura never talks pleasingly just because he has to obtain some recognition or brownie points from his leader. Vidura’s talk will only be focused on the “Dharma” and nothing else. So even if it is not pleasing to listen for King Dhirdiraashtra, Vidura did not shy away from telling the hard truth in the hardest way possible. We’ve of course witnessed many instances wherein Vidura has slammed King Dhirdiraashtra left, right and center for all his foolish activities that he has committed so far. Thus we can see here that King Dhirdiraashtra atleast had the patience to listen to Vidura, however, Duryodhana did not have even that as well! If anyone has to talk to Duryodhana about the “Dharma” and has to criticize what he is doing, he / she has to really have the guts to do it! If even his own father wasn’t able to, then who else is going to daringly take up this challenge? Hence, such was the case here with both the father and son and thereby they are going to be heavy losers in the vital game of life!

We had witnessed in the Ramayana too, how Ravana had to perish because of his sheer ignorance towards all those people who tried to educate him the “Dharma”, including the likes of his own brother Vibhishana himself. Hanuman tried his best, but since Ravana insulted Hanuman in public, all of us know what Hanuman did to Lanka! Even then, Ravana did not realize his folly and thus finally he had to meet a ghastly end to his life under the hands of Bhagawan Rama.

So the point here is that, we should be ready to advice people on the “Dharma” as well as to listen to people pertaining to the “Dharma”. Thus it is important for us to have both these qualities in us. So with this, we come to the end of the penultimate “Adhyaaya” of Vidura Neeti and now we shall move on to the final “Adhyaaya” thus.

“Ahkrodhena jayeth krodham asaadhum saadhunaa jayeth!

Jayeth kadhariyam daanena jayeth satyena cha anritham!!”

Here Vidura explains four important points to start with. He explains four different strategoies to win over four different categories of people. For today, we shall just witness the four categories and we shall have an elaborate discussion in tomorrow’s episode.

Firstly, Vidura explains that if an angry person has to be defeated, we should adopt the strategy of “angerless behavior”. That is, if we keep ourselves calm and composed in front of an angry or a short-tempered person, it is possible for us to win over that person and get our things done through them. Secondly, a person who is dumb-headed can be won over by employing sweet and kind words. Thirdly, a poor or a needy person can be won over by giving him “Dhaanam” or donating some useful things for him. Finally, Vidura explains that a lie can be won over by truth.

So for today, let us start pondering over these four extremely important points of Vidura. There’s an elaborate discussion coming your way in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊

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