Episode # 334 – “You do not have the spine to stand up against your son!” Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important point highlighted by Vidura that any action that pertains to “Adharma” can never be nullified or compensated with “equivalent” spiritual practices or by performing any other deeds that pertaining to “Dharma”. Whatever “Adharma” we’re doing would stay forever and it can never cancel out with any other means. This is why Vidura is cautioning King Dhirdiraashtra and all of us that before we enter into anything, we need to think twice and analyse properly whether it is “Dharma” or not. After entering into it and after doing it, there is no point in regretting if it was an “Adharmic” action.

This is exactly what Vidura is trying to make King Dhirdiraashtra aware. He says thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Whatever has happened so far till today cannot be changed. Whatever “Adharma” has happened can never be taken back by any means. All what can be done now is to change your course of action and start following the path of “Dharma”. Atleast from now, you can prevent “Adharma” from happening in Hastinapura. It is upto you to do it. Even now if you do not mend your ways and if you’re still going to fall into the trap of “Adharma”, nobody is capable enough to save you and your entire clan from it!”

How good is this point in the modern day? As explained yesterday, in the today’s scenario we think that we can do whatever bad deeds possible and still can get away from it. Of course we can get away from it from the courts and the judiciary in India and this can never be a problem. All of us now how “strong” the judicial system in India is and it is never going to be difficult to morph the truth and get away! But that is not the point here – Bhagawan’s judicial system is not the same as the weak and inefficient Indian judicial system. All our good and bad deeds are perfectly accounted by Bhagawan and nobody can escape from it even for a bit. As Newton’s third law of motion states, “For every action, there is always going to be an equal and an opposite reaction”. Hence, irrespective of whether the law of the land would deem an action punishable or not, we should check whether the law of Bhagawan would punish us for our actions that we do. If we come to know that our actions are punishable under Bhagawan’s law book, it is better that we totally avoid it. Thus the important point that we should learn from this discussion is that, there can never be an escape from the punishments for “Adharma” in this world from Bhagawan. We can never “compensate” our Adharmic actions by performing spiritual practices or any other similar kind of actions. Hence it is better that we analyze beforehand, prior to doing something or committing ourselves to performing some actions. As the proverb says, “Prevention is better than cure”, it is upto all of us to take the call and do accordingly.

Now moving on further, Vidura explains who is considered to be a “brave” and a “courageous” person. Vidura says that even in a lonely place where one is attacked by innumerable number of enemies with deadly weapons, if that person stands up and tries to defend himself courageously, this person is considered to be brave. This is an important point that Vidura drives home here. Outwardly if we look at it, we would not be able to connect what he’s exactly trying to say. This is like an idiom – By saying thus, Vidura conveys the deeper meaning that as a leader, if one has to be termed as “brave” and a “courageous” person, he should stand up firmly and should make all possible steps to overrule and destroy “Adharma”, if it lifts its head up.

This is the responsibility of every leader, irrespective of the “Yuga”, profession, etc. Even in our workplace, if something wrong is happening and if someone conspires something for his/her own personal benefit, by compromising the interests of the organization, we should have that courage and boldness to oppose it, rather than keeping quiet or going along with that “Adharmic” path. This is the problem not only with King Dhirdiraashtra, but with all of us. Of course, it is evident that King Dhirdiraashtra here is not bold enough, because he is unable to stand up against his son whose path is totally inclined towards “Adharma”. Whenever all the unwarranted incidents took place in the public courtroom (inclusive of the infamous gambling game, the unparliamentary events that followed, sending Paandavas on exile, etc.), nobody including King Dhirdiraashtra himself had the spine and courage to stand up and overrule Duryodhana and his uncle. Thus by driving home this point, Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra that had he had the spine to stand up and deliver on that day, such level of “Adharma” would have never happened and the kingdom wouldn’t have been in such a risk of what it is in today!

Thus, from this point it is evident that we should always stand up against “Adharma” wherever and however it takes place in our vicinity. There is no point in keeping quiet, if someone is going to ruin our organization for his/her personal benefit and it is important for us to voice out in whatever way possible during these critical situations. So for today, let us ponder over this important point and let us wait for tomorrow’s episode to take this forward with Vidura’s next point of discussion. Stay tuned! 😊

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