Episode # 333 – “Adharma can never be nullified with ‘compensatory’ spiritual practices” – Vidura’s stern assertion!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important point that Vidura was emphasizing, wherein we had mentioned four different actions and their end-results that we achieve by performing them. Vidura spoke about learning the Vedas and becoming scholarly in them. By doing so, he says that we can perform as many spiritual practices as we can, with the rigor and austerity, which would in turn result in our spiritual upliftment. Secondly, he said that by reading the scriptures and other “Shaastras”, we should develop the habit of helping others who are in dire need. We should never deny them any sort of help that they require. Thirdly, Vidura explains that the main purpose of marrying a woman from a decent family background is to follow the path of “Dharma” and also to have children who are involved in “Dharma” as well. Finally, Vidura says that the main purpose for which Bhagawan has given us money is to render it to those who are poor and needy. We should channelize our money in such a way that both ourselves and others benefit from it.

Moving forward to the next point, Vidura says that there are few people in this world, who do all kinds of “Adharma” possible to others, but try to reduce the effects of their “Adharma” by offering spiritual practices. But will this work? Vidura clearly says that such things are not possible. Vidura explains thus:

“Adharmo paarjhithaihi arthaihi yahaa karothi adhvanuthadehitham!

Na sa tasya phalam thebhya bhunkthe arthasya thuraagamaath!!”

Here Vidura clearly emphasizes the point that the money or wealth, if earned via illegal and illegitimate ways can never be compensated by doing good activities with it. In other words, if we’re doing some good things or spiritual practices by using money or wealth that is earned via illegitimate ways, it would bare no fruit. This is of course directly applicable to our current day scenario. For instance, it is common to see today that few politicians who are opportunistic in nature, go on a “Yatra” to many temples, perform some special prayers there and do some other offerings, just during that election time. We’ve of late seen a so-called “great” leader of a political party of India which is run by dynasts, following this practice. He goes to temples, offers prayers and calls himself as a “Hindu”. Next minute, he goes to places of worship of some other religion and calls himself a member of that community. All these are just gimmicks to cheat people and we as ardent followers of “Sanaathana Dharma” should never get fooled by such people. Of course, all of us witnessed what kind of results the elections threw out to him, after all these “fake” worships that he had performed. This is what Vidura is saying here too – If we’re performing spiritual practices or whatever good activities with a bad attitude or with illegally acquired wealth, they would never ever bare any fruit and doing such things is only a mere waste of time and energy.

By saying so, Vidura warns King Dhirdiraashtra too – He reminds him in a different angle that his son Duryodhana is almost doing the same thing. He’s trying to woo Bhagawan Krishna and others to his side, by giving lot of money and wealth to them. Such things are never going to work.

In fact, it should be remembered that this was the same King Dhirdiraashtra who once asked Vidura how to bring Bhagawan Krishna to his side of the table. He asks Vidura if he can give Bhagawan Krishna a set of ten villages or few parcels of land from the Hastinapura Kingdom to woo Krishna and bring him to his side. Upon hearing this, Vidura doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry! He mocks at King Dhirdiraashtra’s folly and stupidity and asserts that Bhagawan Krishna is not such a person to be carried away by money and other forms of wealth. Bhagawan Krishna stands by “Dharma” and he would take sides only where “Dharma” prevails. Moreover, Vidura emphasized on that day that if King Dhirdiraashtra is able to give 5 out of that 10 villages he’s ready to give Bhagawan Krishna, to the Paandavas, this entire issue is going to be put to rest once and for all! This is the point which Vidura is trying to recollect and remind King Dhirdiraashtra upon!

Thus, the point from today’s episode is that, if we’re trying to compensate our illegal ways of living and acquiring wealth with some good and spiritual activites, it’s never going to work! Vidura is so stubborn and blunt while emphasizing this point, and from this, we should understand that Vidura is directly talking the reality and the truth! So for today, let us ponder over this important point and reflect upon our daily lives as to how to mend our ways, if we’ve to! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 😊



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