Episode # 316 – “Four important pillars for a long and peaceful life” – Vidura’s keynote address!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the culmination of an extremely important discussion on controlling our senses in the right way. Initially we witnessed Vidura explaining to us that it is very difficult and is virtually impossible for us as normal human beings to control our five senses and the way they take us into the world of illusion. However Vidura doesn’t stop at this point. He continues to explain that there is a solution for this menace. If we are able to develop a “fear” of committing a mistake because of our senses, this fear would tend to drive us away from it. This of course should not be mistaken for the “fear” of losing our self-confidence and things like that. All what Vidura is explaining here is that, if we develop this “constructive fear” in us, we can tend to be more careful in whatever we do and whatever we talk to people. This “constructive fear” is nothing but creating an awareness within ourselves that we shouldn’t walk the wrong path. Even then of course it is very difficult to completely eliminate our wrongdoings, as our “Karma” would still be sticking on to us somewhere. However, we can try our best to minimize our wrongdoings by creating this self-awareness within us.

Moving on thus, Vidura explains few important strategies through which we can increase our life span! This is another interesting discussion and Vidura explains thus:

“Adhyartham punaruthsargaha saadayeth daivathaannapi!

Maarthavam sarva bhoothaanam anasuyaa kshamaa dhruthihi!

Aayushyaani bhudhaah praahuhu mitraanaancha avimaananaa!!”

It is to be noted here that we’ve witnessed several factors that serve as a “knife-point” in bringing down our lifespan drastically. Vidura has given a detailed accord on what are those elements that would reduce our lifespan and how! Here Vidura explains some factors that serve as “boosters” for our lifespan. What are they? Let us witness one by one:

“Maardhavam” – Here Vidura says that if a person has a “Saathvic” character, his life span can be increased. This means that if a person has a calm demeneaur, he can be devoid of innumerable physical problems. Why do we think we’re having blood pressure, diabetes, etc. plaguing us nowadays? It is only because of our “urgent” lifestyle that we’re following today! For anything and everything in life we keep running and running. Every minute we’re tensed and nervous in whatever we do. All this results in an increase in the blood pressure and the body’s sugar levels. This results in innumerable problems that we’re witnessing today. Hence the point here is that, if a person can manage to maintain a calm and a composed nature at all times, he can be assured of a peaceful and a longer lifespan.

“Sarva bhoothaanaam anasuya” – This is an extremely important point here. If a person can maintain himself devoid of any sort of jealousy towards other fellow people, he can be assured of a long and a peaceful life. This is again a menace in today’s world. For anything and everything we’ve started to compare ourselves with others. In a way it can be constructive, but many a times, it turns into a disaster. We end up comparing ourselves with others for all the wrong reasons – Money, name, fame, social status, etc. For attaining something on par with someone, we are even prepared to go to any extent! This is where the problem lies – If a person can maintain himself devoid of this kind of craziness and jealousy, we can avoid lot of problems and finally we can attain a peaceful and a longer lifespan.

Kshamaa” – As we’ve already witnessed in our earlier episodes, “Kshamaa” means “Patience”. If we exhibit patience in whatever we perform in this world, it leads us to a peaceful and a longer life span.

Druthihi” – Finally Vidura says that if a person is exhibiting patience, it doesn’t mean that he’s going to keep losing every time. In other words, we should have the “Confidence” and “Courage” (Druthihi) to undertake any challenge in life. This is also extremely important. Thus, “Dhrutihi” (Courage) coupled with “Kshamaa” (Patience) can take us to an entirely different height of success. We’ve witnessed innumerable examples in this world of people who have been successful by following these points meticulously!

So for today let us ponder over these important points of Vidura and let us try to implement them in our routine life. We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next point of discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂



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