Episode # 296 – Helping others at critical times – An emotional Rama-Jatayu episode!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed Vidura’s one of the most important point from the Vidura Neeti that a real citizen of this “Bhaarata Desha” is the one who runs forward to give a helping hand for those who are suffering and the needy. In due course we witnessed the real significance of the famous song “Vaishnava janato..” wherein this is the exact point that is elaborated here too. Hence we as proud citizens of Mother India should be an epitome of helping others in dire need.

Where can we witness instances to prove this point about us? We’ve seen one such emotional instance during our Ramayana project wherein, when Jataayu was an epitome of this. All of us know by now that Jataayu was an eagle and it was from the bird community. Upon seeing Ravana manhandling Mother Sita on his way to Lanka, Jatayu’s blood started boiling! He immediately set out to fight Ravana and save Mother Sit from him. It should be remembered that Jatayu was very advanced in his age and his powers at that time were bare minimal. Not withstanding his physical weakness too, Jatayu set out and called Ravana for a fight. A ghasty war followed and at one stage, since Jatayu was too weak to control Ravana’s growing aggression, Ravana used this opportunity to cut off Jatayu’s wings mercilessly with his sword named “Chandrahaasa”. As soon as his wings were slaughtered off, poor Jatayu fell to the ground with nobody to help his cause. He was about to die. However he had the will power to convey the news to Rama that Mother Sita is being abducted and taken away to Lanka by the wicked Ravana. Hence Jatayu was managing to somehow hold his breath till Rama arrives.

After many days when Rama passes through that way, he suddenly hears Jatayu crying! Puzzled by hearing Jatayu’s voice, Rama immediately sensed that it was a distress call. He immediately rushes to that place from where the sound was coming, and to his dismay, saw Jatayu in a pool of blood and his cut-off wings! Upon seeing Jatayu in such a pitiable condition, Rama was completely in tears and rushes near him, takes Jatayu on his lap and tries to comfort him.

Now here comes the crux of the episode – Even when Jatayu was about to die, he only starts to pray and worship Bhagawan Rama and started to offer his “Sthothram” (Prayers) to Bhagawan! What a devotion! One one hand, Jatayu is losing his breath whereas on the other hand, he doesn’t mind that because of Bhagwan’s arrival! His only priority was to make sure that Bhagawan Rama was happy and comfortable first. The second priority was that he informs Bhagawan Rama on the whereabouts of Mother Sita.

When Rama enquires this pitiable situation of Jatayu, he narrates the whole episode to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Rama! I saw Ravana abducting your beloved wife and our most beloved Mother Sita and taking her towards the southern direction. Upon seeing this ghasty sight, I wasn’t in a mood to keep quiet and hence I decided to wage a war against Ravana to protect my mother! Unfortunately because of my old age and because of Ravana’s aggression, I wasn’t able to match his power and thus he cut off my wings and I had to fall on the ground! I was just waiting for you to come here and thus I can convey this important message to you! Oh Rama! Oh Bhagawan! You don’t worry about me now, but please do not delay any further. Please hurry your way towards the southern direction now to save our beloved mother! I’m sure she would be waiting for you to come and protect her! I’m happy and contended that I’ve passed on this important information to you! Now I can peacefully die without any worry!”

Saying thus, Jatayu breathes his last! This makes Bhagwan Rama burst into tears even more! He now turns towards Lakshmana by the side, hugs him and cries thus, “Oh Lakshmana! I think I’ve accumulated so much of sins in my previous birth! First I lost my father! Then I lost my beloved wife! Now I’ve even lost a very senior person in my life called Jatayu! Because of this one Rama, all of them around me are suffering! Oh Lakshana! Now I’m scared that I would lose you too! You better go back to Ayodhya and live peacefully and happily there with your wife and our mothers! I shall be the one who would suffer and will take it upon myself!”

From here we can see the amount of respect that Bhagwan Rama gives to Jatayu. It should be importantly noted here that the same Bhagawan Rama who didn’t cry when he lost his father, who didn’t cry when he lost his wife, is crying loudly looking at the pitiable state of Jatayu! Although Jatayu was a bird by birth, we can see that when Mother Sita and Bhagawan Rama were in distress, he was the first one to stand by both of them and fight for them! Jatayu physically fought to save Mother Sita and Jatayu mentally fought over his will power to make Bhagawan Rama happy! What a sacrifice and a noble sevice to Bhagawan! For this selfless service, Jatayu directly gets the “Moksha” order from none other than Bhagwan Rama himself on the spot!

This is where we see how we should never be at ease when we see someone in front of us in danger! It should be our duty to go and help them out of the danger. It is not important if we succeed or fail. Our sincere and whole-hearted attempt is what is important! Hence for today let us think and ponder over this beautiful and emotional episode of Jatayu and learn the lesson behind it! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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