Episode # 281 – “Dharma” of Kali-Yuga – NEVER miss an opportunity to be in close proximity of a “Sadguru” or a “Spiritual Master”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed a very important explanation on the phrase – “Yoga-Kshema”. We described it as two separate terms – “Yoga” and “Kshema”. “Yoga” in this context means that we’re getting a golden opportunity, or something that many people in this world might not be able to get! “Kshema” is the ability to grab this golden opportunity with both hands, without letting it to slip out! Many a times we might be fortunate enough to get good opportunities and good things in life, which very few people in this world would be able to get. However with our negligence and carelessness, we might tend to lose it out and squander away the opportunity to others, who might use it to the maximum and benefit out of it! We should always remember here that this world is extremely competitive! If we’re not grabbing our opportunities today, then someone else will tomorrow! 

This is the same thing that is happening to King Dhirdiraashtra here – He’s getting the golden opportunity to listen to an entire package of “Dharma” put together from an eminent person called Vidura. All of us know that Vidura is the epitome of “Dharma” himself and if one has to listen to the “Dharma” from the epitome itself, what a great opportunity and a gift it would be! King Dhirdiraashtra was a recipient of such a precious gift, but ultimately what happened? Was he able to utilize the “Dharma” package that he had obtained from Vidura in the right way? Unfortunately he did not! Hence in the case of King Dhirdiraashtra, the “Yoga” was there, but the “Kshemam” was missing! 🙂 Whereas, what happened in the case of the Paandavas? They had the “Yoga” of having Bhagawan Krishna by their side in whatever they did and wherever they were. To complement this “Yoga”, their “Kshemam” was also in the right direction of following whatever Bhagawan advised them to do at every stage! Arjuna was even fortunate to get the entire “Bhagawad Gita” from Bhagawan Krishna first hand! 🙂 But since Arjuna had the grit to grab the opportunity of “Yoga”, he was successful! This is why, “Yoga-Kshema” is of extreme prominence in the life of each and every one of us in this world!

With this detailed explanation of “Yoga-Kshema”, now let us move on to witness the sloka which we started yesterday. For the benefit of our readers we shall witness the sloka once again as we move on to the explanation. Vidura says thus:

“Yeshu dushteshu doshahasyaath yogakshemasya bhaarata!

Sadaah prasaadanam teshaam devataanam iva chareth!!”

Here Vidura explains that we should never scold or receive scoldings from those people who are perfect in maintaining the balance between “Yoga” and “Kshema”. There is of course no point in scolding such people because we need to accept the fact that they are smart people who’re able to grab the right opportunity when it presents in front of them! If we’re unable to grab the right opportunity at the right time, what is the use of feeling jealous about others who are able to do it? Hence, rather than scolding or feeling jealous about people who are perfect in “Yogakshema”, we should learn from them as to how to be smart enough! We should learn to be shrewd and should be able to grab the opportunity that comes by us. It is always said that luck knocks at our door only once and not everytime! We should be shrewd enough to listen to that knock, however faint it might be and open the door promptly so that we get benefited out of it!

Similarly when it comes to the context of spirituality, if we come across the golden opportunity of getting in touch with a “SadGuru” or a “Spiritual Master” or a “Mahatma” in this Kali Yuga, we should never let go of it! This is indeed a rare feat which extremely few people might be able to get in this world! To be associated with a “Sadguru” in this birth is such a precious gift and a blessing! It is upto us to convert this blessing into the path that would take us to “Moksha” or “Salvation”. Similarly if we’re getting an opportunity to participate in a “Satsang” or a “Naama-Sankeertana” group (Chanting the name of Bhagawan), we should never miss such things in life! Even if the “Satsang” is for just half an hour or one hour, we should make it a point that we be present at that place where it happens. For some of our activities in life, we might not be able to see an immediate benefit right in front of our eyes at the very same moment, but trust me, benefits from “Satsangs”, “Naama Sankeertana”, etc. keeps adding “invisibly” into our system! These intangible benefits would give us the fruit at the right time, when we might not even expect!

Thus the message from today’s episode is that, we should never feel jealous or angry on people who are perfect in balancing between “Yoga” and “Kshema”. Rather, we need to learn from them as to how they achieve it! Moreover, in the spiritual angle, we should make it a point, not to miss out on rare opportunities of getting close associations with “Sadgurus” or “Mahatmas” if at all we get some! At this point, if we keep investigating whether this person is a “Sadguru” or not, there is no end for all of this, and ultimately we would lose this golden opportunity that we’ve got in life to connect with a “Mahatma”! Similarly, we should make it a point not to lose out on opportunities to attend satsangs, because these are becoming rare in today’s world too!

So for today, let us ponder over this important point for our spiritual upliftment and let us do the needful as part of our efforts to strive towards it! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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