Episode # 268 – Commencing the 39’th Adhyaaya of Vidura Neeti – Vidura’s concluding remarks to King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an earnest and an emotional appeal from Vidura to King Dhirdiraashtra. As we already know by now, Vidura is trying different ways by which he is trying to convince King Dhirdiraashtra and to teach him all the principles of the “Raaja Dharma”. Vidura is mixing his strategies nicely – From getting emotional to getting angry, to slamming him left, right and centre, by advising him with lot of love and care, illustrating the points with stories and other narratives, etc. In this way, he finishes the 38’th Adhyaaya by making an emotional appeal to King Dhirdiraashtra to treat both the Kauravas and the Paandavas equally, if not treating the Paandavas a level higher up than the Kauravas. Ideally the latter should be the case, because the Paandavas are on a much higher plane with respect to their knowledge, patience, adherence to “Dharma”, etc. as they have Bhagawan Krishna by their side. However Vidura brings down his level of advising, just to make King Dhirdiraashtra understand the seriousness of the issue – He says, atleast try to treat the Paandavas on par with Duryodhana and Co. He requests King Dhirdiraashtra here not to sideline the Paandavas and treat them in an unfair manner, just because they are not his sons. He requests King Dhirdiraashtra to educate his crooked son Duryodhana by making him understand that he is walking a dangerous path against “Dharma” and it wouldn’t last very long.

With this earnest advice, Vidura concludes the 38’th Adhyaaya of the Vidura Neeti. In this Adhaaya we had witnessed various aspects of the “Raaja Dharma” and how these principles should be implemented so as to make the kingdom successful. While discussing each of these principles we also witnessed some modern day applications of these principles and how they are relevant to today’s scenario and setup. Of course there are truckloads of applications of each of the principle of “Dharma” that Vidura is explaining here, but owing to our limitations with respect to writing, relevant knowledge on all the domains in the modern day science, management and other aspects, etc. we’re unable to venture into more amount of detail in this blog. However, our readers should spend enormous amounts of time in reading through and trying to relate these principles with the current day happenings as per each one’s levels of knowledge and understanding. I might not have the expertise to explain all the principles of Vidura with respect to the modern day applications, and I request our readers to spend quality time on this aspect. The more we think, the more ideas we would get. Therefore it is up to the readers to invest more time on this and avail the benefit of what Vidura explains! 🙂

Now moving on further, we are entering into the 39’th Adhyaaya of the Vidura Neeti. As mentioned at the end of yesterday’s episode, we still have only two more Adhyaayas left – 39 and 40. These two Adhyaayas contain the concluding remarks of Vidura as an overview of all the principles of “Dharma” that he had explained till now. Every explanation should have a proper introduction, relevant explanation and a proper conclusion, isn’t it? Similarly here too, Vidura tries to give the “final touches” to his wonderful explanation by giving the concluding remarks. It is now going to be up to King Dhirdiraashtra to grasp what Vidura is trying to explain and to implement the principles in practice. However, what had happened at the end? If “Kaala Deva” (Yama Dharma Raaja) comes and sits in our ears, it is believed that he blocks all the good advice that is given by elderly people to enter into our ears! This was the same story with respect to Ravana too. We’ve seen in the Ramayana story wherein multiple people advise Ravana to leave Mother Sita to Bhagwan Rama. We witnessed Hanuman’s advice, Vibhishana’s accord, Angadha’s warning and finally even his own brother, Kumbhakarna’s words of advice! But unfortunately since Kaala Deva had blocked Ravana’s ears completely, all the advice given by these people went for a toss! Nothing entered Ravana’s head, and finally all of us know what happened to him!

Similarly in this case too, we’re witnessing King Dhirdiraashtra being counselled and advised by many elderly and scholarly people here – Sanjaya did his part, Bhagawan Krishna himself did his part of counselling, Vidura has done it twice – Once before the infamous gambling game took place, and the second time through this extensive accord called Vidura Neeti. However, all of these accords finally went in vain as King Dhirdiraashtra’s ears are completely blocked by the Kaala Deva, who is determined to destroy the whole of the Kaurava clan for all their wrongdoings and “Adharmic” activities.

Similarly in our case too, there is an extensive dearth of literature available for us to read and ponder over. There are many accords of Bhagawan himself taking birth and illustrating all the principles of “Dharma” in person. In similar terms, in the present day too there are many “Mahatmas” and “Sadgurus” in this world who “walk the path” of “Dharma” so that we take their lives as examples to mend our ways towards the right path. However in spite, if we’re tending to ignore all of this for our own personal pleasures and for creating a downfall for someone or something, we can very well presume to ourselves that we’re personally inviting Kaala Deva to block our ears and eyes, so that we don’t even make a step to go near the “Dharma” and to understand it. Hence the message from today’s episode is that, we’ve got a rich treasure with us in the form of “Sanaathana Dharma” and it is upto us to utilize it in the proper way so that we understand and practice the “Dharma” that is explained in it. If we fail to do that, it simply means that we’re inviting Kaala Deva to take us to Hell (Naraka)!

So for today let us ponder over this important fact, as we move into the 39’th Adhyaaya of the Vidura Neeti. We’ve witnessed an introductory note for the same today and we shall move into what exactly Vidura is going to say in tomorrow’s episode! Stay tuned! 🙂

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