Episode # 246 – Five important “strengths” a man should possess – Vidura’s keynote explanation!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important message from Vidura wherein he explains the significance of “Dhaanam”. Of course we’ve seen umpteen number of occasions in the past with regards to the significance of “Dhaanam”. In yesterday’s episode we had witnessed how the “Manu Dharma Shastra” gives importance to this point wherein it says that if a person earns 100 rupees, he/she should allocate 16 rupees out of it for charitable activities. It is only then he/she and family gets blessed by Bhagawan.

This was the factor that was lacking in King Dhirdiraashtra and his sons. Their greed for power and money overtook them and eventually they failed to understand the significance of “Dhaanam”. This is exactly what Vidura was lamenting during the previous episode. Forget “Dhaanam” – Duryodhana was not even interested to share the portion of the Hastinaapura kingdom with the Paandavas that was rightly due for them. This is also the case in our today’s world too – The moment we see power and money in our hands, our greed starts to increase! This results in making us crave for more power and more money, and eventually we end up forgetting the significance of “Dhaanam” completely. This is why Vidura and Manu are reminding us constantly about the significance of this point. We should realize that the money and power should be used in such a way that the whole world benefits out of it, and not only the individual self. We should develop the habit of “giving” generously and selflessly to those who are in need. If we see someone suffering, we should have that heart to voluntarily go forward to help them. This is very important and a strong step towards spiritual progress according to our “Sanaathana Dharma”.

Now moving on further, Vidura explains five different types of strength, a human being should have in his/her life. Vidura explains this to King Dhirdiraashtra for a reason. Let us explore this in more detail. Vidura explains thus:

“Balam panchamidam nityam baahubalam amaatya laabaha!

Dhana laabaha paithaamaham laabam pragnyaa balam!!”

Here as mentioned, Vidura talks about five different strengths (“Balam”). The first one that he explains is “Baahubalam”. This means, a person should have a strong shoulder! This literally means that a person should be physically strong. He or she should be able to counter any sort of obstacles that are physical and tangible in nature. Of course I’m not saying that all of us should become boxers and experts in kick boxing! 🙂 We should atleast maintain our physical health in a sound manner so that we wouldn’t buckle down with unwanted physical ailments when we’re undertaking important missions and tasks in our life. This is extremely important.

Second, Vidura explains “Amaatya laabam”. This means a person gains more strength when he gets a good company of people around him. This company might be in the form of friends, trustable ministers (if in case of a king or a leader), strong relatives, etc. Thus the power and strength of people around us would automatically make us powerful! We’ve seen this in many cases in today’s world too – How are “dons” establishing themselves? It is only with their powerful company of people that they exert their authority over others. This itself is a strength to a person and it is very important. Hence, Vidura’s important advice here is that, it is not enough if we are physically powerful. We also need people around us who are loyal to us and also who are powerful! This multiplies our strength!

Third, Vidura talks about “Dhana laabam” – Of course all of us know this point very well – Possession of money and wealth gives strength to a person automatically. The richer a person is, the more people would come towards him/her and thus eventually this person gains power and strength! In today’s world too many of us believe that money and wealth would automatically push us upwards in our power, strength and status and this is why we keep running behind money by hook or crook! 🙂 Something to ponder about!

Fourth and the penultimate strength – Vidura explains “Paithaamaham” – This is extremely important – Our family tradition and history contributes a great deal in terms of our strength! This is why people in the modern day ask “Are you born with a silver spoon in your mouth?” This directly means, if we’re born out of a rich and a prosperous family, we’re looked upon by the world with great respect! For instance, we keep seeing today how much of importance is given to the kids of celebrities like actors, actresses, prominent sports persons, politicians, etc. Of course, not everyone in this world are lucky in this aspect of life, but if someone is lucky enough to be part of such a family tradition, he/she can consider himself/herself to be very powerful!

Finally Vidura explains “Pragnya Balam” – A person’s impeccable knowledge and wisdom adds to his/her strength immensely! This is what we call in Oeganizational Behavioral terms today as “Expert power”! It simply means that a person gains strength or power by means of his/her expertise and knowledge on a certain domain – It might be anything for that matter. For instance, why do we hail people who are professional musicians, dancers, international cricket players, etc. so much? It is simply because of their expertise in their respective domains of work! Hence this is a very important source of strength!

Explaining thus, Vidura conveys the message to King Dhirdiraashtra that he should focus on inculcating strength and power to his son Duryodhana through any of these five means, rather than adopting illegal ways to achieve it! So for today let us also give it a serious ponder and introspect ourselves if we’re on the right track or not! We shall wait till the next episode to take this point forward and also to move into Vidura’s next important point! Stay tuned! 🙂

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