Episode # 244 – “Your crooked thoughts are leading you towards the path of Adharma” – Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important point as narrated by Vidura to King Dhirdiraashtra wherein he mentions that as a king and as a father, he should never allow his sons to destroy the Pandavas, as their support and valor is extremely important to maintain the sanctity of the Hastinapura kingdom. He compares this with a beautiful analogy of a forest wherein lions, tigers and other wild animals are of prime importance for the sustainance of the forest. If for whatsoever reason these animals are destroyed, it would eventually create a huge ecological imbalance. As a result, there would be a huge danger of many species of animals becoming extinct.

In today’s world we’re already facing this problem and a threat is looming large over many such species of animals like tigers, leopards, etc. Because of constant deforestation and destruction of animals for their skin, tusk, etc. the threat of extinction of these poor animals is on the rise. This is where we saw yesterday that the government is forced to take a periodic survey as to take a census of the population of tigers, leopards, etc. so as to maintain the ecological balance. Hence in today’s world with respect to the ecological balance, we should refrain from killing animals for no fault of theirs and this is one of the greatest sins that we would be committing in our lives!

“Nasyaath vanamrute vyaagraan vyaagraanushruthe vanam!

Vanam hi rakshate vyaagraihi vyaagraan rakshati kaaranam!!”

As Vidura explains thus, we move on further: Here Vidura explains that if a person’s mind is focused only on auspicious activities in life, he/she never deviates from the path of “Dharma” and this person tends to acquire all kinds of “Punya” (Good Karma). If it is on the contrary, it becomes imminent that this person only acquires sins and nothing more! Vidura explains this beautifully in the following sloka:

Na tathechhanti kalyaanaan Pareshaan veditum gunaan!

Yadairshaamyaathumichhanti nachair punyam papa chetasaha!!”

Thus Vidura explains through the above sloka to King Dhirdiraashtra that if one’s mind is occupied with divine and good thoughts, he/she becomes completely focused on the “Dharma” and nothing else. By saying thus, Vidura again pokes at King Dhirdiraashtra how he and his sons are in the contrary to this! Vidura explains thus: “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Look at the plight here! Your son Duryodhana only thinks of unlawful things right from waking up in the morning until going to bed at night! As a result of these unlawful and wrong thoughts, his actions are also routed towards “Adharma” and nothing else! For the amount of sins he has committed towards the innocent Paandavas for no fault of theirs, look at the ghastly end he is going to meet to his life! That day is not too far off!”

Letting out a strong warning thus, Vidura continues to caution King Dhirdiraashtra: “Oh King! If your son’s attitude is that way, what are you doing as a father? Rather than criticizing your sons at the right time and instance, you only seem to fuel their bad thoughts and wicked intentions! What steps did you take to mend the ways of your crooked sons? Thus if your mind goes into such evil and wicked thoughts, it is directly going to reflect in your actions! This is why you’re not realizing the amount of tantrums you and your sons are creating towards Paandavas! Your actions show how polluted your mind is towards “Adharma”. Hence even now its not too late. Try to realize this fact that if your mind goes in the path of “Dharma”, it would reflect in your actions! If you’re thinking only in a crooked way, you’ll end up committing more and more sins in your life! Most importantly, you’re not realizing that you’re doing all this right under the nose of Bhagawan Krishna!”

Saying thus, Vidura sends out a strong message to his king! But is he going to realize the importance of Vidura’s golden advice? Neverthless, the most important question here is that, are we going to realize the importance of Vidura’s golden words of advice! Let’s ponder today and try to find an answer for ourselves! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next message from Vidura! Stay tuned!


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