Episode # 226 – How significant is “Employee Retention” in an organization today? Vidura explains!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed Vidura reminding King Dhirdiraashtra about each of the blunders that he had committed towards the innocent Paandavas with a blast! He had initially started with the game of gambling and how it ended up in a disastrous manner wherein an innocent Draupati was insulted in public by Dhirdiraasthra’s sons! Eventually Vidura continued to lambast King Dhirdiraashtra that even during the initial stages he had advised the king against playing this infamous gambling game, however his advice went in vain! After the game was over, the Paandavas were humiliated to the worst extent possible by sending them on a terrible exile! Because of the greed for power and fame, Duryodhana has gone to any extent to humiliate the Paandavas for no fault of theirs! Despite all these happenings, the worst part is that King Dhirdiraashtra has remained a silent spectator to all the wrath of his sons! Thus Vidura takes every ounce of his time and energy to lambast King Dhirdiraashtra that he hasn’t seen such an ignorant king in his entire lifetime till date!

Moving on thus, Vidura now explains how do we treat workers in a good way and how to retain them. How important is the nature of a servant or a worker for a kingdom to prosper? This is going to have excellent practical applications to the modern day world and let us see what Vidura is going to say on this:

“Yastaata na krudhyati sarva kaalam!

Brithyasya bhaktasya hite ratasya!!”

Here Vidura warns King Dhirdiraashtra that he has the wrong people for the job as everybody in his Hastinaapura kingdom inclusive of seniors like Bhishma, Dhronaachaarya, etc. are only behind fulfilling their own personal agenda! We’ve already discussed in one of our previous episodes how Vidura explains the significance of having the right person for the right job at the right place and at the right time! Now our readers can connect the dots here – He’s now telling that we should never get angry or frustrated with a good and a quality worker. If that worker is genuinely interested in the development of our company in the positive way, we should never show our anger or frustration to him/her. Thus even if this worker falls short of some expectations at some point in time, we need to be patient with him or her and we should not create tantrums to such people.

How applicable is this advice to the modern day corporate scenario! In today’s world, there are many jobs for which we do not get adequate human resources! First of all in the present day, it is very difficult to get people who would give us a quality output on the job! Hence it is extremely important for an organization to retain such quality employees who are extremely scarce in nature. On top of this, nowadays we see a huge chunk of the freshly graduating population going behind very few segments of “lucrative” jobs whereas there are so many other jobs that do not have adequate people to perform! This creates a huge imbalance in the society.

We can see here how Vidura clearly talks about “Employee Retention”, which is an important concept in Human Resources Management today! Nowadays we’re witnessing a tremendous boom in certain sectors of jobs and we see students being recruited from their respective college campuses well before they complete their graduation! In the present day, we also witness many people having more than one job offer in hand before finishing their college education! This of course is an extremely good trend as it shows the level of brilliance and capability of our student population. However, this signals “bad news” for the employers as they are always in a jinx whether these people would eventually join the company or not at the end of the day! The employers today are in a constant dilemma as to whether the new employees that they recruit would end up joining another company that would give them a more lucrative salary & benefit package! If such is the situation today, we should understand that retaining the existing employees and the new employees who join the organization is very important! Organizations should realize that they should never ever humiliate their existing employees in a bad manner in terms of salary, working environment, etc. in such a way that they finally quit and join another organization that would be a competitor to us. Thus, “Employee retention” becomes one big area of concern in today’s corporate world and companies should focus heavily on this important idea.

So for today, we’ve witnessed an important message from Vidura in the management perspective as to how do we retain employees within our organization and how do we ensure that they are happy and satisfied. This is a very critical point and let us spare a thought today by introspecting on this. We shall wait till the next episode to witness an extension of this point wherein Vidura is going to say that an organization should never sacrifice its employees at a time when they need a helping hand from the employer. This is going to be an extremely important discussion and we shall stay tuned till tomorrow to witness more of it! 🙂

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