Episode # 225 – “How dare you punish the innocent Paandavas by sending them on harsh exile?” Vidura blasts King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed Vidura lambasting King Dhirdiraashtra that he went ahead to play to game of gambling despite his advice not to go for it. At that time he was so obsessed with the game that he did not even think whether it is a “Raaja Dharma” for a king to play such games or not. Now Vidura says that there is no point in brooding over the mess that King Dhirdiraashtra has created for himself!

This is exactly the mess that we are into as well! At the moment of our wrongdoing, we just get carried away by the momentous pleasure associated with it, but we forget the disastrous after-effects that are associated with it. This is always a tricky situation and we would end up repenting at a later stage when we start experiencing the results of our bad actions. This is why we mentioned in the previous episode that we should try to listen to our “conscience” and our “heart”. Bhagawan has designed us in a way that His voice is always with us in the form of our conscience. Hence we should learn to listen to it and act accordingly. Whenever we’re tempted to commit into something that is wrongful in nature, we should try to take a step back, think about it, analyze the after-effects of it and then act accordingly. If we tend to realize that the consequences are disastrous and detrimental, we should always know ways to avoid that situation and run away from it immediately. There is no point in repenting after we do the wrong act and when we start experiencing the ill-effects of it. This is exactly what King Dhirdiraashtra is doing here! Hence it is important that we shouldn’t fall into such a trap.

Thus Vidura emphasizes this point by the following sloka:

“Uktham mayaa dyutha kaalepi raajan nedanyuktham vachanam praachipeya!

Tadoushadham pathyamiva aathurasya na rochathe tava vaichitra veerya!!”

Thus Vidura continues to lambast King Dhirdiraashtra by saying, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! When I was advising you not to play the gambling game, you felt like as if I was injecting poison into you! Now you’re not getting sleep at night properly and you’re coming and asking this same Vidura (whom you neglected and rejected before) for advice on Dharma! If you would have listened to my words the other day, you could have had a peaceful sleep tonight!”

“Kaakairimaan chithabarhaan mayuraan paraachayethaaha paandavaan dhaardaraashtaihi!!”

 Vidura again continues to lambast by saying further thus: “Oh King! Do you know the next blunder that you did after the game of gamble was over? You initially mentioned that this game was only on a friendly basis and there are no strings attached to it! However what conspired later? Duryodhana wanted to send the innocent Paandavas on an exile to the forest with bitter punishments for no fault of theirs! Did you object Duryodhana’s words? Rather, you only favoured his wicked words and you ended up sending the Paandavas on a bitter exile! Do you ever realize that you had put the Paandavas under an immense suffering for no fault of theirs? How dare you punish innocent people like this? You’re definitely going to pay a heavy price for it! What you’ve committed is not even a mistake, but it is a big blunder! At every moment you keep rejecting those people who advise you the “Dharma” and you go behind the whims and fancies of your stupid son Duryodhana!”

Vidura continues further thus, “Oh King Dhrdiraashtra! You’re trying to cheat those people who follow Dharma by playing your dirty games on them! However please remember one thing – A crow is a crow and a beautiful peacock is a peacock! A crow can never become a peacock! Similarly, your wicked son can never become equal to the greatness of Yudishtra and his brothers with respect to Dharma! You do not realize that your son is bringing about a great downfall not only to himself but also to the whole of Hastinaapura kingdom! I can’t really explain in words about your sheer ignorance! It really pains my heart! So please try and mend your ways as quickly as possible! Even now it is not too late – Please listen to my advice atleast now and try to mend things quickly! Else you’re going to face extreme disaster very soon! You’re directly earning the wrath of Bhagawan Krishna, more than anybody else! Please understand that Bhagawan Krishna is not going to leave you just like that!”

Saying thus, Vidura repeatedly warns King Dhirdiraashtra about the potential dangers that lie in front of him if he doesn’t make an effort to change his attitude and his ways. Of course we know what conspired after this and none of Vidura’s advice went into King Dhirdiraashtra’s ears! However that should not happen to all of us – We can always follow Vidura’s golden words of advice by applying them to our life! We should make a conscious effort in the right direction to mend our ways and this is very important. Hence for today, let us ponder over this point and in tomorrow’s episode, Vidura is going to explain an important accord on what kind of people should we have as our servants! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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