Episode # 222 – “We should speak up to uphold “Dharma” at crucial times” – Vidura’s strong message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important advice from Vidura wherein he talks about the fact that there would be very less people in this world who would be interested in imparting the “Dharma” to us. It should be remembered that Vidura’s existence was in the “Dvaapara Yuga”. If he has to advice in such a way during the “Dvaapara Yuga” itself, we can now imagine how would the situation be in the present “Kali Yuga”! If the number of people who impart the “Dharma” was very less during the “Dvaapara Yuga” itself, it is going to be far lesser in the “Kali Yuga”. Hence it becomes our bound duty to respect those “Mahatmas” and “Gurus” who impart us the “Dharma” and should make a conscious effort to follow and implement the principles of “Dharma” in our every day life. At any point in time we shouldn’t reject their golden words of advice and we should never even think of disrespecting them in any way!

Now having said that, just like how we need to listen carefully to those people who try to teach us the “Dharma”, we also should be ready to teach the “Dharma” to others at critical times of need. If we see something going wrong somewhere, we should never feel shy to explain and demonstrate the “Dharma” at that time and at that situation. Thus we should understand that this is a two-way process – We should carefully listen to those few “Mahatmas” who impart the “Dharma” and at the same time we should also be ready to impart the “Dharma” at times of need.

How feasible is this second point in today’s lifestyle? In the modern day, this is becoming a big issue – If some of our family members or close friends enter into an unethical practice and if we’ve to try and refrain them from entering into it, we need to advice them in a convincing manner that what they’re trying to do is something wrong and is unwanted. But will they listen to us? In the present day, many relationships get broken because of this and hence over a period of time we’ve started to think if it is really worth of giving such an advice! Thus due to the fear of relationships getting broken, we’ve started to slowly refrain from giving advice to people who go off the track of “Dharma”. For instance, if a son is walking the wrong path, parents today aren’t in a position to advise him owing to various reasons – Today we’re in the age of “Social Media” and children (of all ages) are getting addicted to it. At this time if parents sought to give some advice to their son or daughter regarding some issue at home or at school/college, this advice is not going to go well with them! Rather, it is so unfortunate that today’s children tend to take their parents’ advice in an offensive manner of “indulging into their personal space and privacy” and finally the bonding between the parents and children tends to break off! Fearing this, parents nowadays refrain themselves from giving advice to their children and eventually we’re witnessing many people of the young generation resorting to unwanted habits and spoiling themselves!

Thus the important message here is that, when there is a dire need to explain and reiterate the “Dharma” at any given context or situation, we should never shy away from doing so. Just as how it is important for us to listen to the “Dharma” carefully, it is equally important to propagate the “Dharma” at the time of need. It is wrong on our part to shy away from explaining the Dharma, just because relationships would get strained or broken away. We should remember that relationships would come and go in this world and they are just materialistic. “Dharma” is way beyond all these things and as ardent followers of our Hindu “Sanaathana Dharma” it is our bound duty to uphold the “Dharma” at any cost.

Adding on to this point, in the modern day we’ve developed a “closed circuit mentality” within ourselves – Today we think only about the welfare of our family and close friends, but are least bothered about the society at large! Of course in the modern day we’re now living as “nuclear families” and such things are bound to happen. I’m not saying anything against it. But all what I’m saying here is that, “Dharma” is not restricted only to our close family members or close friends. It is common for all people in this world. Hence if something goes wrong outside our close circle of people too, we shouldn’t be having a total “don’t care” attitude always. At times of need, we should stand up to uphold “Dharma” irrespective of whether it is within the four walls of our family or a society at large. If we come across some societal problems and challenges, we should never stay insulated from it. We should perform our part in upholding values and ethics, since we are also an integral part of this society in some way or the other. Nowadays this is becoming a problem at a time wherein “religious conversions” have started to spurt in many parts of our country. This is a time where there is a threat looming large for our Hindu religion’s existence and yet, most of us are insulated to it and rarely raise our voice against those elements trying to challenge our tradition.

How dangerous is this trend? An interesting, yet an important discussion of this point awaits us in the next episode. Stay tuned! 🙂




Published by Dr. Jeayaram

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