Episode # 221 – “Listen to those who advise you on “Dharma” and never reject them!” – Vidura advises King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed Vidura’s extremely important advice, which is directly applicable to all of us in today’s scenario – He had explained clearly that we should never discard a person who tries to inculcate the “Dharma” to us, just because he or the “Dharma” is harsh for us to digest! In fact he even went on to explain that there would be very few people in this world who would be ready to educate us in terms of “Dharma”, but on the other hand there would be thousands of people who would be ready to make us deviate from the path of “Dharma”. We should be extremely careful here – We should ensure that we do not lend too much into those people who supposedly use “flowery” and “beautiful” language because this might carry us away into the path of “Adharma” many a times!

This is exactly what happens in the modern day corporate too – We might be brilliant and smart in terms of working and contributions towards our organization, but we should always remember that there would be a group of people who would be jealous of us! Rather than confronting and competing us in the legitimate way in terms of performance, these people would resort to taking “short-cuts” to bring us down! Hence they would approach us and start moving with us like “good friends” and eventually push us into a trap of doing some illegal or illegitimate things that would be in stark contrast to the “Dharma” of our organization. We might be induced into wrongful activities by luring us with money – This is where many talented people across industries get trapped! It’s sad to see that people nowadays are prepared to do anything and everything for money! Little do we realize that money is like a double-edged sword – It is of course essential to make a good living, but at the same time if we start craving for money by doing anything and everything it takes, it is going to push us into the clutches of Hell!

Thus Vidura clearly explains here that if someone tries to make us aware of the “Dharma” and if someone tries to correct us into the path of “Dharma”, we should be ready to listen to that person, no matter how harsh he or she might be! We should remember that “Dharma” is like a bitter medicine – Just like how a bitter medicine is required to cure our body from any disease, the medicine called “Dharma” is essential for us to make our way into “Moksha”.

We also witnessed in the previous episode how many people fell into this trap in the past. We saw how Ravana got carried away with the “Maya” and when Vibhishana tried to advice and correct him, he failed to listen to the valuable advice! This is where we see that if “Yama-Dharma-Raja” or “Kaala Deva” (God of Death) starts approaching us, all the advice that good people around us would give, would never enter our ears! Similar is Vidura’s advice to King Dhirdirasshtra – He says to King Dhirdiraashtra thus, “Oh King! Please listen to my words of advice! Don’t discard them off with haste! Nobody knows if I would be alive tomorrow or not! But my words of “Dharma” would always be alive and if you wouldn’t follow them, these same words of mine would definitely come and haunt you at the time when you’re getting entangled into more and more problems because of your wrongdoings!” Vidura says thus:

“Yo hi dharmam samaashritya hitvaa bharthuhu priyaah priye!”

Thus through the above sloka Vidura stresses that come what may, he would continue to preach the “Dharma” to King Dhirdiraashtra, irrespective of whether he likes it or not! Vidura would continue teaching the “Dharma” irrespective of whether he follows it or not! Vidura would continue educating the “Dharma” irrespective of whether King Dhirdiraashtra pays heed to it or not! Such was the dedication and commitment from Vidura towards his king! Such is the loyalty and dedication of Vidura towards “Dharma” and towards the kingdom of Hastinaapura!

How many people do we find like Vidura in today’s world? Not many isn’t it? Hence if we come across someone who is atleast 10% of what Vidura is, we should make sure that we pay heed to that person in understanding our “Dharma”. This becomes our bound duty! So for today let us introspect on this important point one more time, and let us try to correct ourself if we feel that we’re deviating! Now that Vidura has spoken about the importance of listening to the “Dharma” he is now going to advise us on the fact that we too should never shy away from explaining the “Dharma” to others who are deviating from the path. This is going to be an extremely important point and we shall continue this in the next episode in a broader detail! Stay tuned! 🙂




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