Episode # 200 – “Never glorify nor consume food at an enemy’s place!” – Vidura’s important advice!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed two very important points from Vidura’s explanation pertaining to the seventeen categories of people who directly go to hell! We’ve seen that Bhagawan is carefully watching those people who “smartly” commit an action that is against “Dharma” and He ensures that these people directly reach Hell without any hassles! 🙂 Moreover, those people who try to glorify an enemy and respect or worship him, he goes to hell! We also witnessed the modern day applications of these two points in the previous episode in great detail.

As we witness each and every point here, we should ponder about them and check whether we would fall under any of these categories knowingly or unknowingly! As we explore these categories deeper and deeper, it would be astonishing and/or stunning for all of us to realize that we would somehow or somewhere fall under atleast one of the seventeen categories! We might wonder how! Every passing day, we keep performing unwanted activities that neither adds value to us nor to Bhagawan nor to our society around us! Every passing day we knowingly keep committing sin after sin and we keep thinking that nobody is noticing us! However, if we think that we’re smart, Bhagawan is ten times smarter than us and he knows each and every action that we commit in this world! Of course all of us make mistakes in this world as human beings and none of us are perfect. But at the same time, we should realize that we can slowly and steadily cut down on our mistakes every passing day and this itself would please Bhagawan’s heart. Bhagawan also knows that all His children do make mistakes, but all what he’s interested is whether we realize that we’re doing mistakes and come to Him with a total surrender or not! If we’re able to do that, Bhagawan is going to take care of us in every way possible and we needn’t worry about anything after that.

More than this, when we witnessed the explanation on the sixth category that a person shouldn’t glorify an enemy and should not consume food at an enemy’s place, we can witness Bhagawan Krishna himself as an example for this illustration. When Bhagawan Krishna visits Duryodhana just days before the war commences, Duryodhana asks Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! I heard that you had gone to Vidura’s house a few days ago and had lunch at his place! Who is Vidura after all? He’s the son of a third-rated servant! Rather than going to his place, you should have either come to my place or to Bhishma’s or Dhronaachaarya’s! Why did you do this?” As Duryodhana questions thus, Bhagawan replies him back, “Oh Duryodhana! Aren’t you aware of the ‘Raaja-Dharma’ that one shouldn’t consume food at an enemy’s place? If I would have come to your or Bhishma’s or Dhrona’s place for food, I would have got indebted to an enemy in terms of food and thus the enemity would disappear! Rather, I would be obligated to return a favor for an enemy, which is not correct as per the “Dharma”! If I would have done as you said, this world would find me at fault as long as the sun and moon exist!”

Upon hearing this from Bhagawan Krishna, Duryodhana asks back, “Oh Krishna! Why are you saying that you are my enemy? My enemy is not you, but those Paandavas! I do not have any kind of problem or dispute with you! All my problems are with those five Paandavas only and hence how do you say that I’m your enemy and you wouldn’t consume food at my place?” Now Bhagawan replies back, “Oh Duryodhana! Please note that the Paandavas are like my breath! If you consider the Paandavas as your enemies, it goes without saying that you’re considering me as your enemy as well! There is no difference between them and me! I would always stand by the “Dharma” and the place where “Dharma” dwells and unfortunately, the Dharma doesn’t dwell on your side! Hence I can never be on your side and you automatically qualify to become my enemy!”

Hence from this small episode on the dialogue between Duryodhana and Bhagawan Krishna, we can clearly infer that we should always keep our enemies at bay and should be very careful in dealing with them. We should not get carried away by their whims and fancies and should neither praise nor even talk about them! This is why even today people say that if the dispute between two people is in the judistriciton of the court, it is better neither to talk about it with each other, nor in the public domain.

Now moving on to the next category of people going to hell, Vidura explains thus,

“Stryasyato rakshati bhadramashnute!!”

Here Vidura explains the next important category – Here he says that if a girl’s parents are sending their daughter to work to earn money and thereby trying to make a living out of it, thus eventually delaying her marriage and her life, would go to hell! Sadly we see many families today who act this way – Parents delay their daughter’s marriage just for the pretext of her career growth and eventually these parents start making a luxurious living with their daughter’s earnings! In the modern day we see this going to the next level too – Wherein, even if the parents marry their daughter to a boy, they keep pestering her “behind the scenes” and finally disrupt her peaceful and happy married life with her husband! We’re witnessing many young couples bearing the brunt of their parents’ torture in many ways, which eventually leads to unwanted quarrels and finally end up in divorce too! Hence, such things should be avoided. Parents should realize that the very purpose of giving their son/daughter in marriage is for their happy and peaceful life. Rather than this, if the parents are going to look at their own self-interests out of their children’s marriage, the children are never going to live happily post their marriage!

Hence for today, let us realize this important point and ponder over it! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next category of people going to hell according to Vidura! Stay tuned! 🙂

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