Episode # 199 – “Bhagawan has a close watch on people who ‘smartly’ go against “Dharma”! Vidura pokes King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the fourth category of people who deserve to go to hell. Vidura explained as part of the fourth category that if a person is sharing some information with someone who is ineligible for it to be shared, this person goes to hell! Here we should understand that “information sharing” is extremely critical even in the present day – Be it personal or professional. We should make sure that we share the right information with the right people, in such a way that the information that we convey is put into the correct constructive purpose. Before sharing any piece of information to someone, we should first judge them, analyze them and only then share it.

We’ve already seen three of them in the past couple of episodes – To have a quick recap for the understanding of our readers, Vidura explained that a person whose activities are in such a way that are in no way beneficial to this world are destined to go to hell. Secondly he says that those people who try and create unwanted conflicts with more powerful people also fall under this category. This is because these people are only interested in creating problems for themselves and for others and such people are unfit to live in this world. Thirdly Vidura explains that those people, who try to achieve the unachievable and defend the indefensible, will definitely go to hell!

Now moving on further, Vidura explains the fifth category here thus,

“Yasya tushyeth yascha athivelam bhavate tvishantam!” 

Here is an important point – Those people who deliberately disobey the “Dharma” and feeling secretly happy and proud about it, will definitely go to hell and nowhere else! Yama-Dharma-Raja would correctly pick out these people and take them to the “Naraka-Loka”. If the “Dharma” prescribes certain important principles and if a person tries to deviate from the path of “Dharma” deliberately for his/her personal gains without the knowledge of anyone around, this is the biggest mistake that a human being can do! If we think that we are smart enough to do a mistake deliberately and still escape out of it by cheating others, we should note that Bhagawan has seventeen kinds of people as his witnesses for our deliberate wrongdoings! He has the five basic elements – Earth, fire, wind, water and air and apart from these five, there is the Sun (Surya Bhagawan), Moon (Chandra Bhagawan), etc. and all of them are great witnesses to our “deliberate mistakes”. We cannot perform any action in this world without atleast one of these people’s help! For instance, can we do anything in this world without light? Can we do something without breathing air in and out of our lungs? Can we do something without planting our feet on the ground?

Thus, just like how in an organization, sales representatives would give a daily report to their supervisors at the end of the day’s sale, we should realize that all these “representatives” of Bhagawan would give Him a “daily report” about all our wrong activities regularly! 🙂 Of course now we have the latest technological advancements and who is going to send these reports through post or courier? It’s all being sent in the press of a button! 🙂 Hence Bhagawan also can know about all our mistakes instantaneously and we need to be extremely careful here!

Thus the message from this explanation is that, if a person deliberately disobeys the “Dharma” and feels happy about it, he is definitely going to be trapped in the clutches of hell!

Next, Vidura explains the sixth category – “Athivelam bhavate tvishantam”! – If a person tries to glorify an enemy and respect or worship him, he goes to hell! It should also be noted that we should neither enter the house of an enemy nor have food at an enemy’s place! Unless and until this enemy transforms into our good friend, we need to be patient. Thus we should understand that we should never praise or glorify or respect an enemy at any cost! In the Ramayana if we witness, Ravana had become Lord Rama’s enemy, the moment he had abducted Mother Sita to Lanka. Post this incident, we would see that Lord Rama never talks about Ravana, nor praises him, nor glorifies him! In fact, he never even opens his mouth and talks about Ravana at all!

How relevant is this point in today’s environment? In the modern day we see politicians involving themselves actively in giving useless statements against each other. This is a common feature of today’s Indian politics wherein one of the main leading opposition party always keeps throwing barbs at the ruling government for something or the other every passing day! However it might be interesting to note if the Prime Minister of India responds to each and every barb that the opposition throws at him! He never responds to any of them! This is the secret of success! As a leader if he starts responding for each and every allegation that the useless opposition throws at him, how can he focus on his main agenda of development of the country? Moreover, the media today is scouting for “sound bytes” from these political party leaders to keep churning out some useless news to the public! The wonderful profession of “Journalism” has stooped to its biggest low today wherein every media house is only interested in its ranking and TRP ratings and they engage in useless debates and news that only misleads the people of the country! This is why we see that the current Prime Minister of India is a perfect epitome of keeping silence at critical times when the opposition parties keep fuming uselessly!

Thus we should realize that we need to keep silence at critical times if we’ve to become successful leaders. Thousand people would be scouting for thousands of nonsensical things around us and we should not fall trap into all this. If we’ve to talk something that is controversial, we should always realize that the present day media is only looking at how to blow up small things into huge controversies! We should be extremely careful while we come into an interface with the media or anywhere in the public domain today! So for today let us realize and ponder over these two important points and we shall wait till the next episode to witness the next category of people who go to hell! Stay tuned! 🙂


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