Episode # 183 – “How is the Hastinaapura going to prosper if handed over to an “Adhama-Purusha”? Vidura lashes out at King Dhirdiraashtra!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the important characteristics of an “Utthama Purusha”, “Madhyama Purusha” and an “Adhama Purusha” in detail. We had mentioned that a significant demarcation between the three categories of people are that, an “Utthama Purusha” would never see any fault in anybody and will take everything and every situation in the positive way and move on. Whereas, a “Madhyama Purusha” is a person who would see some fault happening in others, but would never rake it up into big issues and create problems. In other words, he would be a tolerant person and would keep moving on with the problem. An “Adhama Purusha” is a person who creates all the problems, complains about others constantly for anything and everything, thus blowing up issue after issue!

Such are the characteristics of each of the categories. We’ve seen Vidura explaining the first two categories in big detail, however, he had reserved his detailed explanation on “Adhama Purusha” for the next sloka. Here, the intention is to poke King Dhirdiraashtra by pulling up the illustration of his son Ducchaasana. He’s telling King Dhirdiraashtra thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Let me explain the characteristics of your own son Ducchaasana for further explanation!”

Here we should note that Vidura is trying to explain the characteristics of “Adhama Purusha”, indirectly through his candid explanation about Ducchaasana! Saying thus, Vidura goes on to explain:

“Na shraddhadhaati kalyaanam parebhyaha aatma shankithaha!

Niraakarothi mithraani yovaisaha adhama purushaha!!”

Here Vidura explains clearly that those people who are not in a position to express themselves in a positive and an auspicious manner, who doesn’t have confidence and belief in one’s own self, and also on others (Here, Vidura is talking about the “trust” factor, which is very important for a person to survive in this world in all walks of life), is a perfect epitome of an “Adhama Purusha”. Thus pointing out at Ducchaasana and Duryodhana, (two main sons of King Dhirdiraashtra) Vidura lashes out thus, “Oh King! See the irony here! Here’s a son of yours who neither has trust in him nor on others! He even constantly doubts the loyalty of seniors like Guru Dhronaachaarya and Bhishma too! If you’re going to hand over the reins of the Hasthinaapura Kingdom into the hands of such a crook person, how on earth do you think the kingdom is going to prosper? If a king doesn’t trust himself or even his close aides, how is he going to trust his people and their words? How is he going to listen to his people with an open mind? How is he going to solve people’s problems? How is he going to set himself as a role model for his subjects? Hence, those people who do not even have an iota of trust for onself and for others, are called “Adhama Purusha”!

Vidura continues to lash out thus: “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! You might have wondered why didn’t I give examples to explain the other two categories of people! It is only because I wasn’t able to find even one person who would be fit to fall under those two categories! However, I’m able to explain “Adhama Purusha” at great length and with innumerable examples because everybody including you falls under this catergory! See how sad the situation is! Hence King Dhirdiraashtra! Even now it is not too late! Please wake up from your slumber of “Agnyaana” (Ignorance)! You’re complaining that you’re not getting sleep! But your ignorance is making you sleep and slumber to hell! So please realize this and try to mend your as well as Duryodhana’s ways! If you do not trust the valor of the Paandavas, you’re indirectly sending out a message that you don’t trust the importance of Bhagawan Krishna as well – because Bhagawan Krishna would always side himself towards “Dharma”. Please stop cribbing and complaining about everyone and everything. Please have some iota of trust on yourself and the Paandavas. If Hasthinaapura Kingdom is in their hands, it is going to prosper like never before! Please do the needful immediately and save yourself and your sons from the wrath of Yuddishtra and Bhagawan Krishna!”

Saying thus, Vidura explains in detail about the importance of not being an “Adhama Purusha”. This is also applicable to all of us today – In some way or the other, all of us become “Adhama Purusha” at different times and situations, because we look at problems looming large and we get carried away by them. Eventually we start to crib about them, instead of taking them head on! Hence let us develop the habit of trust and treat problems as challenges and thus move ahead by breaking all the shackles with our will power (“Vairaagya”), coupled with our intense prayers towards Bhagawan! Let us have the trust on Bhagawan and take a positive step forward from today! 🙂 We shall wait till the next episode to witness more of Vidura’s important messages! Stay tuned! 🙂



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