Episode # 181 – “Each time we develop hatred towards others, we move a step away from Bhagawan!!” – Vidura’s startling message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the real and the in-depth meaning of the famous sloka that we chant every day – “Lokah Samasthaah Shukino Bhavantu!” The message is very clear here – Any prayer is meant for a universal cause and not for an individual cause. If the prayer is only focused on an individual cause, it is definitely not going to give us any fruit. Whereas if we start praying together for the benefit of the whole world, we would ultimately be able to melt Bhagawan’s heart, and through His love and compassison, the whole world is going to be peaceful and without any problems.

Now Vidura is continuing with the next important point. As we progress further, we shall recollect the sloka once again for the benefit of all our readers:

“Bhaavamichhati sarvasya naabhaave kuruthe manaha!

Satyavaadi mrudhuddhaanthaha yasya utthama purushaha!!”

Now we shall move to the next important phrase – Naabhaave kuruthe manaha!” Here Vidura explains that we should never ever curse anyone with any bad intention, be it even our worst enemy! In other words, we should never think that this person should suffer in his/her life, for any reason. For instance, even if someone provokes, scolds and abuses us badly, we should never think that this person should suffer for what he/she is doing!

In the modern day, this has become a huge menace – The moment someone hands over an insult of any sorts, be it small or large, how do we react immediately to it? We would utter instantaneously thus, “Oh! Let this person face all sorts of sufferings in this world! Whatever suffering I’m undergoing today, this person should undergo twice of it in future – Not only this person, but his entire family should undergo the same or tougher suffering! His body parts should fail him and he should become handicapped!…..” The list goes on! 🙂 If we start thinking negatively about others in our mind, this negativity starts to clog up our thoughts and heart, and eventually it becomes a “Vaasana” that is bad in nature! However if we think good about others, that would also result in a “Vaasana” that is good in nature! We’ve discussed at length about “Vaasanas” and their roles in our lives in our previous episodes and hence I hope our readers are quite apprised of it by now.

Moreover in the modern day, many of us are addicted to watching “mega-serials” in popular television channels. On a broad perspective, barring very few, are these serials propagating something good about others? Many a times we witness people taking revenge on others, people cursing others so badly, people killing others for a cause, plotting murders, plotting lot of undesirable activities that would harm others potentially! By seeing this every day, what are we gaining at the end of the day? We also get carried away by the bad “Vaasanas” that are spread by these serials! Little do we realize that these serials are highly commercial in nature and they make money out of our own ignorance! If we’re watching these serials again and again every passing day, we should realize clearly that we are only inculcating more and more of the bad “Vaasanaas” on to ourselves and hence, such things are to be avoided strictly, if we’re to progress spiritually!

Thus the important message from today’s episode is that, we should never ever think bad of others in whatever situation we are into! Even if the other person abuses us, scolds us in a bad way, we should still try and maintain our balance not to curse them. We should always remember that if we have bad thoughts about others, these bad thoughts would create an aura around us that is bad, and eventually we would not be able to make any progress spiritually. Each time when we think bad about others, we should always remember that we’re moving a step away from Bhagawan every time! This is because Bhagawan wants all of us to live in peace and love! There is no space for hatred in Bhagawan’s dictionary. Hence we need to be careful not to enter into all these things and spoil our divine relationship with Bhagawan! 🙂

Of course, whatever I’m trying to explain are extremely difficult to follow at one stretch, however, we should spend some time to think about it and try to slowly cut down on all these unnecessary things in life. We should make a conscious effort to attain that balance and should not get disturbed or over-worked on scolding and abusing others! If we try this, it would definitely be possible and I’m sure if all of us take this as a pledge, the world would become a much better place to live in! We shall wait till the next episode to look into the next point in the important sloka of Vidura! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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