Episode # 173 – “Covering up a crime with money power is the most ABSURD thing ever!” – Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed Vidura’s important and an emotional advice to King Dhirdiraashtra, which is also important for all of us to comprehend. He explained how we shouldn’t forget the help rendered to us by others at any time in our life. Similarly the love and affection shown by people towards us should also be gratified and respected. While driving home this point, Vidura pokes King Dhirdiraashtra emotionally by reminding him of the innocent love and the pure heart that Yuddhishtra and co. exhibited to him and now because of the desire for the kingdom and property he is forgetting everything of it. Moreover, Vidura advises King Dhirdiraashtra not to underestimate Yuddishtra and co. just because they’re showing their love and affection towards him, without attacking him with weapons. Vidura says that the Paandavas are not taking the weapon in hand only because of the sheer respect and love towards King Dhirdiraashtra and not because they lack the power or capability to wage wars.

Overall thus, Vidura explains that Yuddishtra has never forgotten the food and love that King Dhirdiraashtra had fed him during his childhood days, but King Dhirdiraashtra has now forgotten and has underestimated Yuddishtra’s respect and love towards him.

Now moving on, Vidura drops the next bombshell here thus:

“Dhanena adharma labdhena yadchidramapi dheeyathe!

Asamvritham tath bhavati tathonyadh avadheeyate!!”

Now what’s this bombshell that Vidura is dropping? Let’s assume that a person is indulging himself in a capital crime and is getting caught too! However, to escape from the crime and the punishment, this person is trying to use his money power (earned via the “Adharma” way). In other words, this person is trying to shield himself from the crime by using his money power, and also to project to the world that he is an innocent person!

In today’s world we see innumerable cases like this – Politicians in India typically undertake this method to “prove” to the world that they’re the most innocent people that this world has ever seen! 🙂 These third-rated people of the country would indulge themselves in illegal activities like corruption, bribery, etc. and would go to any extent to “grab” money for their personal gains and status. However, when they get caught, they would have to escape through some means isn’t it? So what would they do? They’ll “suddenly” have a chest pain (Only Bhagawan knows from where would they get it exactly at that time!) and immediately create a ruckus and an alibi! So they would be “rushed” to a hospital and would be admitted there for treatment! In this way, they would escape from going to the prison!

Thus what’s happening here? Politicians in the modern day use their money power and try to create an alibi for themselves so as to escape from the punishment that they’re due to receive! These people would get all sorts of diseases only at this particular time of their arrest! Till then, they would happily roam around, harass people and grab money from all of us and during these times, they would never get chest pain or any other disease! So what do we learn here? The typical case here is that, some people use their money power and influence to safeguard themselves from their crime. How accurate a prediction is this from Vidura! It’s amazing to see here that Vidura has exactly pointed out what would happen in the Kali Yuga, some 5000 years ago!

Now the question here is that, is this method right or wrong! Here is where Vidura clarifies – He says thus: “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! By doing so, you’re only accumulating one more crime to your Paapa account! Bhagawan would never tolerate this in any case! You’re doing a crime first up. To cover it up, you’re trying to use your position and money power and by this, you’re accumulating sin after sin! You’ve committed a huge crime by sending the Paandavas on exile for thirteen long years! You had committed another huge blunder when you were witnessing Duryodhana trying to kill them by setting fire to their home. You’ve committed another blunder when you were witnessing Draupati being harassed in front of your courtroom!To cover up all these blunders of yours, you’re trying to use your position as a king to deny them their due share of the Hasthinapura kingdom. This is the biggest blunder of all and you’re earning the wrath of Bhagawan Krishna more and more! This big sin is not going to let you live happily in future!”

So for today the message is very clear and loud: We cannot cover up a sin with money power or any kind of influence from any quarter. If we’ve to face punishment for our sins, it’s evident that we need to undergo it without escaping! If we try to cover up our mistakes through any means, it only means that we’re trying to accumulate more and more sins! Hence let us realize this fact that Vidura explains and let us try not to fall into this trap! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next important message. Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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