Episode # 154 – Why do human beings have a “sixth sense” – The sense of “Discrimination”? Vidura answers King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed King Dhirdiraashtra’s important question to Vidura wherein he asks why hasn’t he got some kind of signals if he had committed innumerable wrongdoings like how Vidura projects! If he had got some signal somewhere through some means, he could have taken corrective actions then and there, isn’t it? But why didn’t it happen and why is all of a sudden that all my wrongdoings are projected in such a scary manner and that too in the last minute?

Now Vidura starts giving his explanation to this important question that might constantly linger in our minds too in the present day! The answer that Vidura gives here, signifies the reason why human beings like us are blessed with a sixth sense, apart from the regular five senses that all animals might have. This sixth sense is nothing but the sense of discrimination – The capability to analyse which is right and which is wrong. It is also the ability to identify clearly and differentiate between the do’s and don’ts’ in our lives. This is the reason why human beings are held accountable for all our actions, irrespective of whether they are good or bad. However if we take the case of other animals, they’re not accountable under the “Karma” theory because they do not have this unique ability to discriminate between their actions. Thus it is only we human beings that we are bound under certain rules and regulations of life and there are definitive ways according to “Dharma” that we’re supposed to lead our lives in this world.

Thus the main duty of Bhagawan is to lay down all the rules and regulations and above and more, he has blessed us with the art of discrimination and analysis. In order to execute the game of life according to the prescribed rules and regulations, Bhagawan has also blessed us with a capable human body, our sense organs and the ability to work. Of course we’ve also been blessed with great “Gurus” and “Mahatmas” who are perfectly capable of teaching us the right path. More than anything else, we have all these rules and regulations documented carefully in the form of Vedas, Ithihasas (Ramayana and Mahabharata), and other Puraanas and Bhagawan himself has incarnated in this world to teach us all these rules and regulations. With all this in place, it is upto each one of us to analyse and execute what is right and what is wrong. It is upto us to make sure that we follow the rules and regulations strictly.

Hence if we have all these authentic infrastructure in place, there is no point in asking this question that we’re not being informed when we’re doing something wrong. All we’ve to do is to read the “rule books” carefully, understand the do’s and don’t’s with utmost attention and execute our actions accordingly! This is exactly like how we buy some electrical or electronic items at our home – For instance, if we buy a new refrigerator, what do we do? Along with the product, there is a manual that the refrigerator manufacturing company gives us. This manual would contain all the details pertaining to the effective operations of the refrigerator for optimal usage at home. It is upto us to read this manual carefully before the refrigerator is operated. If we fail to read the manual and still go on to operate the refrigerator during an unfavourable condition like a low voltage, of course the system is going to get spoilt. Similarly, if we fail to read through the “manual” of life, (that is, the Vedas, or Ithihasas, etc.) and go ahead with life, we’re bound to fail at some point in time. If we encounter failure in this manner due to our carelessness, whom can we blame for it, other than our own self? If we’re not using our discriminating ability then we’re becoming one amongst all the other animals in this world isn’t it? However, Bhagawan hasn’t created us like those animals. We have something special in us.

All of us are blessed with the equal amount of brains and thinking capabilities when we are born. Just like how we tune an FM radio to the correct and desired frequency level, if we attune our brain in the right channel, we would automatically be able to grasp the correct meaning of life. If we understand life in the right sense and right spirit, we would lead our life in the righteous path according to the Dharma. However, if we grasp the meaning of life in the wrong sense, we would deviate into the path of Adharma.

Now we might ask a question here – What is right and what is wrong? Is there anything like that in the world? The answer is yes. There is a right thing and a wrong thing in this world – If we think that our physical body is permanent and if we go behind all the worldly pleasures that would make the physical body happy, it might be completely leading us towards Adharma. Whereas, if we realize that this physical body given to us by Bhagawan is just an instrument and nothing more than that, we would autiomatically start giving importance to our “Aathman” or “Soul”, which is the ultimate truth and the permanent entity. If one assumes that the physical body and the “Aathman” are one and the same, he/she would never get into the path of “Dharma”. This person would tend to believe only whatever is seen by the two eyes every minute. This person would never realize that the invisible “Aathman” is the ultimate truth. If one is not giving importance to the “Aathman” and gives 100% importance only to the visible physical body, then there is no use of reading through the Vedas or Ramayana or Mahabharata. It should be remembered that all these scriptures were authored to preach the significance of the “Aathman” and not the physical body. Thus our sixth sense of discrimination should be channelized in the path of understanding that the invisible Aathman is more significant than the visible physical body, which is never permanent. Bhagawan has given us this physical body and a life attached to it because, this should be used to uplift our “Aathman” towards Vaikunta and towards Him.

Of course if we talk this way, many of us would have lot of questions and doubts. For instance, what if we stop ourselves in focusing only on our physical body? What if we do not care about the “Aathman”? Is it still going to be a problem? Interesting answers await us for the above questions in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂

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