Episode # 152 – Prahlada’s important answer to Virochana & Sudhanvaa – Who is more significant than whom???


In the previous episode we had arrived at a crucial juncture wherein Prahlada is confronted by both Virochana and Sudhanvaa as part of a contest for supremacy! Both of them have approached Prahlada because he is a person who would stand by his Dharma and the truth even when the going gets tough. This is exactly what Prahlada asked during the previous episode – When Prahlada realizes that he’s now getting pushed into a tricky situation, he gets scared for a moment and asks what would be the repercussions if at all he happens to utter a lie in this case! He asks Sudhanvaa this important question because Sudhanvaa is a learned Brahmin scholar and he was the person who was qualified enough to give a suitable answer. As Sudhanvaa answers Prahlada’s question, the most important point that Sudhanvaa highlights is that, if a lie is uttered here, the person who is uttering that lie would suffer in a way equivalent to that of a person who is suffering because he had cheated others with respect to land and property – That is, the person who cheats someone with respect to land and property, all his generations before and after are going to be depleted or would suffer immensely!

This sends shockwaves not only to Prahlada, but also to King Dhirdiraashtra who’s listening to this story from Vidura! To add fuel to the fire, Vidura tactically pauses at this point and looks at King Dhirdiraashtra, to indirectly send the message across to him that he’s also falling into this same category – He is denying the moral right of the Paandavas ruling Hasthinapura and is trying to cheat them.

“Matthashreyaan angiraavai sudhanvaa tath virochana!

Maathasasshreyathi maathuhu tasmaartham thena vairjithaha!!”

After hearing thus from Sudhanvaa, Prahladha calms himself down a little bit, gets up from his throne and answers Virochana: “Oh Virochana! If you compare myself with the father of Sudhanvaa – Angiras Maharishi, he is far higher in status and enlightenment than me! (“Matthashreyaan angiraavai”!) Thus, if we compare you with Sudhanvaa, I would always say that Sudhanvaa is always several times more significant than you! Sudhanvaa’s mother is also several times more significant when compared with your mother! Thus with all these points put together, my conclusion is that Sudhanvaa is more significant than you and is more supreme than you in all ways!”

This blunt answer from Prahlada stuns Virochana! He did not expect this from his father! As Virochana looks on, Prahlada continues further thus: “Oh Virochana! The moment you expressed your greed and aggressiveness to Sudhanvaa and disrespected him for the chair, you’ve lost the battle! Your unwanted jealousy, greed and aggressiveness is pulling you several notches down every minute! Irrespective of whether you like it or not, Oh Virochana! This is the truth!”

As Prahlada says thus, he bursts out into tears! We might wonder why should Prahlada cry now? He has spoken the truth and exhibited his impartiality in his judgement even though Virochana is his own son! But we should remember here that the two contestants have pledged their own lives for this contest. That is, the rule of the contest is that, whoever loses the contest should give up or sacrifice their life!

Thus Prahladha now turns to Sudhanvaa and says thus, “Oh Mighty Sudhanvaa! I know and I’m aware that I’ve spoken the truth, however, my “Puthra-Vaatsalya” is coming my way in between! Therefore I beg you to take back your pledge of giving up Virochana’s life, given that my verdict is against him! Virochana is my son – However, I’ve stood by the truth that you are more significant than him in all ways. Now, even if my son can never equal you in any way, Virochana’s life is precious for me as I’m his father! So can you relent on this?”

Now Sudhanvaa gives the important answer thus: “Oh Prahlada! As I had mentioned to you before, I came here expecting your truth and not anything else! I was confident that you would stand by the Dharma and I’m extremely happy that you made my confidence come true! After this, I don’t care if Virochana stays alive or gives up his life! I totally relent my stance on this one. Virochana is completely free to live his life as per his wish! My purpose was only the truth and I’ve got it. Hence, please take your son Virochana as it is! You can take all your property. Even I don’t mind if Virochana weds Kesini too! I don’t have a desire towards Kesini as well. All that was important for me was to establish the fact to the world that King Prahlada would not mince his words just for the sake of the welfare of his son and not for others! Now this is proved to the world! Hence I’m taking leave!”

As Vidura narrates this story to King Dhirdiraashtra, he again pauses at this moment. King Dhirdiraashtra is all at sea! He has just listened to a beautiful story from Vidura indicating that “Putra-Vaatsalya” is a dangerous trap that he is falling into! Now Vidura concludes this anecdode by just saying thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Please do the needful!”

As we’ve also listened to this beautiful anecdode from Vidura just now, let us also introspect within ourselves and do the needful! 🙂 We shall wait till the next episode to move further! Stay tuned! 🙂

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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