Episode # 134 – Vidura reminds King Dhirdiraashtra on one of his biggest blunders!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed Vidura’s yet another important explanation that “Sathyam” (Truth) will protect “Dharma” in this world. “Persistent and dedicated Education” will protect “Vidyaa” (Knowledge). The broader message from the previous episode was that, all what we learn in our school and college should be of some use to the society through our meticulous practice – Especially the value systems that we imbibe. We should make sure that we make a conscious attempt to follow each and every principle of “Dharma” that we are learning here everyday.

Now moving on to the next sloka, Vidura is going to explain how are each of the following items protected in this world:

“Maanena rakshate dhaanyam ashwaan rakshatyanukramaha!

Abheeksha dachanam gaascha striyoho rakshyaaha kuchailathaha!!”

 This is precisely the continuation of the previous sloka wherein Vidura continues to explain the different strategies that we need to adopt to protect various things in this world. Here he says that “Dhaanyam” (Can be equated to any kind of property) can be protected properly only if we are able to spend it wisely and for a useful purpose (“Maanena”). If it is money, we need to understand that the money that we earn would sustain with us only if we spend it judiciously and wisely. If we’re starting to spend money lavishly on unwanted stuff, it is never going to sustain in our pocket! Similar analogy applies to all other kinds of property as well. Thus the message from the first portion of the sloka is that, we should learn to spend our money or any property in our possession in a judicious manner.

Next Vidura says Ashwaan rakshatyanukramaha” Here he means that if a horse (“Ashwam”) needs to be protected, we need to make it run often. In other words, it is not enough if we just give enough food for the horse. We need to keep the horse on its toes always. We need to ensure that the horse is able to run at high speeds and thus, it is good for it’s health. We can see this often where people train horses for racing purposes and other allied sports activities. For this the trainer would train the horse in such a way that it is completely alert and is able to run at high speeds without losing its focus elsewhere. Of course, the horse should be fed with adequate quantities of food, so as to maintain it up and running.

Moving on to the third part of the sloka, Vidura mentions Abheeksha dachanam gaascha”. Here he says that a cow that gives milk regularly should be pampered frequently so that it gives more and more milk. Here we can see that different animals are to be treated differently since they serve different purposes. In the previous section we had seen how a horse should be maintained and there, the methodology was entirely opposite. Now we’re seeing how to maintain a cow. Here, the cow should be as much pampered as possible with all the love and affection, so that it would enable it to give more and more milk.

Lastly Vidura mentions striyoho rakshyaaha kuchailathaha”, which means that the body of a woman is proteted by a beautiful silk cloth! This is because the body of a woman is soft, silky and beautiful and is to be protected by an equally beautiful silk cloth! This can perhaps be one of the reasons why women are more interested in shopping apparels everytime! 🙂 We can see here that Vidura himself has given an “approval” that women are eligible to wear such beautiful clothes! 🙂 That was anyway on the lighter side.

But however, the inner meaning here is that, Vidura pokes King Dhirdiraashtra about one of his past misdeed! What was that? Our readers might know this instance where Draupati (Wife of the Pandavas) was insulted publicly by Duryodhana and co. right under the nose of King Dhirdiraashtra. Even though this insult happened in front of King Dhirdiraashtra, he had failed to punish Duryodhana for this heinous crime, just because Duryodhana was his own son!

Thus Vidura explains indirectly here, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! A lady is supposed to be protected with a beautiful silk cloth, but what did you and your sons do to a lady few years back? You guys insulted Draupati by pulling off her saree in the public courtroom amidst the presence of so many men! It was finally Bhagawan Krishna’s grace that she escaped unscathed! Do you think Bhagawan Krishna would have forgotten this huge insult? Hence, rather than acting in a biased way towards your wicked son Duryodhana, who is the biggest criminal in your kingdom, go ahead and fall on the feet of Bhagawan Krishna and thereby split the kingdom for the Pandavas according to the agreement!”

Thus the message is clear here – We should make sure that even if we do not perform actions pertaining to “Dharma”, alteast we should make sure that we do not perform any act of “Adharma” in our life. If we end up going the path of “Adharma”, Bhagawan is never going to tolerate us even for a second! Hence for today let us realize this important fact and introspect within ourselves accordingly. We shall wait for the next episode to explore the next sloka of Vidura Neeti! Stay tuned! 🙂

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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