Episode # 133 – We should put to practice whatever we learn – Vidura’s sincere advice to all of us!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on doing our duty without exhibiting unwanted resistance. Now Vidura tries to “emotionally” target King Dhirdiraashtra to make him mend his ways atleast now. He explains clearly that if we really want to do a task, we would find ways to finish it successfully and there cannot be any reason for its stoppage. Whereas, if we’ve to put off a task, we would have thousands of reasons for not performing that task. Thus the question from Vidura here is that, if that task is one that has to be somehow done by us, why do we need to put it off? If the task becomes a duty, it is better to perform it irrespective of whether we like doing it or not. If we’ve to still resist and keep putting the duty off our “to-do” list, we would never be able to earn a good name amidst people, as well as we would be getting unwanted punishment for not finishing the duty on time. Here Vidura clearly explains that King Dhirdiraashtra is not fulfilling his duties as a righteous king, rather he is trying to put off the inevitable. For this, Vidura warns King Dhirdiraashtra of the severe consequences that are going to follow in the near future if he doesn’t fulfill his righteous duties now!

Upon hearing more and more of Vidura’s advice, King Dhirdiraashtra’s conscience is pricking him rather too badly. He is in tears! But will this rush of emotions enable him to mend his ways atleast now? Vidura is however not willing to give it up! He tries all tricks in the book to somehow convince King Dhirdiraashtra to stop his “Adharmic” activity of favoring Duryodhana in a biased manner. He backs himself and continues with the next sloka thus:

“Satyena rakshate dharmaha vidyaa yogena rakshate!

Mrujayaa rakshate roopam kulam vruthena rakshate!!”

Here Vidura explains which are the items that are going to be protected by which! He says that “Sathyam” (The Ultimate Truth) will protect “Dharma” in this world. “Persistent and dedicated Education” will protect “Vidyaa” (Knowledge). Finally Vidura drops a bombshell here – He says that the perfumes and aromatic items that we use everyday protect our physical body! 🙂

Many of our readers might infer that this third point is a complete “shocker” from Vidura! Of course in the modern day we see innumerable varieties and brands of cosmetic products available in the market that would enable us to “beautify” our physical body in various different ways. If we happen to walk inside a cosmetic store in a shopping mall today, we would find various kinds and varieties of perfumes being sold at different price tags – For instance we might even see such a small bottle of perfume that can be extremely expensive in the range of a few thousands of rupees! The moment we apply that expensive perfume on our body, it makes us feel as if we are one among the divine celestial beings! 🙂 But all of these are just gimmicks and they just give us short-term pleasure! We should remember that this human body of ours is respected so much only until the point that our skin is covering all the flesh and bones within. The moment these flesh and bones with blood are exposed to the outside world, will anybody even be able to stand near us? Sadly this is the reality behind our human body, however due to unavoidable reasons in the present day world, we are unable to realize this! Hence, just because of these momentous pleasures we tend to go behind all these cosmetic products to make ourselves look attractive and beautiful! What we actually need to focus is our “Inner Beauty” that is our “Aatman” or the “Soul”. As Bhagawan Krishna himself explains at various places in the Bhagawad Gita, purity of the soul is what is going to take us to “Moksha” or “Salvation” and not anything else! Hence we need to realize this fact and work towards it.

In the last portion of the sloka Vidura says “Kulam vruthena rakshate!This means, it is just not enough if we have all the knowledge that is required to be possessed. We should also put this knowledge into practice (“Anushtaana”). It is only when we put these principles of Dharma into practice, will our name and fame spread across the world in a positive way.

Thus in a nutshell, through the above sloka Vidura emphasizes that the ultimate “Dharma” in this world gets protected by the “Sathyam” (The Ultimate Truth). This “Sathyam” can be grasped through dedicated education and it is through this dedicated education, “Vidya” (Skillsets) are protected. Finally Vidura explains that it is not enough that we have just acquired the education and do nothing with it. We should bring into practice whatever we’ve learnt through our education and only then this would be useful for both the individual as well as for the society at large.

Thus the broad message from this important episode is that all what we learn in our school and college should be of some use to the society through our meticulous practice – Especially the value systems that we imbibe. We should make sure that we make a conscious attempt to follow each and every principle of “Dharma” that we are learning here everyday. It is not enough that our readers just read through and appreciate it. It should be noted here that I’m not writing and developing this blog for my personal gains. My sole intention through this mission is that, our rich value systems of our “Sanaathana Dharma” should reach every nook and corner of this world and our readers worldwide should make a conscious attempt to try and implement these value systems propagated by Vidura and our other ancestors! We shall wait till the next episode to continue Vidura’s next advice! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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