Episode # 106 – Why is Vidura advising King Dhirdiraashtra although he knows that it’s a waste of time? An important point of discussion!!!


The previous episode witnessed the beginning of the second “Adhyaaya” of Vidura Neeti wherein King Dhirdiraashtra once again expresses his frustration and anguish to Vidura. He explains to Vidura that he knows what’s happening around him and he is also aware that he had made several blunders in that. However, the only problem with King Dhirdiraashtra was that, he was not prepared to have an “open mind” so as to listen to Vidura’s advice. He was expecting Vidura to console him and reply something that is in favor to what he is doing currently. But Vidura being an incarnation of “Yama-Dharma-Raaja” who is none other than the Lord of Dharma, cannot twist his arguments to favor someone’s vested interests. Vidura talks only the “Dharma”, even though it might poke, punch or hurt King Dhirdiraashtra in the wrong place!

From this important episode, the message for all of us is loud and clear – Whenever we go to seek advice from elderly or experienced people, we should go with an open mind so that we can grasp their words and try to implement them in our life, to witness a change in our status. Rather, if we go to someone for advice with a closed and a pre-set mind, there is literally no point in listening to anybody! This is exactly what is happening to King Dhirdiraashtra here. He is approaching Vidura with a pre-set mind and attitude and this is why, even though King Dhirdiraashtra had the incarnation of Dharma as his minister, he ended up in a disaster!

So now let us start to witness what Vidura is going to reply and how is it going to be a poke for King Dhirdiraashtra. Vidura’s first reply to King Dhirdiraashtra goes thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra!! I’m prepared to give you my inputs on this. However, I’m not sure if my inputs are going to be of any impact for you! Even if it’s not going to impact you in anyway, it is my duty to explain you the Dharma! Please listen to me!”

Here we can obviously see that Vidura knows pretty well that King Dhirdiraashtra is not going to listen to his advice. Yet, he is continuing to give his advice to King Dhirdiraashtra. We might think here for a moment that why is Vidura wasting his time to advice King Dhirdiraashtra, inspite of knowing that all what he’s advising is going into the drain! Rather, Vidura could have kept quiet and minded his own work without wasting his energy in advising a person who is not going to implement any of his good words. The fact here is that, Vidura cannot afford to go away without giving the advice! If I have the good intention that someone should not meet a disaster by going through the wrong path in life, irrespective of that person liking or not, I should render the good advice and show him the correct path. This becomes my duty.

We can witness this even in our family and friends’ circles today. Even our own spouses or children might sometimes walk the wrong path. For instance, our spouse might be an atheist. In the modern day I come across many people arguing, “So what if my husband/wife is an atheist? It is his/her problem and is not mine! We are married, yet I give importance to his/her individuality and privacy! Let me tell something here very bluntly – This whole argument mentioned above is a bullshit! Yes, of course independence and individuality is required and should be respected, but not in this way. If we are part of a family setup, all of us should be God-loving, and there is no question of being an atheist. How can a husband and a wife be happy in their married life without the presence of Bhagawan in every action that they do?

Moreover, many of us have this wrong notionThe sole purpose of a marriage is to have kids, earn lot of wealth and live happily! Trust me – All these three things will never give us permanent happiness. How many families we’re seeing today, getting split because of property, money and children! Thus the main purpose of getting into a marriage is to stay united with each other and follow the principles of “Dharma Shaastra” and focus towards the implementation of the principles of Dharma. Eventually, both the husband and wife should strive towards attaining the “Brahmagnyaana” (Knowledge of the Divine) and ultimately attain “Moksha” (Salvation) together. Thus the institution called “marriage” is like a bullock cart pulled by two bulls. Only if both the bulls pull the cart together, will the cart move in a uniform direction. If both the bulls start fighting with each other and pull the cart in different directions, what would happen? The cart would fall on the ground broken into pieces! Hence, just like the two bulls unanimously pull the cart together towards the destination, the husband and wife should unanimously pull the cart called “life” towards the destination called “Moksha”. Thus, if either of the husband or wife derails from the path of Dharma, it is the bound duty of the other person to explain the Dharma and bring him/her back to the track of Dharma.

Thus the point is very clear here – It is the bound duty of elders, experienced people, etc. to advise those who come to them seeking their advice, irrespective of whether they are going to follow it or not. Moreover, those people who render the advice to us are those who do not expect anything in return from us. All they want is that the principles of Dharma should reach us by hook or crook. Hence, if someone is advising us without any expectations in return, it becomes our bound duty to listen to them and implement their words. For instance, why should all of us listen to Vidura’s advice? It is because Vidura doesn’t expect anything in return from us or from King Dhirdiraashtra. All what he is interested in is whether the Dharma gets propagated to the world or not. Hence we should make it a point that we listen to Vidura’s expert advice carefully and try to implement it in our everyday life.

I had emphasized this point in yesterday’s episode as well. Hence let us think about this once again for today! We shall continue this important discussion in tomorrow’s episode as well, as we move to the next point gradually! Stay tuned! 🙂

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