Episode # 98 – Listening to elders’ advice & experience during our tough times – Vidura’s “Secret of Success”!!!


In the previous episode we had commenced yet another important discussion based on Vidura’s explanation on eight important aspects in our life that would give us immense happiness. In due course we’ve discussed four out of the eight aspects in yesterday’s episode. They were, “Samaanabhascha sakhibhihi” (Friendship with good and kind-hearted people), “Mahaanschaiva dhanaagamaha” (Sufficient level of income for a sustained living), “Puthrenacha parishvangaha” (Having children of noble character and who respect elders) and “Sannipaathascha maithune” (Our spouse complementing us in every way). Vidura explains that if we have all these attributes going in the right direction, it would give us immense happiness every passing day.

Now moving on further, we are going to witness the next four attributes that fall in line with the same explanation. For the convenience of our readers, let us witness the sloka once again:

“Ashtaa vimaani harshasya navaneethaani bhaaratha!

Varthamaanaani drishyanthe taanyeva sva sukhaannapi!

Samaanabhascha sakhibhihi mahaanschaiva dhanaagamaha!!

Puthrenacha parishvangaha sannipaathascha maithune!

Samayecha priyaa laapaha svayuutheshu samannatithi!

Abhiprethascha laabhascha poojaacha janasamsathi!!”

Now let us see one after the other in detail:

“Samayecha priyaa laapaha” – If we are able to listen to a good piece of advice from an experienced person, while we pass through difficult times is another blessing! This is similar to getting a glass of cold water at a time when we feel extremely thirsty. All of us know how pleasurable this would be! Similarly if we have the opportunity of having an experienced person to guide us, to support us and to pull out of our difficulty, what more do we want in life? We should realize that many of us are blessed with excellent parents, grandparents and other elders at home who can serve as a guiding light for our future. Hence we should make it a point to listen to their important advice and act accordingly. But do we do this today? If any of our elders start advising us on something, we immediately tend to give a reply – “Oh! Please do not advise me on this! You people are 15 years behind! You don’t know what’s happening in the modern day! You’re not updated with the current day happenings!” Of course, sometimes this might be true. But the underlying value systems that our elders try to inculcate in us would never change irrespective of whatever time period we belong to. Values and responsibilities are always the same, be it 1950’s or 2018. Hence the message from today’s episode is that, if we have elders at home to provide expert guidance and advice on certain important issues, let us listen carefully to them and try to have a re-look at the problem in a different perspective. We would never know – Sometimes what we might think outwardly that their advice doesn’t make sense would backfire at us at a later stage. At that crucial stage we might have a feeling that we should have followed our elders’ advice long back! If we need to avoid such unforeseen situations from happening, we should never reject any advice from our elders. We should always remember that they would talk out of their real-time experience and we should respect that.

Svayuutheshu samannathithi”If we are able to get the due recognition, name and fame for our contributions, in the place where we actually belong to, this is a big achievement and this brings lot of happiness and satisfaction in our life. For instance, people who are artistic in fine arts such as music, dance, etc. – It would be a proud moment if we were recognized for our art in our country and our city. There is no use of any recognition that we get in an unknown foreign territory, because in that place nobody knows about our classical music and dance forms. Nowadays it has become a trend for many artists (both music and dance) to go abroad and give concerts and performances. Of course I’m not saying it is wrong to do such things – We should definitely take our rich music and art forms to the rest of the world and make the world respect our culture and heritage. However, we should also ensure that we perform equal amounts of music or dance concerts within India as well. As artists, it would be more significant an achievement if we get a good recognition for what we do in India, rather than getting a recognition from a foreign country. This would be a greater challenge than getting recognition abroad. Hence we need to prioritize and focus on getting due recognition for what we do within our country and our city.

Abhiprethascha laabhascha”If at any point in time we are able to get whatever we think of, what more happiness do we need in life? Isn’t one of the greatest blessings Bhagawan can give us? For instance, if we dream of buying an expensive car and if our financial status supports us to go for it, what more happiness can be obtain? Similarly just as we desire for obtaining worldly things, we should at some point in time desire that we should reach the lotus feet of Bhagawan at the end of this human birth. Of course, if our dreams and desires are in the right direction, Bhagawan is ready to fulfill them for us. Hence as responsible human beings, let us use this golden opportunity to pray to Bhagawan to attain his lotus feet!

Poojaacha janasamsathi” – If we are able to be a respectable person amidst our society or workplace and if we are able to command respect from everybody around us, this itself is another huge blessing. We might be able to witness few people around us who have that in-built “charisma” wherein many people would approach them and voluntarily respect them for what they are! Such people are quite rare to find and if we happen to be in that list, we can really consider ourselves lucky!

Hence these are the eight different attributes that make us extremely happy, satisfied and successful in our lives. For today let us continue our introspection in this regard, and of course we need to put a firm step in trying to implement these eight attributes in our everyday life and only then would we be able to really experience the ultimate happiness. We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next explanation. Now he is going to explain nine aspects packed in each sloka. Let’s witness the “first nine” tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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