Episode # 97 – Association with noble people & “Mahaatmas” gives us immense happiness – Vidura explains!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on why Brahmins are being hated in the modern day society. We had witnessed the reasons behind the hatred and the “false propaganda” spread by certain elements in the society today along with the validity of those reasons. Importantly in the previous episode we had witnessed an important lesson that all of us should focus on our food habits, so as to keep our intelligence coefficient in check. The more we’re able to contain and avoid non-vegetarian food items, the better it is for us to maintain and further improve our smartness, sharpness, alertness and intelligence.

Now moving on further, Vidura is going to explain the next eight items in the coming sloka, wherein he says that these eight attributes are extremely necessary for our happiness and satisfaction. Vidura says thus;

“Ashtaa vimaani harshasya navaneethaani bhaaratha!”

 Here Vidura says that these eight attributes are as soft as butter, that are going to give us extreme happiness in this world!

“Varthamaanaani drishyanthe taanyeva sva sukhaannapi!

Samaanabhascha sakhibhihi mahaanschaiva dhanaagamaha!!

Puthrenacha parishvangaha sannipaathascha maithune!

Samayecha priyaa laapaha svayuutheshu samannapithi!

Abhiprethascha laabhascha poojaacha janasamsathi!!”

Here Vidura explains the eight different attributes. For easy understanding of all our readers, we shall discuss four today and four tomorrow.

Samaanabhascha sakhibhihi” – Friendship with good and kind-hearted people will always bring immense happiness to our life. This is the reason why our ancestors and forefathers have always advised us to be amidst a “Sathsanga” or a “Saadhu Samaagama”, which means that we need to be a part of a group of people who are devotees of Bhagawan, who only talk about Bhagawan and who follow the teachings of Bhagawan meticulously without any blemish. If we were part of such a wonderful community, automatically our thoughts, words, actions would be directed towards  “Dharma” and eventually our mind would be clear and happy! Thus the message for all of us here is that, we should maintain friendship with good people and should always be in the association of Bhagawan’s ardent devotees. This would help us to grow both personally and spiritually.

Mahaanschaiva dhanaagamaha”This would be quite well known to many of us – If we get sufficient and more income to sustain our living, it brings immense happiness. Here we need to be careful to draw the line at the right place – How much money do we need per month? Are our expenses within the frame of the income that we receive? Are we somewhere spending money lavishly on unwanted things? We should constantly keep asking these questions within our family, and ourselves so that we would be able to maintain our income and expenditure within a balance. Just because we are earning lot of money, it doesn’t mean that we spend all of it lavishly. We should do two important things with our income, apart from our regular expenditure – One is saving money for our future needs and the other is allocating some money to serve the poor and the needy. If we try and include these two important agenda into our income-expenditure balance, automatically our life would be full of happiness and satisfaction. Let’s try!

Puthrenacha parishvangaha”If we have the blessing to have children with a good character and a noble heart and if they earn a good name, respect, admiration and appreciation amidst the society, what more do we want in life! Hence Vidura lists this important aspect as one of the eight attributes that gives us extreme happiness and satisfaction.

Sannipaathascha maithune” – If our spouse (husband or wife) understands us well and complements our thoughts, words and actions, this is another blessing in life! Of course as a married couple, the bound duty of both the husband and the wife is to understand each other’s preferences, feelings, emotions, etc. and adjust with each other to lead a life together in the path of “Dharma”. This is the very purpose of a marriage. We’ve already seen this in one of our previous episodes as well as during our Ramayana project. Why did King Janaka marry Sita to Lord Rama? It is not only for an intimate married life together, but also to lead a life together so as to walk the path of “Dharma” by holding each other’s hands.

Thus in the modern day we should make it a point that we try and follow this important point. Of course there might be differences of opinions, small fights, etc. between the couple. But at any cost, we should refrain from blowing up small issues out of proportions and go to the extent of separation or divorce. It is sad to witness in today’s world that lot of young people are going in for divorce, without realizing the amount of problems that they would undergo in their life after getting it. Thus as a society we need to realize that a happy family life is where, people adjust, let go and give into each other’s desires, preferences and emotions. Only if we learn to let go of certain small things, will happiness reign in life. The moment we start shrugging off unwanted things and adjusting with our partner, automatically the love and trust would start building up. If we are to be stubborn and sticking to our points of views only, the partner would start feeling disconnected and unhappy. Hence, care should be taken to complement each other for a happy living.

Thus for today, let us introspect within ourselves about these four important attributes. I’m repeatedly saying this again and again – It is not enough if we just read all this and forget. We should take a conscious step forward to try and implement whatever Vidura is advising us to do. We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next sloka and explanation. Stay tuned! 🙂

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