Episode # 91 – A person disrespecting his teachers is the biggest opportunist in the world – Vidura laments!!!

In the previous episode we had witnessed that we should be extremely vigilant and alert at all times times so as to prevent problems pertaining to six aspects in our everyday life. These six of them are “Gaavaha” (Cow), “Sevaa” (Employer), “Krishihi” (Paddy), “Bhaarya” (Wife), “Vidhya” (Knowledge) and “Vrishala sangathihi” (People who are in lower levels than us). These six aspects should be taken care of in a proper way so as to avoid potential problems in future.

Now moving on further, Vidura is going to explain the next six aspects. Here the context is going to be those six people who are considered to be highly opportunistic in nature. Who are those six opportunistic categories of people according to Vidura?

“Shadethe avamanyathe nithyam poorvopakaarinam!

Aachaaryam sikshithaaha sishyaaha Kritha dhaaraascha maatharam!!

Naareem vikatha kaamasthu krithaasthaascha prayojakam!

Naavam vistheerna kaanthaaraa aathuraascha chikitsakam!!

Here Vidura explains the six categories of opportunistic people and we shall witness one by one in detail. For today’s episode we shall discuss the first three and the remaining in the next episode.

Aachaaryam sikshithaaha – Here Vidura explains that one of the biggest opportunists in the world is a person who forgets and ignores his/her teacher (Guru) after the education is completed. This is an important point to be discussed as this has become quite common in the modern day as well. After finishing our schooling and graduation do we go back to our school and beet up with our teachers/professors? If we’ve to go one step further, even if we happen to cross our teachers on the road or at a public place, do we really go up to them and wish them? Do we care to enquire about them and thank them for their wonderful service? The reason why I’m asking this series of questions is that, we should resize the valuable contributions that our teachers and professors have made in shaping up what we are today! Each one of us for sure would be having atleast one or two teachers or professors who would have been instrumental for our growth and immense success. Hence we should always make it s point that we pay back our respects to them in some way or the other. In the present day it is pathetic to note that students are building up a mindset that they are becoming more qualified than their teachers and also earning much more money than what they do! Because of this mindset students have started to look down at their teachers with great disrespect. Little do they realise that it was those same teachers who have struggled with the students for many years to shape them up to what they are today! Moreover, little do the students realise that the teachers are also human beings and he/she feels very sad and insulted when the students look down at them! Our teachers are our stepping-stones behind our success story and we should make sure that we give them the due respect and care. After all this would be the greatest gift that we can give back to our incredible teachers isn’t it? 😊

Kritha dhaaraascha maatharam – A person who leaves behind or deserts his mother on the behest of his newly married wife is another big opportunist in this world! Here again, Vidura reminds us through this point that our mother is of prime importance in our lives – Just because of the simple reason that she was the person who had given us the opportunity to live in this world! We should always have that gratitude within us at every moment. Of course I’m not saying that the wife is not important. As a man, one should be able to balance the relationship between his wife and mother equally. He should not compromise one for the other. In the modern day the menace of deserving the parents have started to increase – Many people are now sending away their aged parents to old age homes because they consider them as “extra luggage” to handle and take care of! How pathetic a level are we stopping to? This, one important message that goes out from today’s episode is that at any cost or for anybody in our life, we should never ever desert our parents till their last breath. It is our bound duty as per our “Sanaathana Dharma” to take care of them in a proper way so that they feel blessed to have a son or daughter like us! We should pay our respects to them and express our gratitude for the greatest service that they’ve rendered for our betterment of our life. This is exactly what Vidura explains here – A person who deserts his mother for the sake of his wife is an opportunist!

Naareem vikatha kaamasthu – Here Vidura explains that a man who deserts a girl after his desires are fulfilled is also an opportunist! Again this augurs well with the current day happenings wherein we’re able to witness many men having multiple relationships with different women and use them at different times to satisfy his desires. This is also a wrong thing to do and Vidura explains that such people are also falling under the “opportunist” category.

So for today we’ve got three important messages to introspect within us. Let us make a conscious attempt to try and implement these points in our everyday life. We shall wait till the next episode to continue the discussion on the next three categories of opportunists. Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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