Episode # 65 – Who is an “Utthama-Purusha”??? Vidura’s beautiful explanation!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important explanation of Vidura wherein he says that those people who are involved with the military and armed forces and sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country are hailed extremely high in the society. Similarly, self-realized “Spiritual Gurus” or “Mahatmas” are also highly respected in the world due to the expert guidance they offer for people like us to attain “Moksha” or Salvation. These two categories of people are even capable of transcending beyond the “Soorya Mandala” due to their extreme selfless nature.

Now moving on, from now onwards, Vidura is going to explain three things together in each of the following slokas. Till now we’ve seen slokas explaining one and two important attribute in each of them. Now this is going to be interesting to see how has Vidura coined and crafted his speech so carefully and beautifully.

“Triyoo nyaayaa manushyaanaam shrooyante bharata rishabha!

Kaneeyaam madhyamasreshtaha ithi vedavito vithuhu!!”

In the first sloka of this “tri-series”, Vidura is explaining the first three important points – He describes three categories of people who are being talked about a lot and who we see every day in our lives too! Who are they? Vidura categorizes them as “Adhama”, “Madhyama” and Utthama. Who are these people? “Adhama” means those people who are downtrodden, “Madhyama” means those people who fall into the middle category and “Utthama” means those people who form the highest level.

We might immediately ask a question here – On what basis do we form these three categories of people? Is it based on caste or creed or race, etc.? The answer is neither of the above! This classification of Vidura is entirely based on the methodologies people undertake to solve a problem or to handle an issue in hand. If I’ve to complete a task in hand, I might employ three types of approaches to finish it – A cheap approach, a middle-of-the-road approach and the highest category of approach.

Now with this initial explanation we shall have a closer look at the three categories of people. Now who is an “Adhama”? An “Adhama” is that person who is extremely selfish in nature – To fulfill his expectations and tasks, he can go to any extent of destroying others completely! He can even go to an extent of killing others to fulfil his needs and complete his mission. We might even put these people under the category of “anti-social elements” who are a menace to our society. Various businessmen, politicians, directors of major companies, etc. whose only agenda is to cheat others and make money would fall under this category in today’s world!

Now who is a “Madhayama”? As explained before, a person falling under this category would take a “middle-of-the-road” approach. He lives and lets others live as well! In this “Kali Yuga” this is one of the best ways to lead our lives – We shall live and we shall also let others live their lives to the fullest. Thus Vidura is again giving a punch to King Dhirdiraashtra to indicate the mistake that he is doing here – He is currently an “Adhama-Purusha” wherein, he is intending to snatch away everything from the Paandavas and give all the wealth to his sons. Thus he is intending to destroy the livelihood of the Paandavas completely. Thus by explaining who is a “Madhyama-Purusha”, Vidura advises King Dhirdiraashtra to consider equal distribution of wealth and kingdom to both the camps so that both his sons and the Paandavas can live in peace.

There is now the third category of people Vidura talks about next – Those who are “Utthama-Purushas”. Now who is this “Utthama-Purusha”? A person falling under this category cares only on the welfare of others and cares a damn for him or herself! This is the highest level of “Selflessness” and these people form the highest category of “Utthama-Purusha”. Thus Vidura explains the important message here to King Dhirdiraashtra that he should slowly transcend himself from the state of being an “Adhama-Purusha” to “Madhyama-Purusha” to that of the “Utthama’Purusha and it is only then he would attain the peace of mind to get a good and a sound sleep. It is to be remembered by all our readers that the entire “Vidura Neeti” commenced with the note that King Dhirdiraashtra was suffering from insomnia or lack of proper sleep. Vidura is advising him by explaining the important aspects of “Dharma” so that he could mend his ways and thereby attain good sleep.

It is not important for us to see if King Dhirdiraashtra followed Vidura’s important advice, however we can follow them and can lead a peaceful life isn’t it? Let us think about these three categories of people today and introspect as to which of these categories do we fall into! If we’re falling under the “Utthama-Purusha” category, then all is well! 🙂 Whereas if we happen to fall into the other two categories, let us make a conscious effort from today to strive and transcend our levels upwards slowly! We shall wait till the next episode to find out more! 🙂

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