Episode # 41 – “Justice delayed is justice denied!!” – An important explanation!!!


In the previous episode we had a detailed extended discussion about an important attribute called “trust”, which is on the decline in the modern day society amongst all of us! We understood the significance of having the “transparency” at home amongst our close family members at all times.

Eventually, we also commenced the next discussion on yet another important attribute of a “Mooda”, which is nothing but “Procrastination”. In this context, Vidura is explaining that a person who always keeps postponing his duties out of sheer laziness and/or for opportunistic reasons is a “Mooda”. How relevant is this in today’s world (Atleast in the Indian context)!! How many times have we witnessed in the news about innumerable affairs of the government being indefinitely postponed! How many judicial cases are we seeing dragging on for decades and decades, just because of indecisiveness! This is what Vidura is explaining here.

If justice is delayed, it implies that justice is denied. This episode is a very important one especially for the Indian judicial system. We can take innumerable court cases being dragged on and on for lifetime. The irony is that, the person who has committed the crime would have had his/her natural death by himself or herself, and yet our judiciary wouldn’t deliver the verdict of conviction! A step higher than this is that, the court would deliver a punishment for a criminal who has already passed away! We’ve seen such an example in a recent well-known politician’s “disproportionate assets” case. Where are we heading? Isn’t it a perfect example of “Justice delayed is justice denied”?

Now what are the aftereffects of such a situation? There are multiple dimensions of looking at it – The first way is that, if justice is not delivered on time and is kept on postponed indefinitely, the person who has committed the crime becomes bold enough to destroy all the evidences that would be against him. Hence at the end of the day, the criminal would easily escape without any deserving punishment. Second, this kind of indefinite postponement would encourage and motivate other people to perform similar crimes (or even greater) because, they would have the feeling that they could easily get away from the law of the country! The third and perhaps the most important dimension – What about the people who are really affected by the crime? Won’t they have the urge in them that the truth should come out? By this indefinite delay, won’t they lose the trust and hope on the judicial system of the country? This is exactly what is happening today. Thus, as a common citizen of this country I can say this with my fullest conviction – Unless and until the judiciary becomes independent from the clutches of “influential politicians”, justice would always be a distant dream for common people like us!

Similar is the case of major infrastructure projects that the government undertakes – I was talking yesterday about a case of postponement of a flyover project in a city. Let us think about it in this context in a project management perspective – The flyover project would have been conceptualized in the financial year 2009-10 based on a survey of the number of vehicles that are passing through a particular junction at that particular time frame. If the project gets postponed by 4-5 years for instance, what would be the consequence? Won’t the very purpose of building the flyover be defeated? That is because, the number of vehicles passing through that junction would have doubled or tripled by then! Hence, will the flyover be able to take that much amount of load and be helpful in reducing the traffic congestion? The answer would be “No”! This is hence the reason why many infrastructure projects across the world, become a failure! If any project is not completed on time and within the stipulated deadline, the main purpose for which the project was undertaken would go for a toss!

Moreover, if we look at it from the “cost” perspective, every day of delay in an infrastructure project would incur an additional cost. This is because, the cost of building materials like cement, sand, bricks, etc. would keep on fluctuating day by day and any delay in the construction would increase the construction cost multifold! This is what we call in project management terms as “Cost escalation” and this is why we see government projects always entering into a “cost escalation” mode! For this to reform, we should chart out a clear plan of action. This plan of action should envisage the modalities of the task, operational requirement, challenges involved, potential roadblocks that might occur, cost involved, potential cost escalation, etc. Only based on all these aspects, the time frame and the cost that would be incurred for the project would be calculated.

Thus from this important episode we should understand the message that any task that we undertake in life should be completed within the stipulated time. Of course, there would be innumerable challenges on the way, but they should not deter us. We should make a conscious effort to finish things on time and maintain a strict deadline for all our activities. This aspect does not only apply for the judiciary and the government. It also applies for each and every one of us. As we say, “Management starts from home”, we should make sure that we plan out or activities in such a way that we make a professional and a systematic attempt to manage all of them under a stipulated time frame.

For today, let us ponder over this important aspect and introspect within ourselves whether we follow it or not! If we follow, it’s an excellent sign for improvement! If we are not in this track, let us make a conscious attempt to make a start today! We shall wait till the next episode to find out the next attribute of a “Mooda” as explained by Vidura. Stay tuned! 🙂







Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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