Episode # 15 – The sixth & most important category of “Sleep-deprived” people!!!


The previous episode marked the commencement of Vidura’s answers to King Dhirdhiraashtra’s concerns of lack of ability to get a good and a peaceful sleep. Vidura begins his answer with a detailed explanation about different categories of sleep-deprived people. We had seen five such categories of people who find it difficult to get a good night sleep. We shall take this discussion forward and have a deeper insight in today’s episode.

As Vidura explains the five categories of sleep-deprived people, we might wonder if this answer is relevant to King Dhirdhiraashtra’s case! We might think that King Dhirdhiraashtra doesn’t fall under any of the above-mentioned categories and why is Vidura commencing his reply his way! All of us know that King Dhirdhiraashtra is not a thief. He is a very good and a kind-hearted person by nature. King Dhirdhiraashtra had not allowed anybody to steal away his property through any means. He hasn’t gone on to fight with people who are more powerful than him. He has also not planned for any task to be completed and lost the ways and means to achieve it. We might think that he doesn’t fall into any of these categories!

However, here comes the next sloka that exclusively “pokes” King Dhirdhiraashtra! Vidura is a very smart person here – He knows exactly how to communicate, without hurting the other person. This is an extremely important quality of a leader. I’ve repeatedly stressed on this aspect even during our Ramayana episodes and the emphasis on this point comes here as well. Thus here too, Vidura with his “art of effective communication” pokes King Dhirdhiraashtra with the fact of his life. In the following sloka he is going to narrate exactly what King Dhirdhiraashtra is undergoing currently. Let’s look into it.

“Kaschith yethair mahaa doshaihi nasprusthosi naraathipa!”

From the above verse, Vidura smartly conveys, “Oh King Dhirdhiraashtra! I know that you do not fall under those five categories of people! However, here comes the important issue!”

“Kachichya paravitheshu vridhyamna pari thapyase!” 

Vidura asks here, “Oh King Dhirdhiraashtra! I just wonder if you’ve abducted another person’s property and thus feeling sleep-deprived! Is it true?” Asking thus, Vidura pauses for a moment!

Here comes the sixth category of sleep-deprived people, which we should understand – Those of them who have abducted other’s property by cheating or tricking them will also suffer from lack of proper sleep! In the first place, we should ensure that our property is safe and secure and subsequently we should ensure that we’re not craving for others’ property at any cost!

To be more practical, whatever we think is “our” property, is never ours! It is all that which Bhagawan has given to us and hence it his His property! Our only property for this lifetime is that our physical body is fit and fine! If we try and explain this fact, many of us would feel offended and might end up backlashing (The new trend that is picking up nowadays!) We might ask back, “Oh! Is it enough that our body is fit and fine? Don’t we need money for our survival?” Let me answer this question – It is only with this fit and fine body that we can make money! If we lose our health, all our money will get drained away to the hospital! In fact, more than our physical well-being, our mental well-being is of prime importance!

Nowadays, all of us talk about mental depression, going to a psychiatrist for a counseling session, etc. Previously we’ve seen people suffering from “Blood Pressure”. Nowadays we’re seeing many people suffering from “Mental pressure” and medical research suggests that this “Mental Pressure” is what leads to the “Blood pressure”! Where are we heading to, in this modern-day “stressful” lifestyle? Let’s think for a moment! Moreover, how many medicines are we consuming nowadays? It’s so alarming! It’s more alarming to witness innumerable side-effects for all these medicines that we consume! Thus, the main idea of explaining “Vidura-Neethi” is that, we should not go behind medicines to cure our mental illness. The moment we start to reflect upon each of Vidura’s answers and introspect within ourselves, we can easily find solutions to almost all of our day-to-day problems!

Thus moving on, we are now seeing that Vidura is giving a pointed reply to King Dhirdhiraashtra’s lack of sleep – He explains that King Dhirdhiraashtra has illegally abducted and stolen the property of someone else and thus is suffering from lack of sleep!

“Shrothum icchaami te dharmyam param naishreyacham vachaha!

Asmin raja rishi vamsehi tvam ekaha praagnya sammathaha!!”

 After Vidura gives his answer, he pauses for a moment. Listening to Vidura’s pointed reply, King Dhirdhiraashtra starts to feel guilty! The answer has poked King Dhirdhiraashtra at the wrong place! However he knows that he is responsible for all the mess that’s happening and doesn’t get angry on Vidura for pointing it out to him! King Dhirdhiraashtra asks back, “Oh Vidura! You are right! But I know what is the problem! I’ve called you to give me a solution to this problem, but not to explain the problem again and again to me! Hence, please give me an implementable solution to the problem!”

What is that “implementable solution” Vidura is going to explain to King Dhirdhiraashtra? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂

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