Episode 311 – Mother Sita “specially” felicitates Hanuman!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that the grand coronation ceremony at Ayodhya had begun. Festive mood is clearly visible all through the place and Lord Rama is at the helm of affairs. Sage Vasishta starts the proceedings according to the formalities and rituals. Vedic hymns are being chanted as Lord Rama is made to sit on the prestigious throne. His three brothers along with Sugriva, Hanuman and Vibhishana are excited and stand beside Lord Rama and Mother Sita. The rituals are going on as Lord Rama is bathed with the holy water that had been brought from ninety-six holy rivers across the world. The first round of “Abhisheka” (Bathing with holy water) is performed by Sage Vasishta himself and followed by that, all the important people including business leaders, community heads, etc. bathe Lord Rama with the holy water thus officially designating him as the king of Ayodhya. We’ve also seen that Lord Rama now becomes the thirty-seventh king of Ayodhya as he takes over the reins from his father, King Dasharata.

As the ceremony is progressing with a lot of fanfare, Mother Sita has a small wish. She somehow wants to felicitate one person who has been instrumental in re-uniting her with her husband in the forest and who has been the backbone for Lord Rama’s immense success against Ravana. Who is that person? He is none other than Hanuman himself!

Thinking thus, she looks at Rama with a wink of her eye. Immediately as Rama sees it, he understands what does Sita mean. He understands Sita’s intention. He immediately announces in front of the whole gathering, “Oh Sita! Feel free to felicitate that one person whom do you think is the smartest and the bravest of all the gentlemen who are gathered here! Please go ahead and reward that person whom you think is an embodiment of devotion, love and knowledge!”

“Pradehi subhade haaram yasya dushtaasi bhaamini!

Athavaa vaayu puthraaya tham haaram asithekshanaa!!

Hanumaanstheva haarena sishube vaanarishabhaha!

Chandraamsuvaarena shwethaabrena yathaachalaha!!”

As Mother Sita listens to this from Rama, she immediately picks up a garland, goes near Hanuman and puts it around his neck! Hanuman could not believe what is going on! Mother Sita has directly felicitated him amidst innumerable people who have assembled there! How fortunate Hanuman is!!! This is a huge moment for Hanuman as he bags the honour of being an “Aachaarya”.

Here too we can see the importance that Lord Rama and Mother Sita give for “Aachaaryas” (The Supreme Teacher).

Thus the coronation ceremony comes to an end and towards the finishing, Lord Rama gifts different things for all those who have gathered there. All of them including Sugriva, Vibhishana, etc. are preparing to leave to their respective places. As we’ve discussed before, Lord Rama offers a special gift to Vibhishana owing to his immense love and devotion. What is that special gift that Lord Rama offers Vibhishana?

There is a very interesting episode waiting for us on this subject. Stay tuned to find out! 🙂

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