Episode 302 – Lord Brahma to Rama – “You are Lord Vishnu – Come back to Vaikunta”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Sita jumps into the fire to everbody’s utter shock and disbelief but however Agni Bhagawan (Lord of the Fire) brings Mother Sita safely out of the fire. Agni Bhagawan prostrates in front of Lord Rama and says to him, “Oh Lord! I cannot even touch your beloved and chaste wife! She is so pure that she is perfectly made only for you! Hence please do not test her like this and accept her as your wife again!” Upon hearing this from Agni Bhagawan, Lord Rama is in tears of joy as he runs towards Sita and hugs her with him. Mother Sita is overwhelmed too and she hugs Rama back! This is an emotional moment for both of them as they are reuniting after almost 10 long months of bitter separation.

As this emotional moment is on, all the Devas (Celestial Beings), Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva are extremely happy and they decide to appear in front of Lord Rama and Mother Sita in person. As they come in front of everyone standing in the ground, Lord Brahma proclaims to Rama, Oh Rama! Please realize that you are none other than Lord Vishnu and your beloved wife is none other than Goddess Lakshmi! Both of you had incarnated in this world to finish off the wicked Ravana’s attocricies. Now that Ravana is defeated and killed, the purpose of your incarnation is over. All of us are waiting for your return to Vaikunta. Hence, please make it to Vaikunta immediately!”

As Lord Shiva looks on, he intervenes and replies back to Lord Brahma, “Oh Lord! It is only just now that our Lord Vishnu has re-established Dharma in the world. There are a few more things to be completed by him in this world before he transcends back to Vaikunta.!Let him go back to Ayodhya and get coronated as the king of the land. There are some important duties left to be completed

At this point, Vaalmiki Maharishi mentions a very important and an interesting note. As this conversation is going on, King Dasharata appears in the scene and appreciates his son Rama with flowers. He is so happy for Rama and talks to him, “Oh Rama! Fourteen years ago, I had asked you to go to the forest on exile. You had obeyed each and every word of mine and descended to the forest as per my instruction. However at that time I did not know that all what had happened was for a greater and a noble cause. Now I realize that all this is a divine game enacted by you! I bow to you, Lord Vishnu! I’m very fortunate in this birth that I had been the father for you! What more can I ask for? However, even though you are an incarnate of Lord Vishnu, for me you are always my dear son! Hence oh Rama! Please feel free to ask me for a boon and I shall be happy to grant it for you!”

As King Dasharata speaks thus, Lord Rama bows in front of him with all his respect and replies, “Oh my dear father! Irrespective of who I may be, I’m always your dearest son. Nobody can ever change this. I’m always “Dasharata-Rama”. You want me to ask for a boon. What am I going to ask you father? You’ve given me everything whatever I’ve wanted since my childhood! However, please grant this one wish of mine – On that day when I had descended to the forest, you had abandoned Bharata and Kaikeyi from your life. I now request you to re-accept Mother Kaikeyi as your wife and Bharata as your dear son!”

As King Dasharata hears this from Rama, he is in tears of joy! He replies back, “I never expected this from you, Oh Rama! Today you’ve made me so proud of you! Even though Kaikeyi pushed you out of Ayodhya, you still do not have any grudge against her! You are an embodiment of “Dharma” and as per your words I’m wholeheartedly accepting Kaikeyi as my beloved wife and Bharata as my beloved son!”

Hearing this, Lord Rama is extremely happy. His dear brother Bharata is finally relieved of the allegation that it was he who sent Rama to the forest fourteen years ago! Upon seeing the entire happening, Lord Brahma is also overwhelmed and it is his turn to grant a boon to Lord Rama. What is Rama going to ask Lord Brahma? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂

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