Episode 289 – Lakshmana vs. Indrajith – Part 2!!!


Today we are at a very crucial situation wherein Indrajith is threatening to sweep away the entire Vaanara camp if he is somehow able to obtain destructive powers through his penance. However, in the last episode we had witnessed that Hanuman along with Angadha are quick enough to take on Indrajith’s deep penance and thus deny him from obtaining whatever invincible powers that he is aspiring for. Both of them try and disturb Indrajith through different ways possible. As time progresses, Indrajith eventually loses the plot and gets disturbed! The focus is gone! The penance is disturbed finally!

Upon realizing that his penance is disturbed, Indrajith is extremely frustrated! He is clearly outsmarted here. Hanuman and Angadha make fun of Indrajith who is fuming with anger!

It is at this time, Lakshmana enters the scene. He is rearing to have a go at Indrajith, so as to seek revenge for what he has done before! At the same time, Indrajith is brimming with anger and frustration and is preparing to take on Lakshmana again – for the second time now! Indrajith could not believe that Lakshmana is still alive!

As Hanuman and Angadha come forward to offer help to Lakshmana, he requests both of them to wait. Oh! Lakshmana is going to take on Indrajith singlehandedly! This is going to be a cracker of a battle. One important thing to remember at this point is that Indrajith is a little under-prepared for the war. The purpose of him coming to this remove cave is to do a penance and not to fight a war. Lakshmana is now trying to use and exploit this golden opportunity. This cannot get any better for Lakshmana!

Now the cracker of the battle begins – Indrajith is ready with his sword and so is Lakshmana! Both start attacking each other. Both of them are frontline experts in handling the sword during warfare. The battle is getting ferocious. Indrajith is growing in strength minute after minute and Lakshmana is equally combating Indrajith’s tight blows. Hanuman and Angadha are looking on with awe as the intensity of the fight increases exponentially by the minute!

As Indrajith attacks Lakshmana with all his fury, Lakshmana’s anger also increases tremendously. He is already seeking revenge with this battle. At this point, it is highly unpredictable as to who is winning this one! At one moment it seems that Lakshmana emerges more powerful and at another moment, it is the opposite! However since Indrajith has an obvious weakness of underpreparedness and frustration, Lakshmana uses this opportunity to nab him. He gives a few blows to Indrajith and demoralizes him. Unable to bare the blows at one stage, Indrajith starts sulking. He is slowly losing his ability. It is this opening that Lakshmana is waiting for! He quickly cashes in on the opening and strikes decisive blows with his sword! Indrajith starts bleeding profusely and is gradually beginning to lose the battle!

As Lakshmana gives blow after blow, Indrajith is finally unable to take it any further and falls on the ground! Lakshmana is all over him now and he has stamped his complete domination on Indrajith! As Indrajith is gasping for breath, Lakshmana lets out a huge war cry and says, “Indrajith! It is because of the encouragement that you gave to your father Ravana that my dear brother Rama is now suffering! It is because of your illusionary warfare that both my brother and myself were put to extreme hardships! You are such a coward that you were afraid to take on my brother Rama and hence you targeted me! Now let me teach you the lesson – You are going to meet a ghasty end for all what you have done to Mother Sita and Lord Rama!”

Saying thus, even as Indrajith is gasping for breath and trying to get up from the floor, Lakshmana gives one decisive blow and chops his head off with his sword! This marks the end of the fight! Indrajith is chopped to death! Lakshmana has the last laugh! Indrajith is finally conquered and that too in a convincing manner! As Lakshmana is standing over Indrajith’s headless body, Hanuman and Angadha come near him and calm him down. They congratulate Lakshmana’s victory over Indrajith and the trio hurries towards the place where the Vaanara camp along with Lord Rama is eagerly waiting!

As Indrajith breathes his last, it sends shock waves to Ravana! Upon hearing the news, Ravana faints off his chair unable to bare the irreparable loss! His most trusted and able son is dead! Ravana could not believe his ears! The whole palace is glum! Mandodhari (Ravana’s wife) is sobbing uncontrollably, unable to digest the fact that her dear son is no more!

Now what does Ravana do? Does he change his stance atleast now? He has lost everybody around him! The whole courtroom is empty! What happens next? The action continues in the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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