Episode 288 – Hanuman and Angadha disturb Indrajith’s penance!!!


In the previous episode we were at a very important juncture wherein Indrajith sets out with a mission to obtain more destructive powers with his power of penance. This is to make him invincible by any force in this world. As Indrajith is on his way to his usual place for his penance, the entire world trembles with fear! This is happening in the middle of the night and the entire Vaanara camp is up on its feet upon realizing the tremble! Vibhishana senses that this is nothing but the work of Indrajith. Intelligent as he is, he immediately understands Indrajith’s strategy. He thinks of ways to counter Indrajith’s strategy. Time is running out. Indrajith has to be stopped before his penance garners the fruits.

It is at this point that Lord Rama comes in and learns the entire story from Vibhishana. Now how are they going to stop Indrajith? Who is going to take this huge responsibility? On one end there is the ever-dependable Hanuman rearing to go. Sugriva and Angadha are waiting for the opportunity to take Indrajith head on! On the other corner is Lakshmana who is fuming with anger to take revenge on Indrajith for what he has done to him previously! Upon thinking for a minute, Lord Rama quickly makes the decision. He just looks at Lakshmana’s face and winks his eye in approval! The decision is communicated in a jiffy – Lakshmana understands what needs to be done! Now that his brother Rama has approved his fight against Indrajith, Lakshmana is more confident this time. He is rearing to take Indrajith on.

Accordingly Lakshmana hurries to the storage area to take his bow and arrows, along with his swords and gets ready. With another wink of the eye, Lord Rama asks Hanuman and Angadha to accompany Lakshmana for the assignment. All the three of them set out in pursuit of Indrajith. As per the directions given by Vibhishana, the three of them try and locate the place where Indrajith is currently in.

By the time the trio reaches the cave, Indrajith has already commenced his penance. His penance is getting deeper by the minute. Now what do they do? How do they stop Indrajith? There is a quick discussion between the trio and the first step to be accomplished is to disturb Indrajith’s concentration and focus. As all of us know, Indrajith is an extremely focused person with tremendous amount of patience, perseverance and concentration in whatever he does. Now how do Hanuman and Angadha disturb and get the better of Indrajith?

Now the funny part commences – Hanuman and Angadha start their “Monkey-business”! 🙂 They pour water into the sacrificial fire, which Indrajith is growing up for his penance. Firstly, they manage to put off the fire. Yet, Indrajith is unperturbed! Now what do they do? Hanuman takes a huge mud pot and drops it on the floor with full force. He thinks that the sound, with which the pot breaks, would disturb Indrajith’s concentration. Again it fails! Indrajith is totally unmoved! He is now more deeply engrossed in his penance!

Now this is starting to send jitters amongst the trio. Time is clearly running out! Indrajith should not be allowed to get engrossed further. Hence, Hanuman makes the third attempt of lifting Indrajith in his hands and dancing! 🙂 Angadha too joins the party and both Hanuman and Angadha are using Indrajith as a toy for a play! Again, all efforts go in vain! Indrajith cannot be disturbed at all! Look at the level of concentration that this fellow possesses – Something that all of us should learn from! 🙂

Finally Hanuman decides to take one big step – He now gets a pot full of water and splashes the water on Indrajith’s face with full force! With Lord Rama’s grace, it starts working at last! There are signs of disturbance in Indrajith’s face and body. Taking this as a clue, both Angadha and Hanuman splash pots and pots of water on Indrajith’s face! As fate would have it, Indrajith is finally disturbed! He opens his eyes in anger and frustration! The penance is put to an end! The bid of foil has worked perfectly for the trio!

As Indrajith opens his eyes, he is clearly in frustration and realizes that he has been trapped! Now comes Lakshmana into the scene. Indrajith sets his eyes on Lakshmana and Lakshmana sets his eyes on Indrajith. The second innings of Lakshmana vs. Indrajith is about to begin! For today, let the tension between both of them build up! We shall wait till tomorrow for the cracker to commence! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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