Episode 225 – Raakshasis threaten Sita!!!


In yesterday’s episode we had witnessed that King Ravana could not bare up with Sita’s advice. He was not in a position to listen anything from anybody because his desires were driving him too much! Hence he rejected Sita’s valuable words and went to the extent of threatening her in order to make her budge to his desire. However, Sita being a “Pathi-Vratha” woman again advises Ravana for the second time. Even this time, Ravana is not to be shaken from his desires! Finally as Ravana goes back to his palace, he asks all the Raakshasis (Demonesses) to convince Sita to fall in line with him. Did the attempts made by the demonesses convince Sita? Let’s continue to watch!

As Ravana walks back into his palace, the demonesses who were assigned the task take over! They come and sit around the place where Sita is sitting and sobbing bitterly! There is nobody to protect her! She feels all the lonelier now. She desperately wishes to see her beloved Rama as early as possible. The demonesses begin their attempt:

“Maanushe maanusashchaiva bhaariyaartham bahumanyathe!

Prathyaahara mano raamaan naivam jaathu bhavishyathi!!

Yadhitham lokhamuddhistam udhaaharatha sangathaaha!

Naitham manasi vaakhyam me kilpisham prathi dishtathi!!

Na maanushee raakshasasya bhaarya bhavithumarhasi!”

Thus one of the demonesses (Raakshasis’) start talking to Sita: “Oh Sita! Aren’t you ashamed on yourself that you enjoy being the wife of a man who is just nothing in this world? You have all the qualities to be the wife of someone who is very special. Make up your mind and get up! Go and prepare yourself to get married to Ravana!” Another one gets up and says, “Oh Sita! I’m sure even Lord Brahma would fall in love for your unique beauty! I’m sure that you do not have any women in this world who can even come near you in terms of your beauty! Do not waste any more time – Ravana is waiting for you! Don’t you know the stature that Ravana possesses? He is the king of the entire world and also for the Devas and other Celestial Beings! Don’t you realize what you’re doing is absurd?” Another one gets up and says, “Oh Sita! Till now you’ve been faithful to your Rama! Now the time is over for that. If you’re not changing your stance, you would be killed by all of us! We are going to eat you alive! Another demoness adds to this point – “Oh fellow mates! We should not fight amongst ourselves in this matter! Let’s kill Sita immediately and share her flesh equally amongst all of us. Someone go and get all the side dishes ready! Let’s kill her now!” Thus, there were different demonesses who were trying their best to convince Sita to marry Ravana!

Unable to bare up with all these bitter words from the Raakshasis, Sita moves away from that place and sits in a different place. Her sorrow knows no bounds! She was hurt again and again by all these illegitimate words by everybody around her! What will poor Sita do? Yet, she musters up her courage and replies to all of them, “Oh demonesses! Is it ever possible in this world that an ordinary woman like me becomes the wife of a Demon? I shall never pay heed to all of your words! All what you’re saying sounds absurd to my ears! Even if Rama is a wanderer or a beggar in the forest, he is my beloved husband. I shall always be with Rama at every difficult situation he undergoes! So even if you threaten my life, I shall not budge to your words! This is my stance!”

“Oojishta paramah krodhaha pragyushyaashu paraa shathaan!

Saa vakshyamaanaa bheemaakshi raakshaseebhir varaanganaa!!

Bhraamayanthi mahathshoolam idam vachanam abhraveeth!

Imaam bharanasaavaaksheem thraasaath kampabhayodharaan!!”

It is at this time when each of the demonesses were using different kinds of language to threaten and convince Sita that “Trijadha”, who is Vibheeshana’s (Ravana’s brother) daughter intervenes. Trijadha suddenly wakes up from her sleep and shouts out towards the raakshasis’ that she has just had a strange dream during her sleep and wants to explain that to all of them.

What was Trijadha’s dream? What does she got to say to all the Raakshasis and to Sita? The action continues in the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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