Episode 206 – Hanuman strategises the search operation in Lanka!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Hanuman has reached the shores of Lanka finally. As he was flying through, he sees a big land mass engulfed with beautiful mountains and trees. In the middle of all these is the city of Lanka that is being ruled by the Raakshasa King, Ravaneshwara! Hanuman choses the Lamba Mountain range for his landing. During the time of his landing, he reduces his enormous size into that of a small monkey and sets foot on the Lamba Mountain, without being noticed by anyone.

“Vichithra koote nipapaatha koote! Saketha kolaahala naarikele!

Mahaa trikoota prathipo mahaathmaa! Sasaagaram dhaanava pannagaayudham!!”

Thus, from the above sloka Valmiki Maharishi beautifully describes the view of Lanka that Hanuman is seeing from the sky! Nowadays we talk about “Aerial views” of cities. It’s very interesting to note that such aerial views were known even during the Ramayana period! Thus, even has Hanuman nears Lanka, he observes the city keenly with all it’s entrance and exit points, who is guarding which point, etc.

As Hanuman lands over the Lamba Mountain, Hanuman observes Lanka more closely. He was astounded beyond words! He was overwhelmed with the beauty of the city! He thinks within himself, “Oh wow!! What a beautiful city! This is a real paradise on earth! Is Lanka just an ordinary place? Never! I really wish I can live the rest of my life in this place itself!” Thinking thus, for a moment Hanuman himself was carried away by the beauty of the place! It is to be noted that it was this same Hanuman who said to Lord Rama that he doesn’t need Vaikunta and that he would stay in this world only, chanting Rama’s name! As Rama was departing for Vaikunta at the end of the Rama-Avatar, he invites Hanuman to accompany him. But Hanuman replies, “After seeing my Lord Rama, these eyes wouldn’t like to see anything else! I prefer to be here in this world itself, remembering my Rama in my heart!” It is this same Hanuman who, after seeing Lanka’s beauty was a bit carried away for a moment!

Thus after landing, Hanuman now thinks of ways and strategies as to how and when to enter Lanka. His idea was to undertake the search mission without being noticed by anybody. Hanuman’s first doubt was that, he is a monkey – If he goes with this same form of a monkey, he wasn’t sure if there are monkeys in the city and that he would be an alien if there were no monkeys there! Thus, there is every possibility that he would get caught! Thus Hanuman decides that he wouldn’t enter Lanka during the daytime! Anyway, by the time he reached Lanka it was late evening. So he decides to wait till sunset. Thus Hanuman spots a cave amidst the mountain and sits there till darkness sets in.

After darkness reigns in, Hanuman slowly gets up and decides to enter the city.

“Thrikootasya thate lankaam chithas swastho dadarshaha!

Tathaf paadaba mukthena pushpa varshani veeryavaan!!

Anishvasan kapih tathra na glaanim athi gacchathi!!”

As Hanuman prepares himself to enter Lanka, he suddenly has a thought within himself, “Oh wow! What a miracle is this! Even after crossing such a huge ocean and after facing so many obstacles on the way, my body is never feeling tired! I’m as fresh as I started from Kishkinta! What significance does this ‘Rama-Naama’ has! What significance does the precious ring of Lord Rama possesses! With this ring in hand, any monkey would have easily crossed the ocean and fulfilled this mission! For some reason, Rama has selected me for this mission!” Thinking thus, he salutes his Lord Rama from there and prays to him for a moment!

Here is another important lesson for all of us – Although we might have immense shrewdness, sharpness and physical strength with innumerable capabilities, our humility should never decrease! Hanuman is the best example here for the important characteristic of “Humility”. Even though he was extremely capable of accomplishing anything in this world, his devotion and humility towards Lord Rama was impeccable and thus differentiates him clearly from others! Thus it is important to note that leaders, no matter what their power or influence might be, should have the humility and be “down-to-earth”!

Thus, Hanuman prepares a strategy and tries to enter Lanka. Was his journey smooth after this? Did he encounter more obstacles? Was his search mission going as per his strategy? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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