Episode 109 – Sita gets angry on Rama – Rama accepts her decision to accompany him!!


In the previous episode we witnessed a fascinating argument between Rama and Sita, wherein Sita expresses her desire and will to accompany Rama wherever he goes. Rama was concerned with Sita’s security and safety and thus in turn advises her to stay back at Ayodhya while he was on exile. However, Sita didn’t relent from her stance. Rama tries to repeatedly console and convince her but is all in vain!

At one point in time when Sita realizes that Rama is not going to stop convincing her, she becomes angry. She wants to clarify the Dharma of a wife to a husband. She says to Rama, “Oh Rama! Till date I was thinking so high of you and I was having high regards for you! But today I feel that I’ve been let down!” Rama was shocked to hear this from Sita and asks, “Oh My dear Sita! What happened? Why are you saying such words?” Now Sita says,

“Kim tvaa manyatha vaidehaha pithaa me mithilaa vipaha!

Raama jaamaatharam praapya sthriyam purusha vigraham!!”

Thus, once Sita realized that Rama is not listening to whatever she is saying, she immediately takes the weapon in her hand – The Emotional weapon! 🙂 She continues to say, “Today I’m realizing that both myself and my father have been cheated right royally!” Rama didn’t understand the meaning of Sita’s statement, so he asks, “Oh my dearest Sita! Please tell me what happened? Why do you have to feel cheated?”

Upon which, Sita replies, “My father got cheated because he has given his daughter in marriage to a ‘girl who is dressed in a boy’s attire’!” In other words, Sita here scolds Rama as a person who is not confident of himself and is setting a bad example of how a prince should behave! Given Rama’s valor, impeccable courage and invincible power, nobody would have such an audacity to tell Rama that he is a “girl dressed in a boy’s attire”! But Sita says this with all her fury and frustration towards Rama!

Rama was speechless and shocked beyond words and asks Sita, “Oh dear Sita! Why do you say like this?” Sita describes in detail, “Yes Rama! My father is ruling Mithilapuri for so many years with his invincibility, valor and Dharma! But now, if he comes to know that his son-in-law (Rama) doesn’t have the courage to protect his daughter (Sita) for just a few years and if he hears that his son-in-law (Rama) had left behind his daughter (Sita) at Ayodhya and gone on exile, your father-in-law (King Janaka) would be very upset! He would feel cheated! What has my dad gained out of getting you as his son-in-law? (“Raama Jaamaatharam” – Here “Jaamaatharam” means son-in-law)”

Thus we’ve to realize a very important point here: Irrespective of to whom we get a good or a bad name in this world, if we get a bad name from our father-in-law, it is very difficult to change it after that! 🙂 So we’ve to be very careful!

Again Rama tries to convince Sita that it’s not this reason why he wants to leave behind her at Ayodhya, but it is for the safety and security of his dear wife and she shouldn’t suffer the difficulties of being in a forest, which she doesn’t deserve! Finally Sita asks Rama a question and says to him, “Oh Rama! Please answer this one question of mine and after that, you do what you want!” Rama says, “Okay! Ask me!”

Sita asks slowly, “Oh Rama! Tell me which is “Svarga” (Heaven) and which is “Naraka” (Hell)?” Rama smiles at Sita and he replies back, Oh Sita! You’re asking me such an easy question? Don’t you know I’m the great student of the great Sage Vasishtaachaarya? Don’t I know what is Heaven and Hell? Heaven (Svarga) is nothing but “Indra-Lokha” wherein all the Devas (Celestial Beings) are present there and it’s a very beautiful place. All those who do good deeds in their life will go there! Whereas, Naraka (Hell) is a place wherein those people who do bad deeds would go there! Punishment is the order of the day there! People would get beaten up for all their wrongdoings!” Rama gave this answer to Sita, even without thinking once! 🙂

Sita breaks out into a big laughter upon hearing this answer from her husband! 🙂 She replies back, “Oh Rama! I’ve never known that you would be such a great fool! You need to give an answer only if you know the answer! If you do not know the answer, you might very well say that you don’t know! Instead, you’re giving the most absurd answers possible!” 🙂 

Rama was stumped over by Sita’s reaction and asks, “Oh!! What is the answer now?” Sita now replies, “Oh Rama! The moment I asked you what is “Svarga” and “Naraka”, you should have stopped me and asked a counter question, “You are asking the “Svarga” and “Naraka” for whom? Because, for every person, “Svarga” and “Naraka” would vary! For instance, if you ask a person who is walking under the hot sun for many hours, he would say, my “Svarga” is to sit under a tree with lot of shade and cool breeze! If you ask musicians like us, what is “Svarga” and “Naraka”, we would say that during a concert, if we have a bad throat, it is “Naraka” and if we have a nice good throat, it is “Svarga”! Thus, for each person the “Svarga” and “Naraka” would vary! But ultimately everybody wants “Svarga” and doesn’t want “Naraka”! There’s no change in that!

Sita continues, “Oh Rama! Do you know what is “Svarga” and “Naraka” for me? Being with you all the time is “Svarga”, irrespective of the place! Being in your absence is “Naraka! Hence, I’m determined to accompany you in the forest! Please realize this!”

Rama mouth was completely shut by this argument from Sita and he couldn’t talk a word more! He finally accepts Sita’s accompaniment to the forest along with him! The moment both of them came out of the chamber after this long conversation, Lakshmana was waiting at the entrance! What did he say? What was his decision? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂


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