Episode 108 – Rama tries to convince Sita not to accompany him to the forest!!


So far we’ve witnessed the series of events wherein Rama has made a decision of going on an exile after the instruction from Kaikeyi! Accordingly he goes to his mother Kaushalya to inform his decision and take her blessings before leaving to the forest. Upon hearing Rama’s decision, Kaushalya couldn’t take it and she started to cry and lament in anger against this dubious decision of Kaikeyi! She even goes on to say that she would accompany Rama to the forest and be with him for the next fourteen years! Rama gives her a “long lecture”! 🙂 He says, “No no mother! You should not leave your husband alone and come along with me for such a long time! It is against Dharma! You should be with your husband all the time and be of service to him, as he is now in dire need of someone being alongside him! His health has deteriorated and you must be with him to take care of him!” Kaushalya was somewhat convinced by the “lecture” given by her son and atlast she bids farewell with her tearful face!

In yesterday’s episode we also tried to settle a debate on Rama’s age – Particularly at what age did he actually venture out to the forest on exile. We concluded that Rama was 12 years old when he got married to Sita, and for the next 12 years of his life he lived happily with Sita at Ayodhya, and it was during the 25’th year of his life he goes on exile.

Now, after this long conversation with his mother, Rama next goes to Sita’s chamber to bid farewell to her! He was having a sigh of relief that he escaped somehow from his mother but was thoughtful as to what is this next woman going to argue and how to tackle her! 🙂 He starts his conversation with Sita:

“Deva kaaryamsma shaa duthvaa kruthagnyaa bishta chethana!

Avignyaa raja dharmaanaam raja puthri pratheekshathi!!

Chathur dashahi varshaani vasthavyam dhandakemayaa!

Pithraame bharataschaabhi yauvaraajye niyomithaa!!”

Rama says to Sita, “Sita! I’ve come here to convey a news to you!” Sita asked him back, “What news? That too, this early in the morning? Where did you go? What do you want to say to me? Is there any problem?”

When Sita asked him back, Rama tries to compose himself and replies, “No no! I just want to inform you that I’m going to the forest for the next fourteen years!” 🙂

Sita was shocked and asks back, “Ohh!! What are you blabbering? You’re saying as if you’re going to a neighbor’s house so casually! Why should you go to the forest? And that too for fourteen long years? Isn’t your coronation happening tomorrow morning?”

Rama replies, “No! The plan is cancelled! Our mother Kaikeyi has a wish that Bharata should rule Ayodhya henceforth! Our father has also approved it! Oh Sita! Please be happy that our Bharata is going to be the ruler of Ayodhya from tomorrow!”

Sita again replies back, “Yes! I’m very happy about Bharata becoming the king! I don’t have any problems with that! But you said something about you going to the forest… What’s that? Explain in detail!”

Rama replies back, “Yes yes! I’m going to the forest for fourteen years! It’s just fourteen years! I’ll spend it like fourteen days and come back to you as early as possible! You take care of yourself! You’ve to look after everybody in Ayodhya! You’ve to take care of your in-laws. Please don’t think they are in-laws! Treat them as your own mother and father!”

“Bhraatu puthra samoochaabhi drashavyoucha visheshathaha!

Tvayaa bharatha shathrugnou bhraathaihi priyatharaou mama!!”

Rama continues, “Oh Sita! Please treat Bharata and Shathrughna as your own brothers! Hence, my dearest Sita, please take care of everyone till I return back! Take care of yourself too!”

Upon advising Sita this way, Rama starts to leave the place! Now Sita stops him and says, “Oh Rama! I’m going to the forest first! Follow me if you can!” 🙂

Rama was shocked upon hearing this from his wife! He says “Oh Sita!! It’s me who’s going to the forest is it not? I’m not going to take you along with me! If this is the case, how will you go and how will I follow you?”

Sita laughs a bit and replies back, “Oh Rama! A few minutes back, what did you advise your mother Kaushalya? You had said, that she has to be with her husband come what may, and never leave him at any cost! You spoke very well about Dharma to your mother! Doesn’t this same “Dharma” apply to me also? Why this double standard? So wherever you go, I’ll always be with you only!”

“Na vidhaa naathmajo aathmaa na maathaana sakhee janaha!

Ihafprerthacha naareenaam pathirego gathissathaa!!”

Thus Sita continues, Yes Rama! I’ll go in front of you and you will follow me! On your way if there are any thorns or some sharp items on the ground, I’ll pick them up! Oh dear Rama, your feet will not withstand such harsh ground conditions! You’re not used to it!”

Rama was surprised with Sita’s words! He replies back with a laughter, “As if you’ve been used to all this “harsh ground conditions”! Oh my dearest Sita! Do you know what you’re talking? Life in a forest is not that easy as you think my dear! There would be wild animals around! There might not be sufficient food or water for survival! It’s very tough! Oh Sita! I don’t want you to endure all these difficulties with me. I will somehow manage all this by myself and come back! You stay here in the palace with all the comforts!”

Sita replies back, “Oh Rama! Whatever maybe the tough situation! You’re telling me to stay in the palace without your presence? Please realize that even if I’m here with all the comforts, my life would become so lonely without you near me! Moreover, I do not care for all these comforts! You are my only comfort in this world! Hence, even if the going would be tough in the forest, I would be contended and happy with your presence near me! That is more important for me, my dear Rama!”

Rama is moved to tears by Sita’s words! He doesn’t know how to convince her further! However, he is totally against Sita’s idea of accompanying him to the forest! He somehow wants to stop her from doing that! He again tries his best to convince her to stay back in Ayodhya!

At this point when Sita realizes that Rama is not paying heed to her words, she becomes angry and shouts at him! What did Sita tell Rama at this stage with all her fury? How did Rama react to it? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode!

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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